Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Outta Here

That's how I like to refer to me stepping on the scale last night.
The numbers ran so high, it was a homerun outta the park.

Good times!
Good times!

Seriously, my idol is:

Really? Who doesn't love Miss Piggy?

I've loved her from when I was little and had Miss Piggy sheets on my bed.
I'll let you in on a secret, I only gave those sheets up when they became thread bear...I was 29.


Getting back to the scale.
Since I was pushing maximum density I decided it was time to do something.

I joined Weight Watchers.

I did it before. Lost 50lbs.
I now have over a 100 to lose.

I know, hard to believe, since I am sure you all thought I was built like Jennnifer Lopez.
No nip slips here tho.
Keep those girlies covered.

I do get a lot of points
I can still eat my fav thing for's not as many points as I thought.

For those that want to know, it's a WaWa Pancake Sizzli.

So I am going to need your motivation, your cheering, so please, if you feel so inclined, leave me some encouragement.

I'm getting tired of being harpooned down the shore!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Pink tint hides a multitude of sins, doesn't it.
I think that's why pink is my signature color!!!

That little guy in the pic with me.
He is down for the count...with the stomach virus.

It's gross...not gonna lie.
I have a new found respect for the Nana.

Hopefully he will be the only one that gets it.
Poor kid.
He doesn't understand & keeps telling me he's sorry.

At least he didn't pray to Jesus to make it stop like myself.
I was little.
It's all I knew.

On a better note see this good looking kid:
He got a job!
The angels are singing & that's why NJ is having the weather it's having. :>)

He is a dishwasher/busboy at a local restaurant.  Works weekends & so far, the owner loves him!
Now if we could just get him to do dishes at home.  LOL

What is going on in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


So there we were.
The Cheeks & I.
Watching Happy Feet.

Cheeks says the boy penguins are fat.
I say Yes, they are.
He asks why.
I explain it's to keep them warm because they live in such cold, cold temperatures.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself and this mini lesson I just gave.

Then he says:
"The girl penguins are fat too"
"Yes, they are"
"Your like a girl penguin"

I have one kid up for sale!
Any takers?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seriously? You can't be serious

I live in New Jersey.
South Jersey to be specific.

Whitney Houston was a Jersey girl.
She will be buried here.

Our Governor, Chris Christie, is mulling the idea of flying the American Flag at half staff.

Usually I don't pay close attention to politics (the Grandpop keeps me informed) but this most recent "idea" has garnered my attention.

I ask you Gov. Christie to not fly the flag at half staff for Whitney Houston.
Not because I don't like her.
Not because I don't feel for her family.

I ask because this an honor reserved for the military.

Perhaps, Gov. Christie, you should have offered to fly the flag at half staff last week when a 20 year member of the military was killed in Afghanistan.  There was no mention of it.

Whitney...great singer. a member of the military. half staff.

Let's keep it for those who have died for our freedom in this country and other countries.
For those who have served their country.

Thank you 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I spy....

Today we finally gave into Cheeks persistant requests to go into the city of Philadelphia.

He can see the skyline from the park...yes, we live that close.

So we rode around, looking at the big skyscrapers, searching for the new LDS temple being built, you know, all the good stuff.

As we turned down one street we hard loud music.

Then a man stopped traffic with us being the first car in line.

It was for an impromptu Mummers parade.
Well just one Mummers group but impressive none the less:
Have you ever just done something for the heck of it & come across something neat in the interium?


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Real Talk with Cheeks

Having a 5 year old is new to me.
Having a 5 year old boy is a whole other ball game.

Take for instance, this conversation.

Scene: My bathroom, me, sitting on edge of tub running water for Cheeks bath. Him using the potty.

All of a sudden he slams the seat & lid down.
Looks at me & says:

"Mom, I almost slammed it on my penis"

"That's not good Cheeks, not at all. If that happens we have to go to the hospital"

"Why? Will they give me a new one?"

"No, they don't make penises"

"Do they only make them in adult sizes?"

"No, they just don't make them."

"Are they out of them? Can they order them?"

"No, they don't make them like that.  If you slam the seat down, it will hurt for a long time"

"Well can I get a toy penis & a toy butt?"

"Bobster! Where have you been taking this child?"

And, scene.

*I am sure some of the words in this blog will bring the nuts out of the woodwork to my blog...take heed, it's not that kind of blog...nothing to see here...go about your business*

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Yoohoo...I got something for you

Meghan's Mindless Mutterings: Review & Giveaways

Clicky the Linky for your chance to win!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

May have been a Flash Giveaway but not so much a Flash Winner

Sorry for the delay folks.

Life, it happens.

Our winner is:

 MegRyans Mom...Rita!!!

Woop! Woop! Email me your deets sister!

My son, the Polar Bear...literally

Yes, I've always wanted a pet in the fam.

Maybe not quite like this but, eh, it'll do.

That is the 18yo.
The salon the Nana works for needed a mascot to hawk their sale.
Who does the Nana think of?

Mr. I need money for the prom.

Viola! Instance Polar Bear for a child.

He was so good, another salon wants to book him.

Bobster & I are thinking of opening up a mascot business.
Who wants first dibs on the best mascot this side of the Mississippi?