Thursday, August 27, 2009

How did you find me?

That's right.
It's time for another edition of
"How did you find my blog"
Using the keywords of course.

First up, is the phrase:
"What's in the queens purse"
I would like to say Thank you for recognizing my royalty.
The Nana always said I was a princess but I would like to thank those that know I am a QUEEN!

As for what's in my purse.
Well this Queen carries a wristlet. A Coach wristlet, thank you.
It has cards (i.e. ATM, Insurance) & on occasion, money.

Next up is:
"#1 hairstyle of 1984"
Yes, even at the tender age of 14 I was on the cutting edge.
I had permed hair.
With poofy bangs.
It was very pretty.
I was a styling 8/9th grader.

Someone found me by searing:
"country in which money can't be brought to home country"
Now if you would like to forward me the $$$, get in line.
I have numerous, late Royal relatives that I did not know of but have apparently named me in their will.
So nice of them.
Of course, before I can get the cash I have to give their "lawyer", "rep", call him what you will, my soc # & checking account #'s.
Obviously it's legit.
So no worries, I am def. your long lost relative.
Just let me know where to send my info!

I am also on the edge of all political happenings.
I was found by searching:
"office of the security advisor to the presidentfederal republic of nigeria"
So what ever the Pres. of Nigeria wants to know, I of course advise him.
Why wouldn't I?
Every countries Pres would do well to ask the opinion of such matters of a customer service rep, mom of three, daughter of a retired police officer & beautician.
Don't be silly thinking I wouldn't know anything!

So tell me how do readers find you?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Really, this is my life!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Stawberries & Cream Banana Bread~YUM!

I made this the day before I went in for my surgery & consequent adventure.

Here is what you will need:
2 c. plain flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 butter or margarine
2 eggs
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 tsp. vanila
3 mashed bananas
1 cup strawberries

Start by preheating the over to 350.

In mixing bowl, mis the flour, baking soda & powder. Like this:
In another bowl, cream butter & sugars. Add eggs, vanilla & sour cream & mashed banana's & mix. Stir in chopped strawberries. Like so:

Slowly add flour mix into wet ingredients, mixing as you go!
Pour into pan & bake for approx 1 know til the toothpick comes clean.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes & then remove & cool on cooling rack. I left it in my dish & it was fine.
This is delish!!!
I actually ate the last piece right before I was rushed back to the hospital.
Ah, good times!
Bobster said it was absolutely 2 thumbs up from the Bobster.
Tell me, what is your fav bread/cake to make.
*recipe from*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update

A lil glimpse into our weekend.
We swung on the swings ~ Look at the glee on those faces!
Avert your eyes from the monster pushing the adorable child! (I usually look decent...I decided to just get up & go & you can tell in this pic!!)
We slid down the slides.

We played in the water & got wet.
Then we stopped @ Cabana.
Being the great parents we are, we allowed the boys to have ice cream for lunch....well, custard really.
Lunch is served!

What did you do this weekend?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 3rd Bday Cheeks

In my absence, this little man turned 3 on Aug 16th.

How is he 3 already?
Where is my chubby baby?

I love you Cheeks, so does daddy, TimBob & Christufus!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Captain's Log: Stardate: 82209.82209

So who wondered where I was?
Anyone at all?

Well I was on, as I like to call it, a spa week getaway with my little sister.
Yes, yes, good times.

It all started on Aug 10th.
Got my gallbladder out.
All was good.
Came home, slept, got up, putzed around the next day, went to bed.
At approx 2am, early Wednesday morning, I am withering in excrutiating pain so severe that I called my mom to stay with Cheeks & Bob took me to the hospital....not the hospital that I had my surgery at but one a tad closer but still owned by the same group.

We arrived.
I moan, groan, cry, sweat, yell.
You name it.
The ER doc gave me 4cc's
Dilaudid (I highly recommend this's FABU!)in a span of 30 minutes plus 2cc's of Ativan(another drug that comes highly it!)
Since the doc gave me all those meds in a span of 30 mins I stopped breathing.
THANK GOD Bobby was there.
He started yelling at me & I started to breathe again & the doc gave me something to reverse the effects off all the other drugs.

I spent 16 hrs in the ER & saw the doc on call, once, at 9am.
Our nurse was the best.
She got Bobby the results of the tests they gave me & Bobby never, ever left my side.
Finally after telling us at 8am they were admitting me, at 8pm at night, I got a room.
Bobby stayed til I got settled then came home.
I was in the hospital til Friday, they ran cat scans, hidascans, MRI's etc.
Everything came back negative.
I left the hospital, came home, relaxed in bed the majority of the weekend & the Sunday at noon I got the pain again.
Vicodin helped relax the pain

8pm that night!
Off I went back the original hospital where I had my surgery.
Bobby took me to the ER, I told him to go home & send my mom. I wanted him to be with the kids since he was with me all the prev week at the hospital.
My mom arrived.
I was drugged up, again on Dilaudid, but coherent & my mommy stayed with me til midnight when I got in a room.
Yes, yes, they admitted me.

So Monday arrives, they give me a test, I see a doctor, yadda yadda, need another test.
Tuesday morning arrives.
My sister arrives in the same hospital, with a disgusting infection in her tooth, they admit her.
I end up being her roommate.
This is why I call it the girl spa week!

More tests are run on me.
I see surgeons, GI docs.
Finally Thursday the GI doc comes in at 3:30 to tell me I have an ulcer.
An ulcer?
Can't be, doc, I have no levels of stress!
So I figure the doc is going to write me a script for pain & let me go.
Not so much.
I had to stay narcotic free for 24 hrs & then he would let me go.
Meanwhile, Toothy McTootherson in the bed next me, has gone to OR, had her tooth extracted & now has a drain in & an antibiotic drip.
She is also being given Dilaudid & Ativan.
These are definitely the drug of choice for my family.

So I was sprung yesterday, as was my sister.
I was given 3 spcripts, Carfal (it's like Pepto), Nexium & Percoset.
Got those puppies filled & started taking them, the percoset has to be taken for pain only, so luckily I haven't taken them.

My sister was also released yesterday & is home with her scripts as well.

So for the past 2 weeks I have been in the hospital to find out I have an ulcer.

Good times!
Now I am to just take it easy, eat small meals & avoid caffeine.
I think I can handle it.
I also have to eat lowfat since I no longer have a gallbladder.

Do I regret getting the gallbladder out?
Do I know it had to be done?
Yes, but it doesn't change the fact that I regret it.

It's over,
Done with,
I'm home.

So, tell me, what have you been up to this past 2 weeks?


Sunday, August 09, 2009


Here I am.
In my heels, skirt & pearls.
Fluttering around the house.
6 loads of laundry ~ check
Cleaned ~ check
Baked Ziti in oven for tomorrow ~ check
Strawberry Banana Bread in the process of being prepared ~ check
Clean the bathroom ~ don't get carried away....still have that but I am hoping in my next home to get a self cleaning bathroom!
Anyway, doing all this to get ready for the big "G" surgery tomorrow.
O that's right.
They are ripping me apart to take out my gallbladder.
It must go.
I have the stones.
Not just one or two.
As the surgeon put it "It has to come out, it's riddled with stones"
Must be why I had the pain in that area.
Better to get it out than wait for a severe attack.
So if I don't post for a day or so....I am recupperating.

Friday, August 07, 2009


It's that time.
Time for our Summer Public Service Announcement.

This comes a bit late in the season but none the less, it is still very important to get this message out!

I am talking about men this time.
Men whose fashion gene is a bit off.
Men like Steve:

Are you saying to yourself, what's wrong with his fashion?
If you are, you need this PSA more than I thought.
If you know right off the bat what is wrong, well you should work at GQ!

Can you guess?
Enough w/ the suspense.
I will tell you.

While Steve is a likable guy, who can't dance but tries, he loses in the fashion department.
Um, he has hairy legs....hairy legs on men are expected but when paired with infamous shorts, black socks & black shoes...well it makes me shutter & weep for our future.

What I've noticed is most men that do this are either too old to care or are so pastey white that when pairing it with such a harsh color, it is blinding to the other person.

Really, who thought this was a good look?
I especially like when they pull socks all the way up.
As far as they can go.

Yes, yes, that's a look to die for.

So, men in this country & men in other lands, take heed of my advice...

Sure, sure you feel it's keeping you cool
Some of us want to keep our lunch down after eating
This look gives us a case of the quesies!

So if you are pondering what to wear today
Are thinking this is the look
Don't go with that instinct.

Instead, leave me a comment.
I will help you.
I promise.

Ladies, do you have a man who is suffering from this dreaded lack of fashion gene?
Let me know!
What other fashion faux paus are the men in your life making?


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is that Def Lepard I am listening to?

It's the
Rock of Ages musical soundtrack.

This is the new Broadway musical featuring Contantine Maroulis (American Idol finalist).
It's about a small town girl, living in a lonely world (Now you know you are all singing the Journey song that starts out like that!).....well she moves to the big city, meets a guy & falls in love.
Their story, set in 1987 (I was a junior in high school...sigh), is played out through the songs of that era.

Being a huge fan of the 80's music, I jumped at the opportunity to review this cd.
I have seen my fair show of Broadway musicals and I have one or two soundtracks in my mini van.

Having not seen this show, only listening to the soundtrack, I was able to follow along, as there is snippets of the acting though out the cd.
I also was able to sing along.

This soundtrack definetly brings back memories....of high school and musicals.
Do I like the soundtrack?
Honestly, it's ok.

Anyone who has seen a Broadway show knows the acting is a bit over the top (which is clear on this cd) and that when the singing happens, the actors over pronounce the words. This happens in every-single-song, which I found to be a bit annoying. Sometimes the actors/singers seem to be trying a bit too hard for emotion. One in particular is so pronounced in his voice that I thought I was listening to a Shakespeare play.

The writers are able to meld songs together to be a flawless flow through out. They mix songs you normally wouldn't think to mix. For example "I Hate Myself for Loving You" & "Heat of the Moment" are intertwined to portray the characters struggles of their feelings for one another. Also, blending a Quiet Riot song, "Cum on Feel the Noize" & Twisted Sister's famous "We're not Gonna Take it" is genius and got me bebopping in my mini van along the highway.

It's an enjoyable soundtrack for the most part. If you like the 80's music I suggest checking it out. You can see the making of the soundtrack here. It's interesting.

Would I run out and see this musical based solely on the soundtrack? Probably not. Would I wait to see if they made a movie out of it? Yes, yes that's the ticket!

Overall, it's a good soundtrack with notable songs that most of us would know by heart.

Tell me, have you listened to it?
What's your fav musical?


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Sometimes Life Looks Better Upside Down

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Monday, August 03, 2009

How to keep an almost 3 yo occupied

First things first, you start off on a Thursday night taking him to the local pizza joint to pick up a pie.
He decides he wants to eat there & has a fit when you try to leave.
Thus resulting in him slamming his head on the concrete floor.
Then the owner, speaking in Italian & reeking of beer, rushing over with ice to put on the screaming child's noggin b/c it he is now growing a second head out of his forehead.
As you can see in the picture, over the right side of his eyes, is a lovely shade of green.

The bump has gone down but he managed to hit it twice more in the same spot over the weekend.

Anyway, you keep the child occupied by taking him to the races!!

Look at the excitement on his face!

What is that green stuff you ask?

Well he drinks Crayola water. A lovely green shade. Taste like rotten fruit roll ups but he loves it! And he gets his water in.

Of course being at the races, someone had to experience driving a FAAAST truck.

Look at him go!

He actually had a blast & helped cheer on his Uncle Chucky.
He was good as gold.
Then slept late the next morning.
Of course, he conned me into buying him 2 race cars at $5 a piece
letting him have popcorn for dinner.
I think I deserve mother of the year award for that.
What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Guess it wasn't what I thought

Just had my feelings hurt.
Big Time.
Think a friendship is broken.
Very upset.

Not saying some of it isn't my fault
Wish someone was a little more forthcoming in their feelings than letting me believe something was one thing when it wasn't.