Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've been gone

Where have I been?
Did anyone notice?
Well I wasn't racing around.
I was stuck.
Without a working modem.
It decided to die.
Keeled over.
Mysteriously it started to work last night.
I am still waiting for a new one to come from Comcast tho.
So since I was gone & really have nothing to write about I thought I would see if any of you have any questions for me.
Anything at all.
Ask away.
I am an open book.
Leave you questions in the comments & I will answer in an upcoming post.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celtic Woman - Songs from the Heart

Thanks to Team Mom I was able to review the new cd by Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart.

Can I just say what a fabu cd!?
I am a sucker for pretty much anything Celtic but this cd will wow you even if you aren't.

The women all sing beautifully.

When their voices combine it's like angels.
Sure, that sounds cliche but I am not trying to.
It's truly the only way to describe their voices when blending together.

They do a cover of Sting's "Field's of Gold" & Billy Joel's "Goodnight my Angel". I ama not a big fan of Billy Joel in general but the way Celtic Woman cover his songs has such a new spin on it & is so relaxing to hear.

I listened to this cd in my van on the way home from work. Rush hour traffic usually has me on the edge of my seat but listening to this relaxed me. Wish I was actually in my bathtub surrounded by bubbles and candles. This is definitely a cd for some "me" time or some romantic time with your significant other.

After listening to this cd I can see why the women performed on "Dancing with the Stars". They have a soft yet strong blend to their voices and each woman on her own is amazing. My favorite track is "Amazing Grace", it starts off with bagpipes which always give me shivers down my spine.

The women all take turns singing solo as well as together. Each a cd on their own and I will be buying each one, as a group this cd will definitely be in my playlist everyday! They even have a Christmas cd. Again, another genre of music that I am a sucker for.

Currently they are touring the states. How I wish they were coming to the Philly area but sadly not anytime soon. Otherwise I would have to find a sitter and make Bobster go with me.

Tell me what are you listening to lately? What's on your playlist? Have you heard
Celtic Woman?


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthy Tips...for free!

Want tips?
Want advice?

I have found a really great newsletter.
I signed up.
It's free.
Now I get motivation delivered right to my email.

Sign up!

At my wits end

My adorable child has turned into the monster from the depths of below.
I don't know what I am doing wrong.

He is good as gold for everyone else.
Me, not so much.

When I say it's a scream fest in the morning ending up with either me in tears or him in his room screaming bloody murder is an understatement.
I wake him up approximately 45 minutes before we need to leave.
He then screams & yells at me for waking him up & cries for his "binky" & "put the covers on me"
I leave him in his room & tell him when he can communicate with me w/o crying he may come out. He will scream at the top of his lungs for the next 15 minutes or so.

When something frustrates him (i.e. getting dressed, telling me to move the table so he can eat, etx) he will scream & yell. I ask him to tell me what is the matter but this only makes his get louder & tell me to "Go away" which gets him in trouble.

He is acting up when I take him to restaurants & it's very embarrassing. I am stopping doing that.

I am taking his prize possesions away for periods of time or other privelages.

If I grab him to take him into his room he kicks his legs so hard that I am bruised on my legs or wails his arms around so much that I get slapped & my hair gets pulled.

He's a wonderful little boy but I a can't take it anymore.
It's every morning.
It's almost every night.

If he doesn't get his way, it's Hell to pay.
We aren't the type of parents that give him anything.

Short of adopting him out til he's 18 or upping my meds I am just unsure where to turn.
I have followed tons of advice on how to discipline so if you have anything let me know & I will give it a go.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mominatrix by Kristen Chase

Ever been to the Sahara Desert? Feel like there are cowebs where other things should be? While my dry spell is a result of being in different countries at the current time I could not pass up the following book to read.

This month I participated in the Silicone Valley Moms Blog Book Club, I am a member of the NJ Mom Blogs <~~~~~~~~~~ link over there. This month the book was Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms by Kristen Chase.

I figured I would give it a try because who couldn't use a little advice for some spice in the bedroom. Disappointment is an understatement. Kristen is witty, informative, has definitely done her research and offers sage advice. The only problem for me was this book seemed geared towards parents of new babies. My baby is 3.

While having a c-section with my little 11 pounder, I didn't need to read about how I can buy sexy underwear that will help cover the scar & curtail some of the weeping. To use an old cliche: Been there, done that. Actually a weeping c-section scar is not a deterrent for my husband...just keepin it real!

Kristen talks about taking care of your "area" (this is a family blog so I will try to use many euphanisms) before embarking on first time post baby sex. I had always thought this was common sense and one of the first things woman did after not being able to see the "area" for the better part of 4 months. Some women wax (um, OUCH!), some shave, some trim but all should take care and I must admit while preggers this area did go untames BUT I did try to sway my sister into helping me with it but no matter what type of bribe I gave her or promised gift she told me she had to draw the line somewhere. Hmph!

She suggests how to set the mood, how to get in the mood, how to stay in the mood. Chase offers websites to find adult toys, porn and lingerie. She gives little tips through out and definitely doesn't hold back when telling it like it is.

My favorite chapter in Mominatrix is where she addresses the daddies. The one tip to get me in the mood that I will be passing onto the Bobster is for the daddy to help out with the chores. Nothing gets me more excited then to have Bobster do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Man! I will show my appreciation BIG TIME after that. Nothing sexier than a man elbow deep in the suds.

Overall the book isn't aimed towards those of us with "older" children. Kristen addresses us and tells how to handle being "walked" in on. I have already had to deal with this and let me just say I never saw Bobster move so fast in his was if lighting struck.

If you are the mom of a newborn or infant, definetly check it out. For those with a bit older kids, use your imagination and all is good. You will for sure get a chuckle out of some of her tips and suggestions. You may even find decide to try some of the situations she puts out there. I plan too. What they are I will not tell...again, family blog!

Tell me, are you a Mominatrix.

Disclosure: I received this book free as being part of the Silicone Valley Moms Blog book club.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Climbing the walls!

The Delaware Valley is having it's 3rd snow storm in a week.
Only 1-2 inches expected for our area, so that's a breeze compared to what we've gotten
Someone is tired of being cooped up that he's taken to climbing the walls!

I knew it would come sooner than later.

How do you like the trash bag covering up the a/c unit?
Classy, huh?
I like to call it "Early American White Trash!"
One would think I would just take it out of the window & store it for the winter.
It keeps the hope alive that it will be warm again.
Well, that & the fact that I have zilch storage in this chateau.

So tell me, what do you do to keep the kids busy when they are cooped up.
I will feature the best idea in an upcoming blog post with a link to your blog (if you have one) or a link to your facebook (if you want)
Hit me with your best ideas!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

From my little cupid (whose not so little anymore)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where have I been???

The Delaware Valley got hit with 2 Nor'easters, days apart.

Dump a total of about 40 inches on this area.

I had a lot to shovel.

My neighbor did his side of the steps, but left mine for me to do.
I thought he might "man up" & help me but no luck.

Cheeks is lovin the snow.
I don't mind it but where I live doesn't do that great of a job at snow removal so I pretty much bring it into the house every time I leave & come home.
It could be worse I suppose.

What is going on in your neck of the woods?


Monday, February 08, 2010

Eating a cupcake, watching Celeb Fit Club....

Sure, sure, probably not the best snack for a chubby girl to eat while watching hasbeen/wanna be celebs try to lose weight on a reality show
I baked them & didn't want them to get stale.

Ok, ok.
Let's see whose on this season:

Who do I spy with my little eye?

Is that Sebastian Bach from Skid Row?
Why, yes, yes it is.
He's still sort of hot.
Looks like he needs a good shower
Really take my opinion lightly on that b/c I have the hots for Kid Rock.

I digress.

Next up...Bobby Brown.
What a disgusting human being.
He's gross.

Of course, my fav so far, is the winner of Season One of Project Runway.
Love him!
He has personality & spunk.
Plus he's there to help himself.
Not for the $$ but for him.

Then we have Nicole Eggert.
She's 130 & 5'2.
A bit overweight but I would kill to see those numbers.

There is some girl from High School Musical & another reality show chic from The Bad Girls club.
I can't stand her.
The Bad Girls club girl.
Already with the attitude.
Lose it already!
You signed up for it.
Did you think Harvey was going to hand you a down feather pillow & tell you take it easy while some cabana boy peels you grapes & you get a mani-pedi!?
Wait, that's my fantasy.

There is Shar Jackson.
I feel bad for her.
Not for the whole Brit-Kev thing
Like she said...she has been a staple in the tabloids.
Time for girly to get her life back!
You go Shar, you go!

That leaves us with Kevin Federline.
Saw what you want about him
I think he's a decent guy.
He's never once trashed Shar or Brit.
Not that I know of.
And he seems like a decent dad.
I would like to see him succeed.
He's not a bad looking guy.

Tell me, do you watch?
Whose your fav so far?

And for all of us in the Delaware Valley....whose ready for another freakin blizzard!


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pink-spiration Sunday

Since it's whiter than white outside, thanks to a little thing called a Nor'Easter, I thought a little Pink-spriation was in order.

Let's browse, shall we:
Wouldn't these be cool to see at a 4th of July spectacular??!!??
Or on some "Super Sweet 16" show?
Oh you know it would.


Now we have beautiful Pyrex dishes.
These remind me of my Nana & Poppy 'cept they didn't have the pink.
I would love to have the pink!


How beautius McDavis is this?
Could you imagine walking up to this?
Reminds me of the mansions in Newport, RI.
Have any of you ever been?

Now this is really about the dog

BUT how much cuter is the dog w/ pink glasses!!!

Finally, couldn't you see yourself cruising down the shore in this puppy?
I love PINK!
What's your color inspiration???


All other photos are from weheartit

Friday, February 05, 2010

**Stop & Shop Giveaway!**

It's time for a lil quick fire giveaway.
Open from now til Sunday night, Feb 7th, @ 8pm.

What am I giving away?
A $10 g/c to Stop & Shop or Giant or any of their affiliates.

How do you win?
Simple really.

You can become a follower of my blog. (If you already follow, lemme know in the comment section)
You can tweet about the contest.
You can post on your blog a link to my contest.
You can post on facebook about the contest.

Then come back here & fill out the form for each thing that you've done.

So what are you waiting for?

Starting now!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

First PSA for 2010

It's time readers.
For your first official PSA of the new year.

This PSA can not come a moment too soon.
Let me say this.
It's February.
The Groundhog has seen his freakin shadow.
The Presidents are getting ready for their sales birthdays.
The day to celebrate "love" is quickly approaching.
So if your yard looks like this:

You may want to change out the decor to something like this:

That's right.
Here it is the 2nd month of the New Year & people still have Christmas decorations up.
This worries me.
Perhaps they aren't prepared to let go.
Or they just figure they will be early for next week.

Well either way, please, please take it down.

You really don't want to be wearing your Easter bonnet while posing next to your one branch Christmas tree come April, do you?


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

WW~Kickin it Old School

Flashback to my lil baby gangsta!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Frank, Frank, Frank

Let me introduce you to my new guilty pleasure.
This is Frank.
Frank the Entertainer.

As in the VH1 reality show: Frank the Entertainer, A Basement Affair.

Can I just say I love this show!?

Frank is originally a contestant on I Love New York 2.
He didn't win.
He went on to some Love of Money shows.
He got his own show.

And I am glad he did!

First of all, he's easy on the eyes.
Sure, he's only 31 & looks older
Look at that bod!

He has personality too.

On his show the contestants live in his house, with his parents.
He lives in their basement.
His mother is your typical New York mom.
Dyed red hair...more burgandy.
His father just sits back & lets the mother do most of the talking.
Think Marie Barone from "Everybody loves Raymond"

I already have my fav contestant.
I want her to win b/c she is just adorable.
In a wholesome way
Frank seems to like her.

So tell me, are you watching?
What's your guilty pleasure tv show?