Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 posts, 1 day, what is the occasion?

The occasion is I have become the go to girl for mailboxes!
Can you believe it?????

Friends of mine have moved into a new home, so of course, house warming party looms on the horizon. I want to be unique in my gift so I got to thinking & thought MAILBOX....specifically Whitehall Mailboxes. Why this brand? I am on a green kick & these are made with recycled aluminum! Score!!!

So off I go & I am checking out these Customized Mailboxes.
Hello...this is classic style for excellent pricing....$157.00 with FREE shipping. Yes, yes, you read that right...FREE shipping plus the one year warranty. Perfect!

I actually took a shine to the Whitehall Wall Mounted Mailboxes for my friend & for myself....I am particulary found of this wall mounted mailbox for myself b/c it would fit in with the shabby chic look I am trying to achieve & again it's $119.00 with FREE shipping. You know what they say...if it's free it's for me.

I am definitely going with Whitehall Mailboxes for one for me & one for my friend. I like the guarantee & love, love, love the FREE shipping!!!! You go Whitehall Mailboxes!


So tonight we went to the local car show at Silver Diner. Bobster's cousin restores old cars & it had some '57 Chevy whatever in it (you can tell I know so much about cars...can't you?...Scarey eh?). Anyway we put Cheekers in his buggy. Well as we pushed him around, Cheeks noticed that all the cars had their hoods up to show off the motor. Next thing we know, he leans over & pops the hood of his buggy & then sits back as if to see "Check out my motor" (which is really just a sticky mess of a empty space!) It was too cute!

Well it is late.
I am a beat.
Remember stay tuned for pics of the elusive Poppop
The giveaway...I'll give you a hint...AVEENO.
Everyone now...oooh! aaaah!
The suspense is killing all of you I am sure.

Woops out!

Quick Rant

I come before thee, my loyal blog readers, with a rant today.
This is geared towards my women readers, so all you men out there, heed my warning!!! (Altho. I think the only male that reads my blog is my Dad).

Anywho, I am writing about wings on maxi pads.
Really, who was the genius who thought this concept up????
How freakin annoying are they?!?!

Last night I accidentally grabbed Kotex with Wings b/c I had Cheeks on my hip & wanted to get in & out. So I get home, open the pkg & BAM! Wings!
Son of a bitch!
I loathe the wings.
I think they are nothing but a pita to use.
They get messy or they don't stick or worse, the flop over when you are attempting to situate the pad to your nether region. Then when they flop over the adhesive catches you & well that is not a pleasant situation!!!!!

So manufacturers of feminine products with wings, please note....THEY SUCK!!!!!!!

My rant is done now.
If you disagree, feel free to let me know.
I am open to hearing pros & cons of these little buggers.

On that note...Woops outs!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!!
The weather is beautius mcdavis!
It is super duper nice, I'm tellin ya. Cool breeze, blue skies, nice temp.

So being that it's such a gorgeous day I have decided I would like to spruce up the outside of the abode.
Now I am, by no means, a gardner BUT I do like plants! I don't kill them easily so that is a plus for me. Anyway I decided I want to get some planters to put some pretty gardeny things in I found this site:
Love it! They have every planter imaginable, not to mention they do commercial size planters as for you people with B&M stores...check em out.

Anywho, I figured I would look at indoor planters first because I am trying to redecorate the abode, might as well start from the inside. I took a shine to this planter which will fit in with my shabby chic style that I am going it. I think it will look super sweet with some hydrangeas in it. I am planning on using silk ones inside. It's quite the steal as well at only $16.49 & best of shipping.

I found this planter for the front porch actually. I have a brick front & with the right flowers, I am thinking this one would look really nice against the brick but still fit the shabby chic theme I am going for. The have a nice selection of outside planters in all price ranges. So I am thinking of learning to garden....I hate to garden but with all the cool things I found at this site, the urge is striking.

Then again the urge is striking for another baby too!
Ah ha!
None of you saw that one coming, did ya???

Anyway, that is all I have to say about the planters for now.....I need to go shop some more at that site...I am loving it!

So, thoughts on the new look of my blog?
Like it?
Loathe it?
It's ah-right?
I am kind of diggin it for now......but I am a princess & thus I can change my mind at a moments notice!!!

Stay tuned for:
1. A giveaway
2. Pictures of the elusive Poppop....some say he's like the Lochness monster...doesn't really exist BUT I have proof! And no the photos will not be photoshopped!!!

On that note..........
Woops out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Little Houdini

Has figured out how to take the tray off of the high chair.
He will usually do this when the tray has a plate of food on it.
The tray goes CRASH!
The food goes PLOP!
Cheeks looks at me as if to say "How the Hell did that happen???"

So, today, I decided to try him in the booster seat that the woman who works with my mom gave me.

Let's see how he did.
"Mommy! Check this out! I am at the big people table."

"I was thinking, this big people table is pretty nice"
"Mommy, have you seen my new digger fork & spoon that Grandpop got me. They are the fo-schnizzle yo!"
"What do you mean noone uses the word fo-schnizzle anymore?"
"That man out there, the tall one, bald with a beard, you know I call him Daddy, I heard him say fo-schnizzle the other day!"
"Fine! I will let it go & just dig into my lunch here"
"Isn't chicken supposed to taste like chicken? These, not so much, Mommy!"
"I will just put them here, on the floor, for safe keeping"

Well we have success in him in the booster...for now.

Tomorrow could bring a whole new situation but for now, success & that is what I am excited about!!

Woops out!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


That's right baby!
I so spaved this evening.
(For those not down with the Princess lingo...Spave = Spend + Save)

Anyway, thanks to one of my fav blogs (& local gal too!) The Thrifty Mommy I knew that CVS had some baby stuff on clearance. So that is where I headed when I got the sticky in Cheeks report book that he needed diaps & wipes asap.

I had ECB's in the form of $2 off any purchase & $1 off Kotex Pads or Liners.
I found Kotex Liners on clearance for $2.15, so I snatched those puppies up (I completely forgot to use my manuf. coupon but cest le vie~!).

Next stop, baby aisle. I found Huggies Wipes on clearance for $3.15 & I had a $1.00 manuf coupon. Then I got Pampers (b/c my son can only tolerate the cadillac of diapers). I had a $1.50 manuf. coupon for those.

Up to the register I go where the diapers rang up wrong. Well they rang at $17.49 & the tag on the shelf said $11.49 & they were all stacked there, so I told the cashier & Miss Personality went, looked, came back & rerang them in at $11.49.

I gave her my coupons & ECB's & after all that I paid $11.09.
Totally spave!
So happy for me!!!!! LOL
I didn't get any ECB's or CVS money off a certain amt purchase coupons but I spaved & that is what counts!!!!!

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of the new American Baby mag as word on the street is there is a Gymboree coupon in there & I have a $20 gift card that I would like to use. I would like to make it stretch as far as possible.

Well it's almost 10 & I must get going
stay tuned for a giveaway to be posted soon!!
A small, humble giveaway but a giveaway none the less.

Psst: Jacquie, email me your addy sista, I need to get you your prize!!

Woops out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pow! An Idea Just Hit Me!

Oh this is good.
I was just sitting here....pondering life & such. Wondering how a Princess like me has to sweep a floor covered in carrots & corn & then change a dirty diaper.
Where is that damn maid!???
She is always taking time off.

Anyway, while I was pondering life, I began to think of Christmas & different gifts I must get.
I know. I know...
It's not even Memorial Day.
Stay with me people.

One of the hardest people on my list to buy for is my mother in law.
Never know what to get her.
Then it hit me!
I will get her a mailbox.
Everyone loves stuff for their house, right?
So in my quest to be frugally frugal & be on top of things I started searching for mailboxes.
I was brought to this site Mailboxes.
They have everything imaginable in the mailbox genre.
Now she likes Lighthouses so I took a gander & I found Lighthouse Mailboxes!!
The one that I linked to is only $69 & comes with a one year guarantee!!!
Woo! Love a guarantee where I don't have to pay extra for it, like say at some big, blue electronics stores!!

I was also thinking that a mailbox would make a great housewarming gift.
I would love to receive one & there is a great variety to pick from at Plus they also have a ton of Curbside Decor to pick from like birdbaths, door knockers, doorbells & country bells.

Also at they have firepits which I would love to get for my backyard. That way in the cooler summer/early autumn temperatures we can still sit outside and enjoy the outdoors but be warm at the same time.

So I think I am down one gift...only a billion more to go!!!!
I wonder just how many people need mailboxes on my gift list! LOL

Well I must run....Farmer Wants a Wife is On & I just have to see who is able to catch their chicken!!!

Woops out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

So here we are.
The end of the start of the work week.

Sad, really.
I hate working.
When is my Princess title going to come in handy?

I think just now.
I think my title is coming in handy right now...Bobster just asked me if I wanted a Sundae.
He's going to make it for me.
So............I am either really a Princess & my Prince is waiting on me hand & foot (he did the dinner dishes too)
I am dying.

Probably the latter
I will go with the good thoughts on this one!

So what are your plans for this summer?
Give me some thoughts on how you are going to do fun stuff but combat the ridiculously high gas prices.
I got gas yesterday at Hess for $3.57/gallon. This was cheaper than WaWa which was $3.61, altho. I am seeing some gas as high as $3.71/gallon. This is the cheap stuff too...the unleaded people.
I remember when I 1st started driving gas was like $.99cents/gallon.
Then again I remember being in the back of my parent's car, standing up holding onto the headrest b/c it wasn't mandatory that you wear a seatbelt, & getting gas on even/odd days depending on your license plate.
When is the madness going to end?
I can't imagine paying $4.00/gallon but I guess you do what you have to do.
That was a rant.
No wonder they nicknamed Edith Bunker as a kid.
So back on topic....tell me some fun things to do with the fam on the weekends that won't cost an arm & a leg in gas or other expenses.

Well my sundae is made.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Magic Shell
Cool Whip.
Ah, I feel my thighs expanding as I type & eat.

Woops out!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines......

So yesterday I headed to the race track to watch Uncle Chucky race.
Took the Cheekers.
Very exciting for him as he is now BIG TIME into trucks & cars!!!!
Anyway, it was a lot of hurry up & wait.
Make a long story short, no race.
Between the rains, the new clay & the track not laying right, the races got canceled. So Cheeks did not get to see his first race of the season.
Luckily, the wrists bands are good for a rain check to be cashed in within the next 3 weeks! Thank God, b/c it's freakin $16 a person, altho. 12 & under are free.

Today I got me time!!!
My diabolical plan to keep Cheeks up a little later to sleep later this morning back fired.
His tushie woke up at 6:50 am.
It's Sunday!!!
Worked out as I drug him & Chris to Shop Rite to get our weekly/bi weekly groceries.

Then I came home, dropped off the little ones & got an eyebrow wax & a pedicure.
My phone didn't ring once!!!!!!!!
It was delightful.
Altho. this evening, upon further inspection of the brows, I noticed Yolanda waxed me uneven so I look like I am arching my brow.
My toes are a nice vibrant pink.
I am a firm believer that until your tootsie are lookin good you do not wear sandels!

Then I came home for a bit.
Went back out & hit up CVS for some bargains & Goodwill.
I found nada at the Goodwill.

Then I came home & we went to Brio.
The last time I was there the experience was less than desirable so I wrote them an email.
They responded with dinner for 2.
So we took Tim, Cheeks & went.
Fully expecting to pay for the kids.
Well the food was exceptional & the restaurant picked up the entire tab.
I told the waiter that wasn't necessary as I had fully intended to pay for 2 of the meals.
He said "No, no, no"
So I gave him a "good" tip!

That's about it.
New week starts tomorrow & I must go to bed....exhausted!

Woops out!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Ladies, what's your sign?

Doesn't he just look like he would be saying this in this shot?
Gold chain around his neck, hoop earing in his ear, doing his best Larry impersation from Three's Company.
Just a random shot of the Cheekers b/c really, he is just so freakin cute!

So the freebies came rollin in this week! Woo!
I got:
Country Home mag
Star mag
TV Guide
Schick Titanium Razor (this makes 2!!)
G'nites (Pull up's for when Cheeks get's to potty training)
Icy Hot back patch
Aqau Fresh Toothpaste
Sensodyne Toothpaste
Neutrogena Face Wash
Dog food
Cat food
And the week isn't open. I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings.
I already put the dog food in the bag for the shelter & I gave my mom the cat food. I read the mags & pass them on to the girl at work or my mom.

I am also into entering contests now.
I did & won those yummy dressings.
Which by the way I used the Santa Fe one the other night. I grilled some pork chops then smothered in the Santa Fe...pretty tasty! Cheeks dumped his on the floor....he was not fond of the cuisine!

Anyway here's an easy contest you can enter for a %10 g/c to Bob Evans.
Our local Bob Evans closed so we have to go a bit futher to maybe 2 towns over but they have excellent Grilled Cheese!
Check out this contest... It takes like 2 seconds, ok maybe like 2 minutes but it's quick & painless so go do it & see if you win!

Last night I made chicken that I found on here:
I altered it slightly with the spices I used. She called for Hot Salt, I used Adobo. It was pretty tasty. Bobster had the 3 leftovers today for lunch & said they were pretty yummy. So yea! I have made 3 things from this website & all 3 things got good reviews.
So check her out.
She is funny.
Her family is cute.
Her hubby is handsome, she's a cutie
She posts gratuitious shots of her husband & other cowboy's tushies!!!
That's really why I check in there b/c there ain't anything like seeing a tushie in jeans & chaps!
Wonder if I could get Bobster to wear jeans & chaps.
Well he already wears the chaps but what we do behind closed doors is our business!

Well it's 10 on a Friday night.
Just got done some life is just full of excitement, no?
So I think I might fart around for a bit & then head to bed.
The thrill of it all!

Woops out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANTM Winner!

Congratulation Whitney!!!
American's Next Top Model...a plus size girl!
You go girl.

Now, while I am glad a girl who has a little juicy booty one, take a gander at her:

Not so much a plus size as perhaps ate a little bit too much at lunch!
She's a 10.
I think it's fabulous that she won.
Now if I won, that would be plus size.
I am plus, plus, plus a size 10!
Really, I don't have juicy booty, I have the whole damn juice carton of booty!

I am blogging from work on my lunch hour (well actually 30 mins) since my home computer is giving me some issues, so if you don't see me you know why.

Nothing overally exciting is going on right now.
Which is a good thing!!!
Too much excitement can be well...exciting.

On that note....
~Woops out!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I won! I won!

I entered this contest over at this new blog that I found:
Cooking with Anne I thought these looked tasty & the woman who writes the blog made salsa with it. How she finds the time I will never know b/c she has 7, yes I said 7, children.
Holy moly!
Anyway I entered, figured what they hey & lo & behold, I won!!!
Go me!
So today all 4 arrived via Fed Ex.
Sadly, the Berry Delight didn't make it. It appears she commited suicide in transit. Sad really, I had a proper burial for her when she got here.
Don't these look yummy tho?
They have chunks of stuff in them.
I can't wait to try them!
Not much else going on.
Cheeks is picking up more words & surprisingly he has a southern accent like my Grandmom. Normally you would think he picked this accent up from her. She passed away in 2005 but I think she may come visit him at night. When you ask him if he saw Grandmom W & Grandmom B he smiled & laughs.
What's even cooler is that when you ask him if he played with Jesus during his sleep, his little face lights up & he giggles & points to the picture of Jesus on his wall. I think he still remembers being with him before coming to his parents or he still gets to see Jesus at night. Maybe both!

Really that is about all that is going on.
Just getting used to the daycare schedule and trying to be better organized so it makes easy in the morning. So far, I am having success in getting out the door, Cheeks at daycare & me at work on time.

So what is going on in your neck of the woods???

Woops out!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Winner!! Winner!! Winner!!!

The time has come.
To pick the winner.
Who is it you ask?
Well check out that pretty face right down there!!!

It's Jacquie!
You go girl.
Email me your addy & I will get you your prize!

Now on another note, can I just say the
Hell's Kitchen is terrible this year. Talk about a lack of talent & the one guy, Matt, he gets on my last God forsaken nerve. Will I stop watching? Bite your tongue! Chef Ramsey is the reason I watch!!!

So Cheekers is almost done his 1st week at daycare.
He gets great reports at the end of the day but as soon as we pull up to the house, he starts to cry. Then he stops when I leave & when he sees me or his dad at the end of the day, he starts to cry again.
I also think he's getting his 2 yr top molars. They are the only teeth left to get for him. His tushie is red, he is drooling so much I am considering just tying a cup around his neck & he is, how shall we say, MISERABLE!
They sent home his 1st coloring page. I have it displayed proudly on my fridge!
He gets to play with cars & trucks while there.
That is his new thing....trucks & cars! While driving on the highway if he sees one, he promptly removes the bink & goes "OOOH! AAAH!" & points & laughs. When a bus or firetruck passes the house, he runs to the window or door & goes "OOOH! AAH" I also have to take him outside when the garbage truck comes so he can oogle that.
It's really cute tho.

Well on that note...
Woops out!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Super Freak! Super Freak!

Driving home from dropping Bobster off to play race car, the song "Super Freak" comes on.
From the back I hear "Oooh! Turn it up!"

I then see this one, sitting next to my , doing the cabbage patch:

This one is behind me, doing his version of the running man:

This one is is in the third seat, fingers up in the air, doing a jig but only from the waist up.

This one is flapping his hands in the air.
I am trying not to piss myself at 4 of the whitest white boys trying to their groove on!

Woops out!

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Someone's hand has been in the cookie jar!Mommy, it wasn't me? Look at how freakin cute I am...I swear not me!
How the Hell did this stuff get on my hands!???!!!
Listen, I was framed! Get me Johnny Cochran, he will know what to do! What he's dead? Ok, get me that Gloria Allred. She will prove that you have no substantial evidence that I ate the cookie.
This is getting a bit much Mommy. I can't take the accusations. I didn't do it! I was framed!
My lawyer, Gloria Allred, & I will see you in a court of law. By the way, we need cookies. I'm just sayin!!And that is how eating cookies is done in my house!