Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a jungle out there

Really it's a jungle in here.
I feel as if the great outdoors has decided to take up living in my humble abode.

As I have stated before, I have a mouse.
Not the kind that lives in sunny Florida & is happy all the time.
The kind that likes to only come out at night & visit.

Well yesterday there was some sort of beetle thing in my bathroom.
I waited til it got on the wall.  It was on the ceiling & I don't kill anything above my head for fear it will fall in my hair.
Once it got to where I was comfy with it, I broke out the hairspray & stunned it.
I then waffled it with the canister of Lysol wipes.
Using said wipes I attempted to pick it up.
Til it crunched under my fingers.
I do not "do" crunchy.
I eventually got it in the trash but it wasn't my proudest moment.

Now this morning I saunter on into the kitchen & what to my wondering eyes spy?
Baby ants
Ants none the less.
I killed them til I didn't see anymore & then got some ant killy house things.
Wish me luck.

After the ant massacre I go into my living room when I see something green on top of my air conditioner.
I pull back there curtain & there it is.
A grass hopper.

So, like any good mom, I call for my 3 yo to come get it.
He can't reach it & expected me to  pick him up so he could grab it.
Uh uh, not gonna happen.
Could you see it?
He would get it & the sucker would hop into my mouth or ear.
So I did what any good respectable mom would do.
I got my size 10 sneaker & beat the crap out of it.

That's right.
I killed it.

Sorry to all you bug activists but I loathe them.
It was instinctual.
Please forgive me.

I won't tell you what I have in the cabinet waiting for "Micky" to make his appearance.
PETA would be calling me & protesting outside my house.

So tell me, have you ever had the jungle come a callin inside your abode?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'd like to thank the academy

Look what Tree over at Mother of Pearl it is gave me! I am so honored.

The rules are to post 7 random things about myself & pass on the award.

Well let's get on with it then:

1.  I am LDS. 

2.  I am totally addicted to blogs.  Seriously, it's an illness!

3.  I went to school to become a nail technician.  I was licensed in the state of NJ for 5 yrs but let it lapsed.  I would now have to return to school to get relicensed & well that's not going to happen.

4.  My favorite number is 15.

5.  I didn't get my drivers license til I was 21.

6.  I would love to quit my job & be able to make $$$ doing something creative.

7.  I graduated Rutgers Univ in 2005 with a degree in English w/ an Elementary Education certificate.  Yes, I am a school teacher but I work as a csr.

Now to award 2 blogs that I love:

Preston @ Me and the Blue Skies


Abby @ Art by Abby

Go visit them & tell them how awesome they are!


Saturday, June 26, 2010


What do you think of the new look?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess what today is??!!

6 months til Christmas.

You don't have to thank me for the reminder.

That's what I'm here for.
I'm a giver, ya know.

Seriously, have you done anything?

I am planning on trying to use my g/c's to Amazon that I get from Swagbucks & Opinion Outpost to help pay for it.  Not to mention MyPoints.  I might try to make some stuff to give.

I dunno.

So tell me, are you happy I let you in on this monumental day?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Please floor, swallow me

This afternoon I took Cheeks & we went to the grocery store (Aldi...totally rocks!)

We walked up to the check out & in front of us, with her son, is a woman wearing one of these:
So I get in line when all of sudden my son yells in a voice acceptable for a football stadium.

"Mommy, look! Look at this black thing"

Im thinking "Oh.My.God. Shut up!"
I ignore him.
You know ignore, he will stop.

Didn't work.

He then says:
"What's he wearing?"

At this point the woman turns around & says
"Im a lady"

Supermommy kicks in & I say
"Oh I think he's talking to your son"

She than says (in such a nice way..thank God)
"These are just clothes, just like your mommy wears. I am a mommy just like your mommy"

I am now wishing the floor would swallow me & decide I will make a quick get away.
I smile, start talking to Cheeks & decide it's time for a potty break.

When we came out, she was leaving.

Thank God she was sweet about it.
Besides wishing I would get swallowed up, I just kept thinking "Holy Crap, she's got to be hot"

I did spy a very pretty purple skirt w/ flowers on it underneath.

Now how do I get my kid to stop speaking what comes into his head?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


All in all it wasn't a horrific day.
It just went to crap around dinner time.

See it started w/ a very whiney 3 yo who appeared to not have a fever or any other symptoms.
Then he woke up from his nap.
Motrined his tushie up & fed him pizza for dinner.
Yes, yes, mother of the year.
I know.

Now I decided to get my craft on by spray painting a frame today.
I laid the frame on top of the pizza box that I laid in the grass.
Oh that was mistake #1.

I brought said box in & laid it on my washer.
Mistake #2.

For some unknown reason I opened the box.
To my wondering eyes, there were about 2000 ants who were ready to party.
They immediately decided my washer, the inside & out, was the place to do it.

Got that all cleaned up.
Opened up the cabinet under my kitchen sink to get a wipee & noticed rice.
Black rice.
Now I don't keep food under there
Do I keep burnt rice.

Upon further investigation, I noticed it was FREAKIN mouse poop.
Again, with the mice.
It was nice, I had like 2 years off between mouse visits.
I live across the street from some woods.

Good times.

Then my evening continued when I discovered Cheeks had gone to the bathroom.
While I thought he was doing #1, he was really doing #2.
He proceeded to clog the toilet with about 20 wipes & then flushed.
Needless to say I was plunging.

So that is how I spent the early evening, how did you spend it?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And the award goes to....

For best dramatic actor in a starring role.

It seems Mr. Cheekers is sick.
You know the drill, sore throat, fever, headache.

Here are some of the quotes that have been said today:

"Mommeeeee, I can't go fast, I have to go slooooow because I don't feel good"

"Mommeeeee, I slept to hard, my mouth hurts"

Now I asked him to pull the plug while he was in the tube.
His response
"I can't mommeeeeee, I am soooooo sick"

He then threw his head back, closed his eyes & whimpered.

Just like his father!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddys in my life.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey all you local readers

My friend looks sad, no?
Well stay tuned to see how you can make him & yourself smile!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As of today...

I am entering the last month of my 39th year.
I am waving goodbye to my 30's.
Wish I could wave goodbye to 30lbs with such ease.

One month from today, my age will change.
I will officially have a son that is 10% of my age.

My little sister will still be in her 20's.


Book Review ~ The Girls from Ames

Have you read this yet?
You haven't read The Girls from Ames.
What are you waiting for???

Run to the library, nearest bookstore or order off Amazon here, The Girls from Ames.

What an awesome book!
Totally loved it.

It's a story of a 40 year friendship between 11 girls, well woman now.
Jeffrey Zaslow visited these woman, stayed with them, learned from them and he shares his incredible findings in this book.

11 women to keep track of may seem like a lot but the book pulls you in so that you don't even realize how many women are in the book.  Plus there is a great photo page in the beginning of each woman.

I loved reading about their friendship over the years.
The ups, the downs, the closeness, the meanness, the moves, the gatherings.
Their friendship reminded me of mine with 3 of my close girlfriends. 
We have gone through rough patches were we didn't talk, or just weren't able to connect but when we do we just pick up where we left off.
These women consistently stay in touch and they love each other as sisters.  Perhaps deeper than sisters.

I actually shed tears in this book.
There are a few surprises that will get you in the heart and there are many moments that will make you laugh out loud!

Jeffrey Zaslow has written about the extraordinary bond of the female friendship and he has done it with beauty and a grace.  A true story about 11 fabulous people.  Makes me want to write my story about myself and my friends.  Although I would doubt anyone would get a kick of reading about my adventures of smuggling my under age girlfriend into bars & letting her drink. 

Seriously, go get this book!
It's a must have for any female.

Have you read it?
Let me know what you think.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paging Jack Sparrow...

Sexy isn't he?
A bit on the "Needs a bath" side
Still sexy.
I digress.

This post concerns my soon to be 4 yo son.

He's always good for a fun time!

Sunday evening, Cheeks & I were in the local Wally World (much to my chagrin but they have my hair enhancement the cheapest around).
So there we are.
Minding our own business, well I was anyway.

In the aisle walks a very tall man.
6'3 or so.
About 175.
He was wearing a wife beater, jeans, lots of tattoos on his arms.
Wrap around mirror sunglasses.
Long hair.
Top off with a do rag.

Then I hear it.
Exclaiming, as he is pointing at this man
"Look Mom, a real pirate!"

I just about died.
I grabbed Cheeks & got the heck out of dodge.

You just got to love kids.

Has your little sweetums done anything to embarrass you?


Monday, June 14, 2010

Winner! Winner! Brownies for Dinner!!!

Comment #21 is the winner.
Let's take a gander & see who it is!

Kathryn said...
my favorite dessert is cheesecake!

Muy excellente!
Congrats Kathryn!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered.
Keep reading, I will have more contests soon.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Technical Difficulties

If posting seems sparse, it's because I am having technical difficulties.

I am currently posting from the Nana's house.
Thank God she lives a block away.

Don't forget to enter the contest for the Mississippi Mud Brownies giveaway.
Nothing I like better than some chocolate!!!!


Monday, June 07, 2010

Bedtime = Sahara Desert

We have entered the "Mommy I need a drink of water" phase in Cheeks young life.

Every night, approximately 15 minutes after he goes to bed (& has asked me a million questions) he gets dry mouth.  He whines for the water as if he's been out on the pet camel in the desert we like to call the Jersey Shore. 

Some nights, I'm the good mom & I go up there & give him water.
Granted, it's the only time he will drink water w/o me having to cut his juice with it.

Other nights, I tell him he will survive, I'm not giving him water & to go to sleep.

Am I cruel?

Tonight, when I gave him his water, he smacked his lips, made a "aaah" noise, said "That was good!" & handed me back the cup.

Glad I could help him quench his thirst.

Do you have a dehydrated camel in your house?


Sunday, June 06, 2010

Didja know?

That in the state of NJ it's illegal to buy & sell turtles.

The Bobster & I had decided that Cheeks was old enough for a pet.
I wanted low maintenance so I suggested a turtle.
Little did I know, they poop & you have to constantly take care of them.
I found this out after the fact.

Off we go.
Local chain pet store.
Ask the associate for turtles & she says
"Oh, I'm sorry, they are illegal in NJ"

Is this like illegal aliens? They will move in, get health care and govn't spending?
Oops, sorry, had to be a bit snarky there.
It's illegal to sell them.
Apparently you can get disease from them.
Who knew!??!

So Cheeks is still petless.
I'm thinking goldfish.
Change the water, feed it, your done.

What kind of pets do your kiddo's have?

I was recently asked by the One to One Network to take a listen the soundtrack for the new Sex and the City 2 movie.

So channeling my inner Charlotte & Carrie, I said Heck yes!

I am glad I didn't turn this one down!
What a fun, girly cd.
This cd features artists like Dido, Jennifer Hudson & Leona Lewis dueting on "Love is Your Colour", Cyndi Lauper and even Liza Minnelli (much to my chagrin but that is what the forward button is for).

"Can't Touch It' by Ricki-Lee is definitely my fav song on the soundtrack.  Even the girls get in on the act and do a version of "I am Woman".  There is even a SATC Men's Choir.  Hello! Showtunes!!! 

This is definitely a soundtrack you will want to have in your collection.  It's beboppy, dance-able & even evokes the feeling of being in the "New" Middle East with a few middle eastern inspired tracks.   I like to play those when I am driving in the mini van..since it's a/c is broken, it's gives me a real feeling of being in the Middle East this time of year.  Ha!

You can find this soundtrack over at here.
Definitely get it and let me know what you think of the soundtrack.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Who Missed Me?

Did you notice I was gone?
I haven't been around.
Why you ask? Meghan, where o' where have you been?  Somewhere exotic & tropical? Somewhere fun w/ cabana boys peeling you grapes?

If only.

I was here.
My computer...not so much.

It appears that I still had an entire folder of my ex's on my computer.
For those that are new to the bloggeroo, I was previously married
I like to refer to him as the Porn King of South Jersey.
I was so proud.

Anywho, unbeknownst to me, his folder was still on the computer & I couldn't remove it because I didn't have administration privaliges (that so looks spelled wrong!).
Well I decided to click on a was to a music sight.
Before it even had a chance to load, I closed it.

That's all it took.
1. 2. 3.
Computer infected with a virus that would only open porn or have me buy a virus protection.

The Grandpop decided he would buy me a computer for my birthday next month (I will be entering a new decade so it's a big's not every day a girl turns 21...I was a child bride OK!).

Anywho I am up & running, sadly I lost everything on the old 'puter, including pics of all the kids & fam etc.
I am hoping my IT dept at work will take pity on me & take a gander at the old hard drive to see if anything is salvagable (my spelling is so off tonight).

But stick around...I have reviews coming, tidbits of my life & a giveaway.
Oh that's right.
I said giveaway!

Let me know how you have been!!!