Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Sentence I Never Thought I'd Have To Say

This is not the story you are looking for if you used certain key words in your search to find my blog.
Just sayin.

The other night I walked into Cheeks bedroom to kiss him goodnight.
There he is all snuggled under the sheets with 20 Matchbox cars.

I look two feet to his right & see his hamper.
What is in front of his hamper?
His clothes…guess it’s too much energy to put the clothes in the hamper.

So I said “Cheeks, you have to put your clothes in the hamper.  I’ll do it for you now though”
As I am picking up said clothing he says:

“Mom, you see that underwear?”
Me “Yes”
“Do NOT smell it”
Now this is where I knew the conversation was going to take a turn for the worse.
“You see that brown spot…do NOT smell it, it smells like poop!”
“And Cheeks do you know what it smells like poop?”
“Because it’s poop”
“Oh, well the other side smells ok”

With that I left the room, uttering the following:

“Do NOT sniff your underwear”

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Take: Pinterest Crockpot Italian Chicken

Like every other good Pinterest pinner, I hoarded a ton of "wanna make dinners" on my Food Board.

Yesterday I decided to actually do something with that board & I chose to make Crockpot Italian Chicken. 

Here is what I was going to be making:
Looks yummy enough right?

I thought so.

Four total ingredients.

2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 8oz. package of cream cheese
1 envelope of dry Italian Dressing Mix

Now please note: I used low fat soup & low fat cream cheese.

All you do is mix the first three ingredients together in your crockpot ala:
I used the camera on my phone because I am just that lazy to not go get my good camera, so that is the reason for the craptastic photos.

Stir that together.
Add chicken ala:
Cover with soup mixture.
I used frozen chicken breast so I cooked on high for 4 hours.
If you use thawed/fresh chicken cook on low for 4 hours.

This is the final result:
Spoon chicken & sauce over pasta.

Can I say I really liked this?!?!?!
I thought it tasted very fettucini-esque.

Bobster...well he took one bit & decided to have Wendy's for dinner.
Cheeks I didn't even bother to give him any, just gave him pasta.

The older boys, well Tim "heard" about the chicken & Chris had eaten at his mom's.

So my family basically boycotted the meal.
Altho my mom said it smelled delish & she wants to try it.
You can always count on the Nana for support.

I give this first Pinterest food challenge 2 thumbs up!
It would have received a golf clap as well but Bobster didn't like.

So tell me, have you made anything from Pinterest?
How did it turn out?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michael Phelps I am Not!

So yesterday I took a vacation day & took the little one to Coco Keys Water Park.
So much fun.
Nothing deeper than 3 ½” feet.

Needless to say Cheeks had a ball.
He kept telling me I was awesome, the place was awesome & he was having an awesome time.
I took it as he liked it.

He told he didn’t like, he actually loved it!

I actually had a ball.
Wasn’t self conscious at all in my bathing suit.
I was splashing & splishing with the best of them.
Throwing basketballs in the water basketball court.
Walking/floating/swimming the lazy river.

Good times.

Today I pay the price.
I am so sore I feel like I was on a stretching rack ala Fifty Shades of Grey except without the hot lover.
Muscles that haven’t been used since I was 17 hurt.
My calves are on fire and my flabby arms should be toned like Madonna or at least that’s how they feel.
This just goes to show you that being over 40, out of shape and overweight, it not a girls best friend.


I had a blast tho!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Graduate


Look at him.

Look at his first.

He keeps loosing the roundness...the little boyish look.
In just 9 mere months.


A lot has happened to him in Kindergarten.

Diagnosed w/ ADD/ADHD.
Making new friends.
Adjusting meds to get the right dose to help him learn & stay focused.

Poor kid is really not adjusting to the summer schedule.
Keeps asking if it's a school day.
He wants to go to first grade really badly.

Of course, now that he doesn't have to get up, he's up bright & early & raring to go.
Typical kid.

That's my Cheeks!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lots of Pomp & Circumstances Happening Around Here

He did.
My little boy who I got when he was just 11 years old decided to graduate high school:

It's not to say it wasn't a rough ride this year.
He put us through the ringer.
Luckily, he pulled it out of somewhere & graduated.

The ceremony was long.
Not going to lie.
The weather couldn't have been better or cooperated more.
Beautiful evening for a graduation.

Look at him....taking it so seriously.

The whole class played a joke on the principal & as he shook their hand to congratulate them, each student handed him a detention slip. 
My sister told me her class did marbles.
My class did nothing.
Yes, we all graduated from the same high school.

Take a look at this young man:

Good looking boy, no?

Congrats TimBob...we love you!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I love you Chic fil A

Tonight I hit up Chic fil A with Cheeks in tow.
I also had Fifty Shades Deeper with me.
Cheeks plays, I read.
Perfect for the both of us.

Well they were having family night.
Make a family tree.

It was messy so Cheeks was all over that action:

And the girl was as patient as the day is long.
He was very good.

He had to list his family members.
He did.

In case you can't read it, he listed:
Pops (The Grandpop)
Pop (Poppy)
PopPop (obviously, the PopPop)
Uncle Chuck.

Then he ran out of apples.
Thanks goodness, I would have had to take home a whole orchard.

This is why I love ChicfilA.
They are, without a doubt, the cleanest fast food place.
Every worker I have ever encountered is just a sweet & nice as can be.
And they are extremely family oriented.
Love it!

Next week is super hero night.
I will not have a moments peace.

Tell me, what is your fav fast food place?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on the Weight Loss

Weight loss?
Weight loss?
I laugh in the face of weigh loss.

Sadly, I don't laugh.
I cry.

I just didn't have the will power & fell off the Weight Watchers truck a long time ago.

Can not resist the call of a WaWa Pancake Sizzli.

Seriously, I just don't know what my problem is.

I know I can do it.
I did it before.
I can do it again.

So that's where I stand.
Not on the scale! 
I can always get weighed on the pallet scale at work.
Sure, that doesn't scream overweight now does it?

I still watch what I eat.
I'm just not counting points.

And just so you know, a WaWa Pancake Sizzli is 9 points compared to a Croissant Sizzli coming in at 14 points.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I Won't Use Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong.
I love me some Pinterest.
I even want you all to follow me.
Even if all I do is repin other people’s pins.

Sadly, I will not use Pinterest as a social media tool.
I already have a Facebook account & a Twitter account.

I use both regularly.
For personal & promotion.
I am shameless promo ho ya know!

Pinterest is mine.
To enjoy.
Not to subject my followers with even more ways to enter contest, buy stuff, see a movie.

I just want something to enjoy.
Sort of keep to myself without subjecting myself to more promotions.
Yes I see them when I look at “everything” on Pinterest & I even see them when I look at who I follow.
I may click on them here & there but I just want something on the internet to seem promo free.

Will this hurt my blog in the future?
Will I change my mind?
I am a red headed moody woman so perhaps I will.

For now I will keep it my secret…well my special corner of the internet is more like it.

How about you?

Monday, June 11, 2012

And the Angels Cried

Let it be cool!

Today we got our downstairs air conditioner.


To be honest, it wasn't really too bad the past couple of weeks.
As anyone who lives in the Delaware Valley knows...the heat & humidity of summer is a comin.

We bought an a/c unit yesterday from Home Depot.
Got it home.
Installed it.
Viola...instant airplane in our living room.
Sounded like a 747 was ready for take off.

Poor Cheeks & I had to turn our movie up all the way (John Carter was the flick...don't waste your time) & we still couldn't hear it.
I told Bobster "Oh no! This has to go"

So the Grandpop did a little research & found that a Sears Kenmore unit was rated the best & the quietest by Consumer Reports.

Tonight we returned the airplane motor & headed down the road to Sears.
15 minutes later merchandise pickup was loading that sucker in the back of the mini van.

Took Bobster like 10 minutes to install.

You can't even hear it.
Love it.

We are waiting for it to cool off the downstair...which isn't that big so it should be really quickly.

To make it even sweeter the Grandpop helped buy it as an early Christmas present for me...guess I am getting something good for my birthday in July...hee hee.

Tell me, how are you beating the heat?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Let it begin

Summer that is.

That's one tough cookie, no?

Superhero all the way.
Flexing muscle pose.
Vicious face.

A good, fearless, superhero always needs his swimmies.

It's so nice living across from the community pool.
Nice that I can walk to it in 30 seconds.
Not so nice because I can't park in front of my house for the summer.

It's worth it though.

How do you welcome summer?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Afro Circus

Cheeks & I got the opportunity to see a movie over the weekend.
A special engagement if you will.

What did we see you ask?


Madagascar 3!!!

This movie had me from the very beginning.
Started off with great action scenes & got to the plot extremely quickly.
I like that in kids movies (actually I like that in all movies!...don't ask me about the movie Haywire...shudder! Did. not. get. to plot.)

We got to see it in 3D.
To be honest, I think this one was the best in the franchise.
My fav.

Cheeks stayed in his seat & pretty much kept his eyes glued to the screen.  Even kept his glasses on.

Also, very funny.
No over the top adult only humor.
Good, old fashion fun.

Tell me are you planning to see it?