Monday, June 25, 2007


Cheekers says it time for a little Q&A.
Ask me anything (within reason!) & I will answer in one of my next posts.
~Woops out.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

#7, Shout Out, Shake It Off~~

That's my #7 layout of the year.

Am I on fire or what???!!!!

I followed a sketch from & decided to do one of Cheek's first portraits...his Halloween costume. Man, is he a cutie or what??? I know I'm partial but come on! Hee hee

This is the same child, who has learned to stand in his crib. This is a no no. So today, after the 2.5 hr morning nap (Thank you God, Thank you!), I go in b/c he is too quiet. There he is standing. Proud as can be. So I cleared my throat & said "Ethan, are you supposed to be doing that?" He turned his head, wiggled his one eyebrow & started to giggle. It was so darn funny, I had to leave the room. I don't know what I'm going to do if all I do is laugh at his antics.

I will end up with a brat.

Ok, note to self...must control laughter. I mean I did leave the room before I giggled. Anyway....

I would like to give a shout out to my Uncle Mike. That's my Aunt Patty's hubby. She reads my blog. I think she, my mom & like 2 other's are my regulars. If you are a regular, give me a holla (leave me a comment...I love the comments). Anyway I saw my Uncle Mike at Shop Rite this morning at like 9am. I went food shopping for the first time in like 4 weeks. So there go me & the Cheekers on our way to load up the minivan when who comes strolling up the lane in the parking lot but Uncle Mike.

So, Hello Uncle Mike & Hello Aunt Patty (b/c I know you are reading least I hope you are!)

As for the Shake it off. Tuesday when Cheeks learned to pull himself up, he would fall. Usually on his tush, then his back. Well he just goes to the tush now but it usually knocks the wind out of him or stuns him at least plus he will hit his noggin too. At first, I was always like




And would try to comfort him. After the 100th time, I started to look, make sure there's no blood or he's wonky & I just tell him "Shake off!"

Works well! He gets right back up. Now he thinks he can stand on his own & lets go. I see walking in the future. I finally charged the dvd recorder camera my dad gave me & I am having a ball using it.

When I figure out how to upload, I will post the video of Cheeks eating his mashed potatoes. He got a bath immediately following. Oiy've.

Well tomorrow starts another work week. *sigh* I also go back to the dr for the stupid cyst on my face. It hurts again, so I think it got reinfected. NICE! They are sending me to a plastic surgeon for the rest of the removal.

On that note...


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


See that look of desperation on his face?
He has that look of "Mommy, help me! Help me stand up!"
He now stands.
Since Sunday.
He has learned to get from laying down to a sitting position.
Then he pulls himself up in the pack n play.
That's ok.
What's not ok is that he does it in his crib.
Last night, it wasn't bad. Took me 4x's of laying him down & telling him "Night Night". He didn't even stand up in the crib.
Today. Not so much.
He pulls himself up all the time.
I put him down at 8:20 & finally at 8:55 he decided he got tired of me, hiding out by the door, coming in & telling him "No Ethan. Lay down. Night Night"
I lost count of how many times I went in there.
I worked up a frickin sweat!
So my plea to all your mommies out there.....any tips on getting your child to lay down for the night? Not stand in the crib?
Anything at all.
Well anything but giving him a bottle.
I am leaving this in your capable hands, so advise away!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Yes, yes, Ethan has picked a winner of the magazine & some goodies from my 150th post. I would have had a picture but my camera's batteries are dead.

Without further adieu, the winner is..........DIANA~!

You go girl! Send me your addy & I will send you your small but fun prize!

Woops out!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

150th Post

I think this layout is #6 for th year.

I did a scraplift train at I was the last one. I decided to use creme cardstock (for a change) & my scanner wouldn't scan it properly, so I had to take a pic of it. Sorry for the horrid quality. That is Cheeks & I, on the 2nd he was here! I love that picture. It looks like he's peeking, saying Hi Mommy (hence the title.)

Now, this is my 150th post!





So in honor of the 150th post, leave a comment & I will draw a name to win a prize of scrap stuff, including a brand new copy of Scrapbooking Dimensions magazine!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Name Change

No not Cheekers! His name remains that same.
Just look at him.
On his Rusteez car toy that his Aunt Dawn bought him for Xmas.
Today was THE perfect day here. Not hot, not cold. Just perfect.
With a light breeze.
Aunt Erin decided to take some pics of the Cheekers today & I just happened upon them on my computer.
So enjoy!
Now the name change things.
I've been reading decorating blogs, since I am in the process of redecorating the house.
All of these people have named their houses.
Cutesy names.
Cherry Hill Cottage
Daisy Cottage.
So I thought what could I name the townhouse.
I thought something witty with their initials, so I came up with:
TEC Cottage.
I told my sister & she said
"What about Etc?"
Hmm, I didn't think of that one.
So my home will go by Etc. Cottage~!
It has been declared.
Woops out!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Next job: Bounty Huntin w/ Dog the Bounty Hunter

Cheekers is applying to be a bounty hunter with Dog b/c
1. He looks cool in those shades.
2. He can hurl that binky like a boomerang & get the fugitive in one shot!
I took him for his well baby visit today.
Good thing.
Apparantly he has developed a wheez.
So my poor baby is on a nebulizer.
Now that is like trying to wrestle an octupos covered in oil!
He was not a fan of this treatment.
My mom was here (Thank goodness) & she had to sing & dance to keep him from squirming.
Now I owe my mommy a big sorry for being such a bitch when Cheekers was having his treatment. I get frustrated easily & she was trying to help & I bit her head off. This is after she went & picked up his meds for me & just tried to help me.
So I'm sorry mom! I love you!
I know hard to believe I can be a bit of a bitch. It's a shocker really. Just ask Bobster. He'll tell you the truth.
On second thought....definitely don't ask him. :>)
Nothing else new & exciting from yesterday.
Still on my hunt for vintage things. My dad gave me a set of trunks that I am going to use for storage. He got them on Ebay & had them still in there box for a year so I told him I would take them. Dropped them off today while I was at work. They are nice. I think I am going to scruff them up a bit to make look shabby. I am going to keep some scrap stuff in there or maybe move this big ole tote filled with Lenox that I can't display into the trunks. That way I will have more room in my pantry, believe me I need it.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Only 4 days to go til the weekend. Woo! I need it.
On that note...
~Woops out!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm going to have a hard time breaking him of the bottle!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Poor Cheekers

He's sick.
I feel so bad for him.
Glassy eyes.
Runny nose.

The cough is keeping him up. Should make for an interesting evening.
Say a prayer he will feel better manana. I even stayed home from meeting a new "scrappy" friend at a crop b/c I didn't want to leave him.

Now, onto a few things.
First my sign came. My welcome sign.


I really like it.
Two things.
1. My mom said "Whose coming over? Madonna?" BAAHAAHAA! She's a kidder that one!
2. I hung it on my door & between the sun & the heat, it warped already.
Yea, much.
It was a lot of money. Well a lot of money for some cardboard & glitter. Almost 40 dollars!
Live & learn I suppose.

Secondly, ever hear of the 26 Challenge blog.
Well I have & this month I got 2 photos done.
One was truck.

That's Bobster's new ride. Sure, he's 6"2 so it makes the ride a bit snuck but it has that new plastic car smell. Actually I got this for Cheekers a few weeks back. Yea, he's not real interested yet.

The other photo I took was feast.

Looks like it was tasty, doesn't it!
You betcha.

Finally, can I just say I need some much needed time to myself. Sure I could have gotten it tonight but I would have been too worried about the babe & not have enjoyed myself.

I am talking just 2 hrs people.
Just a pedi.
I don't even need the mani.

Guess I will get the time come Oct when Sandel weather is over.

Woops out!