Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heartbreaker or Harlot: You Decide

WoW! I haven't written on here in awhile.
Nothing that exciting happening I suppose or blog worthy.
I lead a dull life unlike the 7yo.

He might look all innocent & green (He was the if he would be anything else) but he is heartbreaker.

Well really I will lead you to decide whether it's him or
A harlot.

Apparently, liking boys starts a lot earlier than I thought.

Harlot, or for the sake of the post, we will call her Sally, Sally has been stealing kisses from Cheeks for about a month now.

It all started innocent enough with her running up to him, kissing him & telling him "I love you"

Upon questioning Cheeks, he apparently tells her that he loves her back.

I ask if he likes her kisses & he told me "Yes, they feel nice".

Well a new development has happened.
Sally told Cheeks that "I only like you & no one else".

When I asked if he liked her he told me "Meh, she's alright".
Then I asked if was planning on marrying her?

His reply "NO, not yet! I have lots of girls to get through.  They all like me mom, all of them!"

So you tell me, am I raising a heartbreaker or is the other mom raising a harlot?
Perhaps a bit of both?

I thought boys would be easier!