Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years (almost)

So here it is....3 hrs before the new year.
Can you believe it?
I remember when we turned 2000 & I was so worried about everything going balooey.

So, how did I end the last day of 2007 with Cheeks.
I was in the kitchen, Bobster & kids in the living room.
I hear a thud, I hear Bobster yell an obscenity & then crying.
It seems Cheeks tripped over his own two feet & went side face down on our bottom step that leads upstairs.
After Daddy got him calm I looked at it, it was swelling pretty good.
The eye that is.
Looks as if Cheeks will kicking off 2008 with his first official shiner.
I guess it had to happen at some point but I was hoping for maybe when he was 18.

Right now I am enjoying the silence downstairs. Cheeks just went to bed...a little later than usual due to hitting his head, Bobster & Tim are upstairs playing PS3 & making noises & smells that I assume only men can enjoy! Danny went home as his family had a party to go to.

So are you making resolutions for the new year?
I am.
I did well with mine last year.
Here's what I would like out of this year:
  • Get finances in order....this includes getting $1000 in an emergency fund, snowballing payments on the credit cards, adding to savings and saving for disney. This will take some time & doing but I think it is definitely doable.
  • Not bicker as much with Bob & try to let a lot go. I am picky about a lot & I let a lot bother me, so I am going to try to letitgooooooooo (that's one word!)
  • Lose weight (bahaahaa)
  • Cook more & get my grocery bill down
  • Make more time for friends...this is important
  • Scrap more

So don't be shy, tell me what you would like to do in '08.

Happy New Year!!!!

Woops out!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lazy Day

And you can see how the dad & the baby spent their day.
Cheeks was very whiney today...he's got a cold (calling the ped tomorrow as his cough is a little horsey for me & the dad).
Anyway he just didn't want to do anything so Bobster said, let me see if he will lay down with me.
Well, lay down with daddy! That is like shoes to Imelda Marcos!
Within 10 mins, Cheeks was out.
Notice the leg in the last photo! He either puts it down or puts it's never straight on the mattresss.
Cheeks is definitely going to miss the daddy when he goes to PR again. My heart is breaking for him. They have bonded something fierce this week & Cheeks eyes sparkle everytime Bobster walks into the room! The mommy no longer exists.
*sigh* Sure I carried him for 9 months & then was cut from hip to hip for his birth but where am I on the fav list...I'm like #6. It goes:
So really, I'm #8!
For the love of God!
On that note, Woops out!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Yule Log & A Week in Review by Numbers....

Does anyone else watch this?
I remember it being on as a little girl & my dad turning it on. I also remember one year we had a small tree, so my parents bought brick paper to put around the table they put the tree on.
Anyway this was being shown for free on tv BUT you can purchase the dvd of it for $15 about. My sister & I contemplated getting it for my dad but we nixed the idea.....I'm sure my dad is thankful we did nix the idea.
So my week by the numbers.....make sure you link me to your week by the numbers:
Ten things I did yesterday:
1. Went to work
2. Killed time at work by playing on the net
3. Took Cheeks to the ped for his 2nd 1/2 of the flue shot
4. Went to Target to find the Xmas bargains (didn't find anything earth shattering)
5. Went to Bobster's mom's to pick up the money & g/c's that Chris forgot
6. Applebees for dinner
7. Drove home
8. Went to the kids mom's house to pick up their clothes for their stay
9. Met a cute little one named Isabella
10. Collapsed in bed by like 10!
Nine things I need to do tomorrow:
1. Wash
2. Take down the rest of the holiday decor (got rid of the tree tonight)
3. Clean
4. Get ring sized
5. Treat myself to something
6. Food shop
7. Figure out something to make for dinner (perhaps from my new Rachael Ray cookbook!!)
8. Straighten up my room & the baby's
9. Go thru the toys so I can make a donation or freecycle

Eight holiday songs I listened to this week:
1. Joy to the World
2. I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
3. The 12 Days of Christmas but the Canadian verison
4. Rockin Around the Xmas Tree
5. Christmas Wrapping
6. Joy to the World the Elmo & Rosie O'Donnell version
7. The Christmas Song
8. Step into Christmas

Seven things I'm thankful for:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Babies
4. Work
5. Faith
6. Elmo DVD's
7. Love
Six recipes I'll be preparing in the next few days:
Let's see...
1. Gerber Boxed Meal (30 seconds in the micro)
2. Hamburger Helper
3. Chef Boyardee
4. Pork Chop something or another
5. Cookie Crisp (I pour it into the bowl & add milk)
6. Cocktail Weinies!!
Five Fav Xmas Movies
1. White Christmas
2. Year w/o a Santa Claus
3. The Santa Clause
4. The Santa Clause 2
5. A Very Brady Christmas
Four resolutions for the New Year:
1. Save money
2. Become more organized
3. Try to not let little things bother me
4. Work on my temperment

Three things I'm most excited about right now:
Nothing comes to mind

Two things I'm stressing over right now:
1. My furniture has been moved
2. My house is chaotic
One thing that I know for sure:
I will be returning to the therapist to deal with some issues that I feel I need help with
Woops out!.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Came, Christmas Saw, Christmas Conquered!

First up we have the tree after the kids went to bed.
Looks like Santa just exploded doesn't it?
Guess this is what you get when there are 3 kids & 3 adults & all the adults buy for the kids plus each other.

Cheeks, do you like your Elmo gift?
Santa decided that since Cheeks is such an Elmo fan, that everything with Elmo on it, including 9 dvd's, should be given to him on Christmas morn!

Ah, Tim, yes, yes, you are a keeper!

Brotherly Love! Chris loves Cheeks & well Chris is the apple of Cheek's eye!

The Aunt Erin....a little Vera Wang Princess.
She will be smellin good!

Gots to take my own pic.
How sad is that! LOL
I'm a looker, aren't I?

The Bobster & his Steelers blanket.
Sure, we live in Eagles country but leave it to the Bobster to be a Steelers fan. LOL Now everyone has their own blanky in this household!

New bike for Christmas...time to show off those mad skills.
Good thing it was relatively warm. Unfortunately the bike attacked the Papabird & his toe has swollen up to the size of a pickle. NICE!!

Ah, who is this?
This is a rare sighting!!!
This, everyone is my mom's hubby!!!
He is also a Bobster but we will call him PopBob, not to confuse him with Bobster or Bobster's dad, Bob. We must like Roberts in this family! Tee hee

Ah, the Grandparents!
Looks like Cheeks was worn out. Yea he was. He just didn't want to sleep.
To much excitement but the Nana can get him to cuddle. And he's all smiles for the Grandpop!
Next up we have the Bobster's clan....Bobster's little brother & his son (who you all know from my previous postings...that's Danny) & of course, the boys. We spent about 2 hrs with his family & exchanged gifts. His mom made me Belgian waffles. Ah, yes, tasty!!!
Finally this is how we have found Cheeks...since Bobster came home from the big island. The sun rises & sets on him in Cheek's eyes & any chance he can get to cuddle with the Daddy, he does. They must have stayed like that for 20 minutes!! It's rare to see my 16 mos. old slow down but when it comes to the Daddy, the world stops.
And that everyone is Christmas 2007 in a nutshell.
Oh yes, before I sign pics yet but Bobster got me a big ole DIAMOND RING!
Oh yea baby!!!!!
I need to get it sized but I couldn't believe it!
Look out 2008...we will be legit!
Woops out!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Deck the Halls w/ Boughs of Holly....

Cute little thing I picked up at The Christmas Tree that place! It was $2~! Talk about a SPAVE.
Anyway , what I would like to discuss today is the lack of or the lateness of decorating this year. By now one should have it done. If you have waited til now to decorate, imho, why bother? But as my Grandpop says, to each his own, telephone.
Now what bothers me the most, are those that have this beautifully decorated homes outside & then they leave up pumpkins or a fall flag. Yes I know Winter just happened but um, hello! Christmas doesn't scream pumpkins. At least not in this part of Jersey.
That's my rant for the day.
Nothing really new. I think I am done the wrappings, sans a g/c that I need to stuff in a bag. Tomorrow morning it's off to the supermarket I go.
Wish me luck.
Wish me luck!
I used to cashier, remember? I know what it's like & I don't know why I waited so long.
I know why.
I didn't realize when I told people to come at like 6 that I would have to serve dinner.
Duh, Meg, Duh.
We have the boys tonight. They will go home tomorrow at 2, then Bob gets them back at 9 til Xmas morning, then they go back to their mom's. It's a bummer but that's the reality of blended families. *sigh*
Can you believe it's 61 degrees out???!!!
We are sitting in here sweating our bejeezes off.
I can't regulate the heat so it just pumps out (an advantage & disadvantage of having heat included in your rent).
So we have the windows open & the fan on.
Oh yes.
I said fan!
Is it any wonder people get sick this time of year.
On that note...I'm outty!
Merry Christmas!
Woops out!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Daddy has returned

How do you feel about that bit of news Cheeks?

Seriously, I haven't seen a little boy more overjoyed than my son. Just as Bobster arrived home, he woke from his nap, so Bobster went to get him. Cheeks cuddled with him & then Bobster brought him downstairs. Cheeks laid on Bobby for 20 mins., just enjoying his Daddy.

Then we went w/ Bobster to do a few errands he had to do today. If Bobster got out the car & we didn't, Cheeks would cry til he got back in.

Bedtime was a goodtime.
Cheeks decided he didn't want to go.
We think it's b/c he's afraid Bob won't be here when he wakes up.
We ended up laying with him in our bed for about 20 mins to get him calmed down enough & to show him that Daddy was still here.
So before he fell asleep I put him back in his cribby so he could rub the tag & put his feet up, which he does to go to sleep.
This took a total of 5 mins.
When I went back into our room, Bobster was asleep.
Yea, he was diagonal on the bed & was using both pillows + the body pillow.
Looks like I am sleeping on the couch tonight!

Here is a glimpse of the tree.
I am totally in love with the "Jolly" word ornament.
Not a total fan of colored lights but I don't let them blink so it's ok.

Well I am off....gonna try to watch Elf & relax on my bed, er I mean couch.

Woops out!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cheeks, Daddy is coming home tomorrow, are you excited???

Bobster returns from the big island tomorrow for the Holidays.
As you can see my filthy son is very excited! As is his mommy.
Bobster has been gone since Thanksgiving.
I just try to look at it like he's in the military & goes away on assignment.
Keeps me going.

So we are in the home stretch.
What does everyone have left to do.
I have like 2 gift cards to get, so food & wrap.
Guess I should clean.
I think I saw some dustballs revolting & getting the cobwebs to join their army.

Well I made it 21 days in a row for posting...I am sure I will miss a few btwn now & the end of the year, especially with the PapaBird returning to the nest.
Keep checking tho., b/c I'm gonna try to post something at least everyday, if not every other!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Woops out!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Your Holiday Pronunciation Lesson

A conversation btwn my dad & I today prompted me to write this entry.

We will first tackle my name.
As you all know, I have it spelled incorrectly & also said incorrectly.
It's pronounce it like this M-EGG-IN.

Next we will move on to my sister.
She is known as this is not the same as the name's not the feminime version nor does it sound the same.
She doesn't pronounce it Air-in.
Can you say Earth....good.
Now just the 1st syllable in Earth...that would be add the word in.
There ya go! You are getting good at this fancy pronouncin thing!

Now we have my mom.
She would be known as Laura.
No, no, no, not Lora, Laura.
Like this...say Larva. Good, good, now just say the first syllable...Lar....fabulous!
Now put a long a on the end.
Put it together & you get Laraaaaaaaa.
See, Laura.

Let's move on to the Poppason.
He will be known as Leslie....thank the good Lord, he's Leslie...his twin brother is Lester...that is another post for another day.
Leslie is a genderbender can be either a female or males name.
Notice the spelling...there is an "s" in there, not a "z" like most people think.
So when saying you would say LESS-LEE....not LEZLEE....are you all following.
It's simple stuff really.
So we have:
On a final note, when abbreviating just use one "S", hence Les....when adding an additional "S" you change it from a name to a word, such as Less is More.

Thanks for participating in your holiday pronunciation lesson.
You may return to your merry making!!

Woops out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Paparazzi Strikes Again

He's on to the paparazzi!
See how he is covering his face, ala all the famous celebrities. Good thinkin Cheeks. Now this cutie patootie apparantly decided he was hungry today.
He was walking around, Aunt Erin had some freshly baked cookies cooling on the table.
She thought she had put them far enough back.
Next thing she knows, she looks over & Cheeks is standing at the table.
He stretches.
He grabs.
He bites.
He goes "YUM!"
He crackes me up.

Not much going on.
General holiday bs.
Tried to do some Dollar Store shopping tonight...nothing but the best for my family (it's for gift bags, thankyou) but I had the baby with me & he still hadn't eaten so home we went.

So life isn't really exciting so I will go.
Is your life exciting right now?
Let me know.

Woops out!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What commercial screams it's the start of the holidays for you???

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm dreaming

Are those not the most beautiful dresses EVER!!!!

I remember being a little girl & totally loving these dresses.
I even got a doll from my Poppy that had almost an identical dress to those of the women. I loved that doll. Sadly, she was lost...much like when a dog goes to live on a farm. I really have no idea what happened to her. I think she was stolen or damaged. I think my mom kept the news from me so spare me the horrible details.

So what is your fav Christmas scene?

Woops out~!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Holidays are Coming!

A little Christmas carol to get you in the mood.
May I say, check out the stunning clothings & hairstyles on the people in the audience.
I'm thinking circe 1980 perhaps.
Well it's still a great song.

So my shopping list is getting down to just little things.
Thanks goodness.
Erin & I took turns shopping today.
Cheeks is not the best shopping buddy lately. He just wants to walk so when he gets put in his stroller, it's like trying to rope a steer. Then when he does get buckled in, he thrashes around. Yesterday he did it so hard, he hit the side of his stroller & now has a bruise by his eye.

Bobster will be home in less than a week! Woohoo!

Christmas is a week away, basically. Can you believe it????!!!I haven't even mailed out my cards yet. I suck. They are made out I just have to drop them in the mail.

Not much else is going on, so.........
Woops out!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome to the North Pole

Walmart has greeters, why shouldn't the North Pole.
Taken today @ Kiddie pose, he really wasn't feelin the photo shoot today.

Woops out!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Grandpapa is................

Happy Birthday Grandpop!!!
Take a gander at yourself thru the years.
For those that don't know my dad, he is the taller of the two babies in the 1st pic (he's a twin).
Then he's holding me.
Then he's holding Ethan.
Welcome to the 60's!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


12 days til Christmas.
Can you stand it?
Are you done shopping yet?
Me, nope! Will have to finish this weekend or it's curtains.
Tomorrow is the day all the big guys from the corp. office are coming to our office. Guess I will find out if I am still employed tomorrow or if they are closing shop. The parent company just offered anyone 50 or over an earlyl retirement pkge.
Not looking good folks.
Went & saw the newest baby tonight.
What a doll!
He has jet black hair & it is all over his head. So long that you could gel it & spike it! I mean, it's a lot! Holy Moly.
He's such a love tho!!!!!
Makes me want to have another.
Don't get any ideas.
The oven is closed for additional baking.
On that note....
Woops out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Need some advice

I think I have to push the little man's bedtime back.
I have been putting him down at like 7:45/8 o'clock.
He just lies in there, talks to himself, claps, sings but he's not falling asleep til almost 9 or after.

I think I need to keep him up til about 8:30.

He's been sleeping til sometime after 7, so that is good.

What do you all think?

He takes, on average, about a 2 hour nap a day.

So think I should push his bedtime back?
I feel really bad for letting him lie there.
Like I said, he puts himself to sleep but I just feel super badly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's not a mullet!

I don't particulary care for the mullet, it's just that I am letting his hair grow long & right now, it's sort of mullet like. I like it tho. & I can't bear to bring myself to get it cut.
Check out his snazzy new shoes!
$20 bucks at Carters + I got 20% off.

Now nothing is truly exciting.
The big mahaf is due into my job this Friday.
Today I heard rumours that they are offering everyone over 50 early retirement. Really my feeling of job security is just soaring.

So already making New Years resolutions.
Obviously, lose weight is the numero uno.
Save money is number two...any tips would be appreciated.
Thirdly go green!

If you have tips for saving the moola & going green...lemme know!

I have a splitting headache. Just took 4 OTC Motrin...pray they work. Sure it's 800mg's but what's a little internal bleeding if it stops the head pain, right?

Woops out!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This is a photo Erin took of the tree.
Not too shabby for a real one.
I will take some of my own photos to share.
I am hoping to take some of my fav ornaments.
Not a fan of multicolored lights but Bobster & the kids love them so I got outvoted.
Nothing really exciting to report.
I will tell you this, depending on the key word you put in on, depends on what comes up for sale for you.
I put in the word DAD b/c I am looking for something for Bobby.
Well, lo & behold, towards the end of the pages that come up, was PORN!
This is the second time I have porn on the site. Talk about stocking everything.
So if you are in the market for some porn hit up Overstock.
It was very much the eye opener to me!
Woops out!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just a little Xmas cheer

That s our Gingerbread House.
Small but cozy.
We got the tree decorated today.
Not really any shopping done or anything.
Cheeks was a bear. I mean really this was probably the worse day in his whole 15 mos.
He cried, whined, thrashed, screamed & that was all before breakfast.
Nothing a Mikes Hard Berry isn't fixin!
Woops out~!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update on Nose & Other Things

1st things 1st.....
The nose is in pretty good shape.
I can see a slight purplish tint & slight swelling but if you didn't know I got slammed in it, you wouldn't have the faintest idea anything was wrong.
It's a good thing!
Altho. I did tell my sister & girlfriend that after having it hurt so much & bleed so much, I at least deserve to bruise so perfect strangers can go "OOH! AAAH! Im sorry" Ya know, a little sympathy...LOL
It does hurt to touch so I try not to touch it.

Erin decorated outside the other day. She did a really great job!
I like it!

Now we have to do the tree.
Got it today.
Decorate it tomorrow.
When we were bringing it in, Cheeks just looked at us like "WoW! They are bringing the outside in!"
So stay tuned for the updates of us saying "No. Get away from the tree", "Don't go near the tree please", "Didn't I tell you not to go near the tree", "Give me the ornament". Yes I can see into the future.

On that note.........
Woops out!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Are things getting better for me?

You tell me.

I have a 6ft long folding table propped up against a wall. I borrowed it from a friend & it hasn't gotten returned.

Well this evening I went to move something in front of the table.
The movement must have angered the table b/c it came crashing down and decided my nose was the place to land.

Thankfully Cheeks was in the playpen & my sister was here b/c I pushed it back out of reflex, then my hands flew to my nose.

Lots of blood.
I mean I think I need a transfusion.
There was a pool of it on the kitchen counter & in the sink.

Thank GOD for my sister. She cleaned up the blood on the counter, then swooped Cheeks up, who was upset at seeing his mommy bleeding, & took him upstairs to get ready for bed.

At this point, I was bent over the sink, talking to Bobster to ask him how I could tell if it was broken.
Fortunately where it hit & the fact that I could touch it w/o being in agony let Bobster figure out that it wasn't broken.

So after holding frozen carrots on my nose for about an hour, I looked in the mirror.
It is swelling nicely on right side & is bruised under my eye.

I fully expect to wake up tomorrow with black eyes.
Bobster has had many a broken/bruised nose & most likely I will get the black eye.
My mom & dad confirmed this.
Right now I just have a headache & can feel my nose swelling.
The bleeding has stopped.

Is my luck improving?
You tell me.

Woops out!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

You can barely

see my double chin or my chipmunk cheeks.
You can, on the other hand, see my thinning hair.
O well. I took this and a few other pics to send to Bobby awhile back.
So let me fill you in on my luck, lately.
Last week I got a call from the fraud dept @ Chase Manhattan. It appears my credit card (that I love!) had been compromised, so they had to close it. AKA...someone stole my cc number.
Then I order a Xmas gift via Ebay.
I get notified that it ships.
I get the the track info, track it, call Fed Ex & find out that the shipper had it returned claiming I canceled the order.
Um, no!
I got to Ebay.
The shipper/seller has closed shop.
Another NICE!
So I had to file a dispute with paypal.
Then in the 4 weeks I have been at my new job, they fired the Director of Sales & the temp who has been there forever was let go, even tho. they promised her a position. My boss is saying how bad things are & he can't believe he was allowed to higher two people. Now there are only 5 people in this office. Rumor is, or the feeling is, they are going to close our office or lay people off.
I can't catch a break. I will just wait it out.
Still need to get my tree. Everytime I go to get it, it's wet out. I don't fancy bringing in a wet real tree into my living room. Hopefully Saturday.
Nothing else really earth shattering to report.
If you are reading my blog, could you post a hello...especially if you lurk.
I would love a little holiday spirit/hello from my readers...all 4 of you! :>)
Woops out!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Finally got around to that RAK

First, went a lil old school with that pic.
Looks like Cheekers, no?
That's Aunt Erin when she was a cute & a dead ringer for the Cheeks.

Anyway finally got to pic the RAK for my 200 goes to Michelle!
So Michelle...send me your addy for a little surprise in the mail.

How is the shopping going?
Me, oiyve! Not so good.
I only get a 30 min lunch & there is nothing close to me....I mean I work in the boonies. It's helping me save on buying lunch out tho. Altho. Monday I ran to's at the corner so I was there, filled up the mini, got lunch & was back in 10 mins. Of course they are somewhat limited on what they serve but Wawa has got to be the best convenient store EVER!!!! For all of you that read outside the Delaware are missing out!

It snowed today.
I think we got a 1/4 inch & it only laid on the grass etc. Will most likely be gone by morning.

Well, I'm tired so Syanara Sweetheart!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Welcome new baby!

See that stunning beauty up there!
That is my preggers friend, my compadre, Megan.
She gave birth today to a 9lb , 2 oz baby boy at 7:25pm!!!
There is a new boy in the fold!!!!!
Congrats Meg & hubby. I will see the new family soon.
Let's see what else, what else.
Um, I got scammed on a gift for the 14 yr old thru Ebay.
Now I have to scrambled to get replace it & also contact Paypal to put thru a dispute.
Good times.
Good times.
Are you all proud of me....4 days into the month & 4 posts.
Have I finished the 4 remaining layouts that I need to do by Christmas.
Of course not! But I am bloggin!!!
So anyone got any good appetizer recipes for me?
I am hosting Chrismtas Eve & would like to have some yummies around.
On that note
Woops out!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Run to ABC Family

The best Xmas special EVER is on!
Head on over to ABC Family & watch it!!!!
Love it!
Love it!
Love it!

What is your favorite Christmas special?

Nothing really exciting to report.
Bobster wanted me to overnight him cheesesteaks for PR.
Um, yea, that would run $55 - $57 dollars.
Not happening.

Perhaps I will get him some good cheesesteaks when he comes home for dinner.

BTW, Cheeks has learned to dance. It is so cute! I have to charge the video camera so I can record it. It's actually a DVD recorder, not video but give me a break, I went to high school in the 80's & that's when video camera's made their big debut. I remember my Poppy's. I think you had to be a professional cameraman to operate it. LOL

On that note..........Woops out!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 in a row...I'm on a roll

As you can see, my normally happy, had a rehearsal sitting on the lap, son was in no mood to smile today. Sigh. It still came out ok.

We started out today by picking up the Nana & heading to the deadest mall on the East Coast, Echelon Mall. No waiting for Santa! Cheeks just wanted to walk. He smiled at Santa while I was holding him but then we he sat on his lap, he was like, um, ok, I won't cry but I'm not smiling either. Such is life.

Afterwards we dropped my mom & Tim off. Tim wasn't feeling well. The rash wasn't anything Earth shattering but he caught a cold & just wanted to chill. My mom didn't feel like going out, so she went home too.

Then off the another mall with Cheeks, the aunt & Chris.

Chris got my mom her gift from all the kids. He picked it out. He also got Erin something, me something & his dad something.

Then we came home & Erin took Chris to Target where he got something for Cheeks & Erin went to get one thing & came home $66 poorer.

Cheeks fell asleep at 6:30, woke up at 7:30 for like 15 mins., & then back to sleep. I have a feeling he'll be up at like 5.

Good times.

Good times!

Anyone get any Xmas cards yet?

My Aunt Chris sent me one. She's usually the first to send them to me. I am writing a few out each day. Just don't have it in me to write them.

Let's see, my rant for today.....if you have a stop sign but the car coming into the intersection does not & they are going & you decide to go at the same time, even tho. you have the stop, why do you insist on calling the other person "Asshole". Hmmm......ponder this & get back to me. I will most likely in jail for Road Rage so send bail money...:>)

Woops out~!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can It Be Done?

I suck in the updating the blog daily, don't I?
I think I will give myself a challenge to update daily.
Altho. who reads this?

As you can see last weekend we launched the holiday season by putting together our Gingerbread house. Cheekers was the architect. The house is small but held up wickedly better than the Gingerbread Haunted House. Remember that fiasco.

I still owe a rak for my post back in October, I think.
Sorry I haven't gotten to picking.
I promise it will be this weekend.

I am trying to get out the door to shop today but it's not working out. Waiting for Chris to get here & find out what is going on with Timmy. Poor kid has another rash close to his incision from his surgery. This kid is not having a good year!

Got more decorations up but not a lot is going up. You see breakables don't mix with a 15 mos. old!

On another note....if someone pronounces their last name for you, why would you in turn mispronounce it? Or better yet, add sounds that aren't in there.

There is no H in my last name. Hasn't been all my life, so why, do people insist on pronounces like "Whipple" Um, sorry, but it's not even spelled the same.

That's my final thought.

Woops out!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Post.........

Where have I been?
See that pic up there?
I've been exhausted.
He is extremely mobile & wants to go, go, go all the time!!!

Actually I have been adjusting to working again.
It's a nice job. I have found different ways to get there. I am no longer taking the tpke, I am taking 295, which is cutting about 10 mins off my travel time.
What is nice, as well, is the company uses the same software system as I used at FMP. It's called BPics, so it's cool to be familiar with something while you are learning the ins & outs.
There are only 6 of us in the office. And what's funny is how the one perosn talks to the customers. The person actually told the customer "I don't know what the f*ck you want me to tell you?"
My eyes bulged out of my head.
No for being offended by the language, I can talk worse than a trucker, but the fact that he said that to a customer I was stunned.
O well.
Makes for an interesting day.

I testified today in the trial that stems from the attempted kidnapping that happened at Super G 3 1/2yrs ago.
Hopefully I will find out the verdict.
It was a hurry up & wait game. I waited 1.5 days to testify & it was over in 20 mins.
I will admit, the cross examination is very intimidating & the defense lawyer likes to twist your words.
It was almost like arguing with your s/o. BAAHAAHAA! J/K.

What else?
What else?

Oh see this pic:

That's me.
Yes, the camera puts on at least 10 pounds.
I had about 10 cameras on me.
BAAHAAHAA! Another funny!
Seriously, I know I've gained weight. This photo was an eyeopener.
Anyway, it's the only family pic that exists.
It was taken this past Saturday at a place called Roadside America in some town in PA. The place is about the size of an xtra large garage & houses a humoungous mini city & train set. It was really cool & the kids loved it.
Speaking of kids. The redhead is our nephew, Danny & the tall one is Tim, Christopher is in the football jersey with his head down & Cheekers is well, he's the wee one in his Daddy's arms.
Bobster shaved off the goatee.
He's so darn sexy with it. Luckily it grows back.
I love him with hair or without.
Good thing b/c as you can see, the hair on top of his head waved buh-bye years ago!

Now on a final note, I would like to say this:
Isle is surrounded by water, not something you walk down in a store.
That is spelled aisle.
Learn to spell!

Sorry had to get that out.
You may all return to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

Woops out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey Cheeks!......

Daddy is home.
What do you think of that?

Bobster is home for the holiday.
Woohoo! He's home for about a week. He needs the break.

Work is going well.
Little stressful today.
If it was a problem child, I got it. I like it, I just don't like the travel time but what can I do.

Ok, my spacebar is not working right, so I am outty!

Woops out!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Uncanny isn't it????

You just wait for the body shot.
I just realized this morning that Cheeks is also built exactly like a Who.
Woops out!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ugly Betty

I can not BELIEVE Bradford Meade died of a massive heart attack.

Can I tell you I had tears in my eyes? Must have been the saddest episode of the season.

Will update with perils of the job later this week.


Woops out!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

10,9,8,7, you get the idea

Not the best pic BUT see that vest, I got it at Goodwill, along with a dress shirt that he isn't wearing for a buck! With the tags still on. I found it at Macy's the other day for $20.00. SCORE!

Anyway on with the countdown:
Ten things I did this weekend:
1. Went to the Berlin Farmers Mkt
2. Scrapbooked
3. Cooked Friday night
4. Cooked Saturday night.
5. Went food shopping
6. Cleaned the dining room floor on my hands & knees
7. Went to a baby shower for my friend Megan, who is expecting & due Dec 16th
8. Took out loads & load of garbage
9. Talked to Bobster on the phone.
10. Relaxed (I return to work tomorrow....waaaaaaaaaaaaah)

9 things on my agenda this week:
1. Return to work
2. Get back into a regular routine
3. Christmas shop
4. Order plane tickets for our trip in Feb.
5. Make Cheeks Christmas Portrait appointment
6. Watch America's Next Top Model
7. Watch Ugly Betty
8. Scrapbook
9. Get hair "enhanced"

8 shows I've watched last week:
1. Sesame Street
2. Barney
3. Oobie
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Ugly Betty
6. 30 minute meals
7. America's Smartest Model
8. Clean House

7 things I cooked last week
1. BBQ Chicken
2. Ravioli
3. Grilled Cheese
4. Gerber Graduate Meals
5. Spaghetti
6. Texas Toast
7. Chef Boyardee Dinosaurs w/ Meatballs
(I'm a gourmet, no?)

6 things I read this week
1. Scrapbook Etc.
2. Camden County Courier Post
3. Wonder Time
4. Parenting
5. Article on Elisabeth Hasselback on the internet
6. Blogs

5 Reasons to be happy today
1. Bobby comes home on the 20th
2. Cheeks is walking & darn good too!
3. I will be receiving a regular paycheck
4. Already did my food shopping
5. I will see my mom & dad today

4 things I need to buy
1. Flourescant Light Bulbs
2. 2 trash cans (one for regular trash & one for recycling)
3. Xmas gifts
4. Plane tickets
(I am trying to go as GREEN as possible, hope you all are too!)

3 people I saw this weekend
1. Megan
2. Anne
3. Julie

2 things I am thankful right now
1. That I have Cheeks
2. That I have Bobster

One final thought:
Never lift more than you can eat!....

Now I tag the following people to do the same:

Woops out

Friday, November 09, 2007

2nd post of the day

I normally do not post twice in one day but...

I was just paying some bills (well I managed to pay 2...the others will wait). I had to take from savings account which put me under were I want to be in it...NOT PRETTY.

So, I open my email & what do I see but the following that I will paste in here. I received two emails.
Truly my lucky day!
My troubles are over!

Foundation's Officer,
Association charity foundation nl,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This is to inform you that you have been chosen By the Board oftrustees of the above International charity organization as one of thefinal recipients of a Cash Donation.You are required to Contact the Executive Secretary below forconfirmation.Your Qualification numbers are: (A-121-637, G-01-06Executive Secretary,Mr. Arthur StewartTel:+31-626-415-837Fax: +31-847-375-060Email:

Finally, all funds should be claimed by their respective beneficiaries, not later that 7 days after notification.

On behalf of the Board kindly accept our warmest congratulations
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Gordon JUlia

& this one:

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of£500,000.00 GBP (Five Hundred Thousand United kingdom Pounds Sterling)and a brandnew Range Rover car,From the International online programs held today in London the United Kingdom.
To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact the remittance department with the emails address provided below through our accredited Prize Transfer agents as stated below:
Mr Bryan Hunt,E-mail: Contact him with your secret pin code RRA00111234 and your referencenumber RRA: 12058006/06.
You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:
Claims Requirements:
Name in full,
Winner under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.
Staff of the Range Rover Company world wide is not to partake in this Car Promotional Lottery.
congratulations once again!
With Best Regards
Mr.Shaun Donald
Lottery Manager.

Am I a lucky bitch or what?

Don't think I ever posted this.
I did it for the sketch challenge at
It was actually a contest to get in their newsletter for November.
Well, I was picked.
That site is pretty cool & the girlers are all great.

Today is it.
My last official workday home.
I start my new job on Monday.
Must have passed the drug test....see I thought all those drugs I did in the 60's would have shown up.
I wasn't born til 70?
Hmm....guess that's why I passed! BAAHAAHAA (it's early & I am easily amusing myself)

I need to go Christmas shopping today.
Actually to the Berlin Farmers Market. This place is, how does one say, unique. You can get everything from used crap to brand new, toys will break in an hour, crap.
They have a nice butcher shop.
They have an even more awesome sports shop. It sells all the NFL crap.
So I am going to go get the boys, the nephew & Bobby some stuff. It's all the stuff I would buy online but at least here I'm not paying shipping...altho. I guess it balances out.

I have to tell you about the Nun.
Last night were went to Applebees for dindin with my dad.
So I see Cheeks start to smile & along come a Nun who talks to him for a minute & sits down directly behind us on the other side of the aisle (that is aisle like is not spelled isle, as in something found in water...BIG PET PEEVE PEOPLE! Learn the diff!) I digress.
So she's sitting.
And Cheeks just wouldn't stop staring.
We all tried to distract him but it just wasn't working.
Well we finally thought we had him distracted so we were eating when I noticed he was staring again.
This was going on for about 20 mins.
Before I had a chance to do anything or before the Nun even realized he was doing it again, he stared at her & started sobbing & then clung to me. I mean he wouldn't let go & had tears streaming down his face.
She was flabbergasted & I was mortified.
I apologized & she said she understood but couldn't figure out why.
I told her it may be the habit.
She wasn't dressed like Sally Field.
Just plain ole run of the mill, modern nun.
I think the habit came to her shoulders & was tasteful. She was, afterall, 75 or so.
Everytime he looked at her, he could cry.
He eventually stopped when I shoved ice cream in his mouth but isn't that weird?
Poor kid.
Now he will be afraid of Nuns.
Guess it pays we aren't Catholic!

Well I must go wake Sleeping Beauty so she can keep an eye on Cheeks so I can shower.

Woops out!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Think someone was tired?

This is how my sister found him the other day.
Poor kid.
Just too pooped to actually go backwards, so he just keeled over!
Good thing he's bendy.

Dropped Bobster off this morning at the airport.
Freakin 5:30am.
Then I was daydreaming & took the wrong exit.
Just what you want to do...miss your road & go driving around Philly at dawn. Luckily I knew right where I was so all was good.

Went shopping today.
Got some "spavin" stuff for Xmas.
Usually I avoid Walmart like the plague
my mom needed to go so we stopped at the only decent Walmart in the area. They were having killer clearance on some stuff, so I was able to get some good bargains for Xmas gifts!!
Go me!
And, on a plus side, I didn't get aggravated at the stupid ass, ignorant people b/c this Walmart is the good one.

I do have to return to get Chris a Xmas gift I found today.
Do I go to the good one or the one close to my house?

Only 4 days left til I return to work.
I'm not gonna lie...I don't want to go back.
Sadly, the companies I owe money too, don't really want to hear that I am not working & cant' afford to pay, so back to work I go.

Exhaustion has taken over so.........
Woops out!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The one good pic I have of me & my son & the kid doesn't look like me in it. At least in person he looks just like me! :>)
I never said how much Cheekers won for his prize.
Are you ready?
Hold onto your seats.....
It actually came in handy b/c he needed his first official shoes. He has Converse sneaks but we needed something with substance.
So off to we went & he got his first pair of Nikes.
Size 6!!!
Holy Beejezeebs Batgirl! Those are some big feet.
He does have room to grow tho & his size 4 Converse still feet.
He inherited my high instep.

Today we did a yardsale at a local school.
Proceeds went to a student who was diagnosed w/ Lukhemia (?) was $15 for the space.
Well I took all of Cheeks clothes sans a few special things + his exersaucer & a bucnh of xtra stuff. Erin took tons of things too.
We ended up each making $20 & took everything immediately to Goodwill.
Left early...started at 8, we left at 9:30.
Well it was 35 with the windchill, overcast, raining & the wind gust were 35 mph.
Good times!
Good times!
Erin & I took turns sitting with Cheeks in the van.

Stopped & saw my friend Rocky...haven't seen him in over 2 yrs.
It was so good to see him. So shout out to Rock & Bren!!!! Hoping we will get together soon & they will get to meet Bobster.

Speaking of which, he is returning to PR pretty soon.
It sucks but that's life.

And, as Murphy Law always is, I start my new job on Nov 12th & just received a subpeona to testify (finally) in case that has come to trial. It came to trial in 2006 (the alledge crime took place in 2004), but the orig. trial was postponed. I just mentioned to my family that I can't believe it never came to trial. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.
So now I have to report to work & let them know that during my 3rd week of training, I will need the week off b/c I've been subpeona.
Way to start off on a good foot.

Ok, some race w/ Spring cars is on & I like them so I am outty!

Woops out!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1st

Here's my mom!
She showed up last night, dressed like Raggedy Ann.

No she didn't dress up for work.
She dressed up for Cheeks b/c the sun rises & falls on this child!!!!
The funny thing is she got him a book that has the buttons to push to play music.
Well, he would push, she would dance.
He caught on quick & would push. When she was done, he would clap & push it again.
This went on for like 15 mins.
I wonder if she will dress up like a Turkey for Thanksgiving for him....hee hee

This was taken yesterday on the way to see my Godson.
What a ham! Check out those teeth. He had all his teeth by the time he was 13 mos old.

Saw my Grandpop today.
It's his birthday.
He turned 87,
Holy Moly.
Cheeks had a good time. He got to walk around & just go.
No wonder he was asleep about 2 mins after I put him in the cribby.

Didn't forget about my RAK.
I need to print out the posts & have Cheeks pick.
Stay tuned!

Woops out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I think he was talking to my dad in this picture! I dunno.
I am letting his hair grow long, ala Kate Hudson's kid. I sort of like it. We will see what his dad thinks.
So last night was the annual parade in town. I entered Cheeks. He was not amused but held up. We walked about a mile then walked home. He went straight to bed. There was judging & such but we left. People go all out for this. I just threw some vines around his buggy & called it a day.
Imagine my surprise when tonight I got a call telling me he won a prize!!! Woohoo...I have to pick it up tomorrow.
So I have a little prize winner on my hands.
No trick or treating for my little man. I did take him to my mom's salon & then over to see my Godson, who was Elmo. Such a cutie he was.
My mom surprised him by dressing like Raggedy Anne & coming over. He wasn't too sure if it was her, even after she took off her wig. It was really funny & when I went to video it, my camera was dead. Son of a b*tch!
So Cheeks is sleeping.
Kitchen Nightmares is a rerun
I am hopped up on Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Off to scrap!
Woops out!