Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get used to them bars kid!

Anyone miss me???
Anyone at all??

Don't 4get about my book giveaway!!!
2 more days to sign up, leave me blog leave & get a chance to win.
Of course, leave me blog love on the right entry.

Not much going on here.
Just coming home, hanging, going to bed.
Been pretty tired & anxiety ridden lately.
Hoping to scrap tomorrow.
I always have energy at 2 in the afternoon to do it.
Shame I am at work.
What do you think my boss would say if I just whipped out the supplies?
Ya know, probably not much.
He's super easy going. LOL

Ok, well I just heard my sister say she put on Featnet on Demand.
To me, that means scarey movie, time for bed!
I do not do scarey movies!!!

So Woops out!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pay It Forward Book Exchange!!!

Yep! It's here!
The PIF Book Exchange.
What is that you ask????

Well if you a reader then you will be interested. It is where you get a book & give it away, the person who wins, reads it & then forwards it someone else with the same giveaway.

Awesome idea, no? I think it is. I was actually fortunate enough to win a book a few weeks back. I am in the process of reading it so that will be paid forward later.

Today I want to giveaway these books:

Love and a Bad Hair Day by Annie Flannigan.
Such a cute story. Small town. Hair dresser. Dashingly handsome guy. Guy threatening to close source of income in town for many. You get the picture.

Second is:
Danber After Dark by Ellie McDonald. This is a Young readers novel. I would say 11 and up. It's a Mystery about two little girls who investigate an abandoned mansion.

So if you would like to win one of these books, post a comment & then plan on giving it away when finished. Let me know what book you would like & your email.

I will post the winner next Saturday, March 1st.

Good luck
Happy Reading!

Woops out!

**EDITED TO ADD** Please leave an email address or link to your blog. That is needed to win so I can get in touch with you to let you know you one!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Yep, Jersey got some snow.
Now it wasn't an intentional Snow Day for me.
I had work.
I even was leaving early.
So, like a good b*tch,I got outside & start the car & try to clean it off as it's snowing.
Well I hear this awful noise & all of a sudden my windshield wipers pop off & break. I have 2 big chunks of metal.
I was like Um, what?

So the weather is supposed to get worse before it gets better & I work in extreme South Jersey or as I like to call it, God's Country, the Boondocks etc. I wasn't taking the hwy all the way there & back to have this happen again so I had to call out. I didn't want to, didn't intend to but fate had it all planned out for me.

Scrappin Mojo is having week long cyber crop. Well Cheeks took a 2 hr nap & I was inspired.

The first challenge was to do a First Birthday layout.
So I grabbed one of his portraits & went to town.
This is what I came up with:

Next was to do a layout about your wish. You could use the words "If tomorrow were my birthday I would wish for...", I filled the blank in with you. I did the journaling around the photo in Navy marker so it's a bit dark but irl you can see it, sure you have to squint but you can see it!

Both layouts were done with sketches from the Sketch This blog.
They are simple layouts but totally love how they came out.

I have also been tagged (Thanks Jen L.!) & I have a book giveaway to do but will either do those later today or over the weekend.

Well I put Mr. Cheeks down to take a nap & I hear "Aye, aye, aye" so I think he might just be awake.

Off I go.
Woops out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1st haircut

Lovely luxurious locks! What is he sucking on? Who gave him that taffy? My mommy thigh's look so very large in those jeans!
Study it, keep your mind on the taffy & the taffy on your mind. The Nana is not cutting your hair, that is all a mirage.
How's the taffy? Still no one cutting your hair. Look at those lovely yellow pants in the background on the young boy. Stylish eh?
Buchman, Cheekers Buchman
I feel as if I got a loose hair on my tongue, mommy! Put the camera down & help a brother out!

Yea, this first haircut was a piece of cake, bucko!
I'm too sexy for the camera, too sexy for the camera, so sexy it hurts!
That, ladies & gentlemen is how Cheekers rolls a haircut!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another CJ done, 2 to go!

I got to scrap tonight.
I actually forced myself too.
I don't spend enough time doing this & I truely enjoy it.
Usually, I make an excuse to not do it b/c well let's face it, I am too tired to drag my sh*t out at 9pm tonight.
Well, not tonight. I drank that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, dragged the crap out & made these.

The subject is about My World. What is in my world, what, when, who?
I went pretty simple.

Anyway, the first page, the one with my pic is by Lissa from Divalicious.
That's the yahoo group I own.
Divalicious Scrapbooking.
She creates a new sketch for our group every Friday!
They totally rock!!!!
BTW, if you are interested in joining my group, leave me a comment with your email & I will send you an invite.

So now, partake in viewing my 8x8 cj layouts.
Behold: (LOL)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Take the long way home

This is without a doubt Cheekers favorite activity.
Almost reminds me of Forrest Gump.
Walk. Walk. Walk.
And he wants to go where he wants to go, do not try to make him go in another direction b/c he will give you a good "what fer!"

Look @ his hair.
It lays on his shoulders. So cute.
Sadly, he is going to the Nana to get his 1st haircut tomorrow.
I will of course, take pics.

Not much else is going on.
Still doing WW.
Lost a freakin 1/2 pound this week....guess it's better than gaining.
We had the Shrimp Sautee from the WW Comfort Recipe book this week. It was really good.
The Turkey Tetrazzine came from there but as you know from my last post...not so good.

Still trying to save the moola.
Am joining tons of survey sites to make money.
I am still waiting for my $25 check from the gov't for the Visa scam I blogged about a few weeks ago. That will go in the emergency fund. Which I am sure I will need sooner or later.

A few weeks ago my brakes went.
So I had my dad, with my cc in hand, take it to Sears & get it fixed.
My daddy paid for it!!!!! Even tho. I gave him the cc!
Isn't he the best.

I truly have the best parents ever, don't I?
My daddy pays for my brakes
my mommy rescues Cheekers from having to eat his mommy's bad cooking plus she was the only one who got Cheeks a Valentine. I didn't even get him anything.
Bad mommy, I KNOW!

Well I have to get back to work.
Took a breather.
Woops out!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Layout, turkey tettrazine & Kid Rock

Can you stand it???
I scrapped.
These are for a cj for Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the backdoor & found a box in between the door & the screen door. It contained 2 more cj's, in addition to the 2 I already have. I thought I better get scrappin so the next person isn't bogged down with cj's. The whole group is behind but that's another story.

Anyway, it was to do my fav color. Pink it is!! Love it! I , of course, don't really wear it tho., b/c I like to wear black. Besides diamonds & donuts, black is a fat girls best friend! Heed my word on that!

So that is my contribution & I must say I really like how they came out. Small book 6*6, so the pages went fast.

Next we have my turkey tettrazini back debacle.
I made this sucker from scratch.
While I was making it, I thought, no one is going to eat this.
As I was getting Cheeks plate ready my mom walked thru. the door with stuffed peppers.
Thank God b/c when Cheeks put it in his mouth, he made a face & immediately let it drop out of his mouth.
My mom didn't like it, either did my sister. I thought it was ok, little bland.
So Cheeks had the inside to a stuffed pepper. He gobbled it up too!
TRADER! :>) Tee hee.

Kid Rock.
Am I the only one who finds him sexy?
Long stringy hair & all????
Anyone else?

Woops out!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tagged by Tara

I am thinking of what sort of revenge to ensue on Tara.
When I think of it, you will all be the first to know.

She tagged me.
So here it is:

Rules :
1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.
2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name).
3. After you are tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and your answers.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.(Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and that they need to read your blog for details.)

K: Kitchen is red
A: Am able to cross my eyes
T: Take Home Chef is one of my favorite shows (for the eye candy!)
H: Hot mommy! (LOL)
L: Love Hot Chocolate
E: Earned $3.15 at my first job
E: Eat ice cream every night even tho. it doesn't really agree with me.
N: the celeb gossip!

I now must tag 8 people.
I pick:
Lissa, Kathy C, Fe, Jennifer L, Jodi, Erin, Abby L, & of course, Torreh! :>)

Woops out!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lookie what I got!

The Medal of Awesomeness

Awarded by
to Meghan

Look what Terri from .
Is she not the best or what!!!???!!!
I mean really...I'm awesome!

Thank you Terri for this award.
I will display it proudly!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Ya know what.
I went back to the big WW (weight watchers).
1st week I lost 7.5 lbs. Yea, go me.

This was the 2nd week.
Did I lose?
I thought I did.
Imagine my surprise when the WW leader (bitch) said "Oh no, you gained a pound."

I followed the program to the letter.

Her response...."Sometimes that happens when you lose a bunch of week the 1st week".
Um, yea, that doesn't make me feel better.
I was so pissed!
I mean, I followed the friggin thing like it was my job!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just when you think you are getting out, they pull you back in!

The photo has nothing to do with the post but really, how can I resist posting a pic!
Plus you get to see how Cheeks spends some of his Saturday mornings.
Don't think I park my kid in front of the tv. It's on but he's limited as to how long he watches etc. I think Elmo was on, then again Elmo is always on! LOL

Anyway I think I was getting ahead in the financial dept.
Like I received a $3.00 check the other day from Pinecone Research. I took the survey on a Monday, had the check on Friday.
So btwn that & the previous check, I had $9 to put towards my emergency fund.
Go me!
I know...don't be jealous. You too can have a piddly $9 in your emergency fund.

So today my van's brakes decided to go.
Plus something else.
Apparantly it is making all kinds of noise under the hood & my brakes grind when you come to a stop.
Good times!
Good times!
So even tho. I thought I was "caught up" this month, I now have this set back.

Maybe when I'm grown up I won't have these issues, right?
I'm only in my 30's with a child of my own...does that mean I'm grown up? :>)

Ok, off to fiddle with bank account & hope that my genie I found in the bottle will grant me 3 wishes!

Woops out!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tell me

How you would feel?

I have a friend who has a child.
This child will be turning one in the month of Feb.

This friend is someone who I have known for a long time. We are in the same group of friends & socialize often. We belong to dinner club, we have gone to many parties.

She threw me a wedding shower.
I went to her wedding shower....9 days after my exhusband left me.
I attended her wedding, she attended mine.
I went to her baby shower, she was out of town but sent gifts with our friends to mine.
She visited me in the hospital when Cheekers was born, I visited her when her child was born.
She was invited and came to my son's 1st birthday party, even brought dip!
We exchange Christmas presents among the children.
We are friends.

So needless to say, I assumed I would be invited to her child's first b-day.
Just the other day I thought to myself, I wonder when it will be, as I had gotten an invitation to another's friend's child's party, who is a week younger than said friend.

Anyway, while at a playdate yesterday, this subject came up.
Come to find out, this person is only inviting a few choice friends to a small get together at her home for her child's party.
Now, there are 6/7 of us that are friends. 2 got invited. Three of us did not.
Guess which category I fall into?
Not invited.

I am slightly offended and a bit hurt.
Our children are extremely close in age...I think 7 mos apart.
When my son sees her child, he gives the child love...which in Cheeks world means he goes cheek to cheek with the other baby & smiles. I think it's cute and I hoped that all of our children would grow up together.
There are 4 of us, who have small children. The other friend's children are about 9ish & 6, so they are a bit older.
Out of the small children, Cheeks falls second oldest. Her child is third oldest.

Anyway, I am a bit hurt that we (my son, my friends) have not been included.
Her home is big enough to accomodate all of us.
I'm not sure why she would feel the need to not include the 3 of us & our children but it feels like a slap.
It feels as if I am good enough to bring shower gifts, welcome baby gifts, happy wedding gifts, xmas gifts but when the birthday rolls around, its time to select who is good enough to come.

It's sad really.
None of our children are holy terrors who would make a scene and I would remove my son if he did (just ask the chic at Kiddie Kandids who was in awe when I said we were done after like two pics b/c my kid was crying).

So that's my post.
My feelings are hurt & I feel as if my tiny family isn't good enough to attend a celebration. I do realize it's her perogative to invite who she wants but it doesn't change the fact that there are hurt feelings.

How would you feel?

**Edited to add:
There is no problem between the two of us.
I saw this person about 2 weeks ago & everything was fine.
I am not the only one that was excluded.