Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheeks Chatter

So someone has learned some words in the last week or so.

First word, Cookie! Go figure. He had one small vanilla wafer as dessert with lunch one day & after that he was able to say cookie. Of course, the other day I called him "One Smart Cookie" & he signed "more", which for him also means to eat! LOL

He can say baby, go, hi, bye....he is growing up right before my eyes.
Why didn't any of you tell me he would be getting older so quickly!

Not much going on here.
Still on the never ending quest to save moola.
So yesterday it was a nice surprise to get my $25 rebate check in the mail from Pep Boys for my windshield wipers & a $5 g/c to Sears for signing up for their weekly ads in my email.
I also got more freebies.
Love getting the freebies!!!!
Love getting the money & gift cards even better.

I also went food shopping yesterday & got a few things for free.
Plus I found my inner Betsy Ross & sewed a button on Bobster's khakis.
Go me!
I even made dinner.
I grilled pork chops in my cast iron grill pan & fried up so french fries. Sure, at 37, my mommy had to tell me how to do the fries BUT really I wasn't raised to live a lifetysle of cooking & cleaning. I am more the get waited on hand & foot type of gal. The darn maid was off yesterday so what was I to do?

Then last night, after Cheeks went to bed, Bob & I rented Good Luck Chuck.
It was so cute!!!!!!
And that Dane Cook...what a cutie!!

Today, Bobster & I went to
The Reading Terminal Market. Not a lot was open b/c it's mostly Amish stores but we still managed to get a muffin & Bobster got a hoagie from Carmens. He said it sucked. My muffin was ok. Next time we will have to go on a Saturday to take advantage of the yummy Amish food!

Last night I was woken up at 3:15am by 2 guys outside.
They were fighting.
Well one was telling the other "You wanna throwdown, we will fkn throwdown!"
The other guy "Dude, I am not going to jail"
Guy #1 "Dude, that's my best friend, I will not let you say that, I will fk you up!"
This went on for about 30 mins before they settled things amicably & went inside.
Of course, me, Gladys Kravitz, got up & tried to see them but I think they were on the side of the building.
Good times!

Night before I was asleep when Bob came home to ask me what was going on at the corner...a total of 100 feet from my door.
Bad accident.
You get the picture.

Well I have babbled on long enough...guess those pills are working!

Woops out!

Friday, March 28, 2008

It has begun!

Race Car Season has descended down upon us.
This is the car before the detailing or the stenciling or whatever one calls it.
I don't have any pics of it done...I will get some.

Tonight I took Bobby some dinner at his mom's. He is working on the car to get it ready for tomorrow. They have to go get inspected before they can race it. I don't know, I didn't ask.

Anyway, Cheeks loves the big trucks & cars so he was pursing his lips together & going OOOH! when Bobster & his dad would turn the car on. Now it makes a very loud noise. At first he seemed to like it, but they only left it on a second. When we were leaving, they turned it on & let it run, so Cheeks was looking, so I took him over to it. Well, at first, he did OOOH! Then I guess it got to loud b/c he started to cry & lunged for Bobster. Poor kid!

Not much else is going on.
Exhausted by this time of the night.
Not sure where Bobster is going next to work. He will not be returning to Puerto Rico. Too much time away from his family.

On that note....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunshine Day, Everybody Smilin!

It's a Sunshine Day in my house!

Why, you ask?

Well the Dr., the Dr., who said she wouldn't give me the meds, called me today.
This was after I called the office & complained that I didn't hear from my main dr.
I was informed that my main dr. was out of the office all week.
Don't you think the bitch yesterday should have told me that!

Anyway, Dr. C was like "Meghan, I never said I wouldn't give you medication"
Now at this point I wanted to reach my hand thru the phone & strangle her by her thin neck but I remained cool & told her my plight & how I know I have a problem etc & that I am trying to find help but don't feel that she is giving it to me.
She stood firm on her saying she never said I couldn't have them. She said she told me it was an option
I said "Yes, an option you said you wouldn't give me!"

Long story short...she called me in a script.
So I will pick up tomorrow.
And be on my way to getting better.
Let's hope!

Just thought I would let my faithful readers know!
I know I have so many fans out there. LOL

On that note...Woops out!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Up, Down, All around

Weather update.
Today was a sunny day.
Didn't get cloudy til I arrived home.
Still pretty sunny but got consistently cloudy as the evening wore on.
I called the dr today.
Insisted on talking to my actually dr.
The nurse goes "No, your Dr. is Dr. Concepcion"
Um, no.
I go "No, my Dr. is Dr. Dimapilis"
Nurse: "No, it appears you've never seen her"
(Now if I have never seen her how would I even know her name, etc)
So I said "Well I have. Perhaps you should check under my other married name "
Nurse ", ah, yes there you are, now why do you want to see her"
At this point I had already talked to the nurse, so I reiterated.
When I told her that Dr. C. said I was depressed & sad but wouldn't give me meds, the nurse snorted & chuckled to herself in that way that says "Ah, yes, your another one who is complaining about her"
I am not complaining about her.
I think she's great.
She just is not helping me at this time.
So, I give her my info & she says she will have the dr call me.
It is 10:16pm...I called at 1pm.
Guess who is still waiting for the dr. to call her back?
I will call again tomorrow BUT that's it.
Then I will go back to my old doctor.
So Bobster is snoring all of 2 feet away from me, laundry in in teh washer & South Park on tv.
I think it's time for bed.
Woops out!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Listen up.
Next year & the rest of 2008, I will not being doing anymore holiday dinners or such.
Sure, I might throw in Arbor Day Tea or even an Election Day Dessert
as for me cooking, doing & trying to eat, FUGGADABOUTIT!

I enjoyed making the ham.
Nothing to it, really.
Covered it in brown sugar & honey, pineapples & cherries.
Everyone said it was really good.
Then again I served Cajun London Broil on Friday so anything was a step up!

Anyway the Bobster surprised me with Easter flowers.
It meant more to me than anything else today (well not the whole Jesus being resurrected thing but you know what I mean!)
Very pretty purple hyacinths, which next to pink tulips are my fav flower!

As for mentally, it was a day of ups & downs.
Too much noise for me. I definitely have come to the realization that I need to be around quiet.
Yes, I personally might get loud with my voice & don't mind being in crowds etc but in my house I like quiet.
Guess being in the house with 3 boys & one male adult child, noise comes with the territory. *sigh*

The Easter Bunny came last night.
The older boys got candy & g/c to Wendy's & Subway.
The Cheeks got a bubble lawn mower.
He loves Aid's (my Godson)lawn mower. Plays with it everytime we go for a playdate, so the Bunny took note & gave him one (since he's a little young to get candy).
He also got a Camoflauge outfit from the Nana! Hope I can find him when he wears it.
The older boys got chocolate bunnies & moola from the Nan!

On that note, I must go.
Work in the am.
I called out on Thursday & we were off on Friday.
Hope they understood why I didn't make it in on Thursday.
I really like my job & don't want to jeapordize it!

Woops out!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Adobe Playing




They are subtitle changes but I like them.
The one of the Nana & Cheeks I softened by reducing noise & then I played w/ the brightness & the contrast.

For the photo of just Cheeks, I softened by reducing the noise & then I added some blue tones to it.

Just thought I'd would share.
It is all quiet at my house now.

Bobster took the older boys with his brother to pick up the race car.
I made breakfast first.
Pancakes, pork roll & fried potatos.
What a mess but it was goooooooooooood!

Now it's just Cheeks & I.
He has his broom & is cleaning up the mess.
What mess you ask?
Well it appears the Aunt Erin left her Wasabie Cashews open on the computer table & Cheeks grabbed them & turned them upside down.
So he is cleaning it up!
Child labor is so cheap.

Just kidding.
Bobster cleaned it up.
Cheeks is actually just hanging out. He has my cell so if yours rings & quickly hangs up, could be my son!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Daddy is Home!

Just a quick posts to say Cheeks is happy Daddy is home.

Mommy is feeling better. I know this is just a little bit of sunshine in the weather right now but I will take it.
Haven't had a chance to contact the doctor again.
I will definitely be calling b/c really, who gets told, yes you are depressed & sad but I am not going to give you anything.

Ran to TRUS today to help the Easter Bunny out.
Fisher Price stuff was buy one/get one.
Didn't work for me.
Talk about pissed.
Now I gotta go back & get my money back.

I'm home today.
Aunt Erin sick.
Bobster had to go to the office so...
by default it's me & the Cheeks.
Nice to spend time with my baby.
Altho. he is right now napping & so is Bobster (who is home from the office...sigh)
Where is my nap?
Maybe I should be napping?

Well just wanted to post a quick one.
Let you all know I am sunny today but could be cloudy tomorrow.
Is this what that special time in a women's life feels like?
Could it be that perhaps, at the young age of 37 I am starting the change?
I do get hot flashes!

Alright, enough babble, off to see what I can do to straighten my house!
Woops out!
P.S. My child doesn't always look crummy, dirty...I swear he doesn't!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O the mornin

Or should that be evenin?
Looks as if Cheeks is sad or wants you to hang something off that lip!
Whew! What did you get in trouble for Mister??? Just thought I would check in.
Don't feel much like writing in here.
Lots of personal issues/demons going on.
Some in my head I think, some out there for everyone to see.
So I may not be writing to much in the blog over the next couple of days.
I will try tho., but not much these days is worth writing about.

To all my readers, just say a little prayer for me.
I think I need it.

Woops out!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

$150K for a House! This I can afford

So I found the perfect house!!!
5 bedrooms.
Huge ass kitchen w/ a family room off of the kitchen.
Sure, chocolate brown carpet but that can be removed I thought.

Then as I was talking to my companion while looking at the house, I thought, hmmm...I must chose this house in hopes the Bobster likes it.

Now this house was Audubon, just a town over, so I was still close to my family
I really like the kitchen.
So I was thinking "Oh this is great"

This is when I realized, that my companion was Brian.
You mean, Brian my ex????
No, silly readers, Brian.
The talking dog from "Family Guy".

Then I realized that I was pointed in this direction by the crazy monkey that drove his Toyota Celica into the African bush outside the bay window.

Yes, yes.
It was all a dream!
I felt like friggin Pam Ewing in Dallas.

Such a disappointment.

Now take a look at this pic.
Please, please come out of lurkdom & leave me a comment or sadly, Duckie down there isn't going to see the next bathtub!

~Woops out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flattering, or is that Fattering?

I really must love my blog readers. I have so many.
Like 5? And I count my family in that total.
Such a flattering shot. Dear Lord! I look old.
I digress.
Back in Feb, Jen L tagged me.
I don't know whether to be happy or hunt her down & allow kittens to lick her to death. It's a tough call.
So, w/o further adieu here is the tag-erooo!
1. Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with ten weird, random things, facts, or habits about yourself.
2. At the end, you choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged.
3. You can't tag the person who tagged you.
1. Do not cut the bag off of a bag of chips, dorito's, cookies, etc. Dump them out & throw the bag away. I have touched on this before & I hope you all heed my warning. I don't think my mom has but I will let myself into her house & steal all her bags so it won't be an issue.
2. My pinky toe sits sideways. This is a family trait. Something I tried to tell my podiatrist but he said I was deformed!
3. I do not like my food to touch. No, no, no.
4. Every night I have a ritual that I do with Cheeks. I must do this or I do not think he will be safe through the night.
5. I rarely take off my ring. If I do I think something bad will happen.
(I am getting weirder by the post!)
6. I am totally addicted to ANTM. I think most of you know that tho.
7. When I was baptised, I had to be dunked like 3x's, well the water was freezing so my Uncle helped out by standing on my feet. If your feet float up, it doesn't count!
8. I am a magazine ho! Love them!
9. Don't tell anyone else but I find myself listening to more & more country music. The Horror! The Horror!
10. When I am stressed, I pick my fingernails. Clear off. You should see then now, little nubs there are!
I'm done.
I tag:
1. Carol
2. Jacquie
3, Kathy C
4. Erin
5. Beth
Sorry I didn't say why I chose you girlies, must run to work!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Happened

Not to fret Cheeks, after last night it's smooth sailing in the sleep department!
This little one has been miserable lately.
Tonight I was putting something in his mouth (or taking it out, who can remember) when I noticed the reason for his mood.
The bottom 2 yr molars have broken through.
Poor kid.
I once was told that an adult couldn't stand the pain associated with cutting teeth.
I wish I had some advance warning...I would have at least given him Tylenol.

Nothing really blogworthy to note.
Kids went home.
Erin took them home for me.
Bobster should be here for Easter...keep those fingers crossed.

Am watching "Big Give" by Oprah.
Damn her!
I said I wasn't going to cry but the tears sprung to my eyes.
I'm such a schmuck.

So what makes you cry?
I know that I cry when I don't get comments (shameless plug for comments but I gotta do whats I gotta do!).

Hey, before I go, did you ever click that "next blog" button up there?
Do it.
I found some interesting ones today.

Woops out!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Years later....

and I finally start to fart around with Photoshop.
The above photos are from Old San Juan. When I went to see the Bobster back in September.
I really, really like how the retouched photo came out!!
Now to just remember how I did it.
Do you know that when you get Adobe Photoshop, it doesn't come with any instructions on how to use it? Just to download it. Sort of like baptism by fire!

Today was Cheeks day of tantrums.
I mean, really, he had like 20 today.
We started the day with a playdate with my Godson, Aidan. He is 2, very soon to be 3. They get along pretty well & enjoy each other.
Plus it gives me & Kath (Aid's mom) an excuse to get together once a week.
Then we hit up Wendys & Target.
By the time we got to Target Cheeks was way past his nap.
Downhill from there.
Even Christopher couldn't get him to be happy & Chris is probably his favorite person.
Let me just say that when Chris walks in the room, angels sing & light shines behind him, according to Cheeks.
The tantrums continued but he went to bed at 8 & well, I'll be honest, I kissed him goodnight & sighed a sigh of relief.
Let's hope tomorrow is better.

So I was just watching a movie.
Don't know the name of it.
Bunch of soldiers dropped off in the middle of the desert, have to get back on their own.
One catch: Mutants live in the mines where they were dropped off & are killing the soldiers while they try to get out.
My question to you is...these people are mutants, bad smell, bad dental issues, goo coming out their mouth, so how the heck does the one get glasses.
He had them.
He was apparantly legally blind b/c he used his sense of smell to find his victims & he couldn't shoot very well but he had glasses. His teeth were falling out of his head but he had Coke bottle thick lens glasses.
Is it just me or does this make the movie less believable?
I mean, when you go on cross country trips, do you find yourself coming face to face with mutants? Are they wearing glasses when they try to kill you? Let me know!

On that note, the wind is kicking up & I think a house just fell on someone's sister out there so I am out!

Woops out!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blurry because

He was on the move.
Child labor laws?
Forget about it!
I got him his own size broom & set his tushie too work.
He just finished doing all stairs & was getting ready to start in the living room.
I figure he's lower to the ground he will use less energy
And in this day & age, we need to conserve energy.
When he was done, he carried up the boxes of wipes & diapers.
What a kid!

Speaking of which, I have all 3 with me.
It's quiet for now b/c they have gone upstairs to play whatever game is in their PS3.
For the last 2 hours, they have been down here playing Guitar Hero on the PS2 that Erin's boyfriend, Dave, brought over.
Good times.
Anyone have a valium?

So I did not find out what was in the Queen's purse!
Guess the bitch didn't think we "was good nuff!" to know what was in there.
You know how those royals are!

Not much going on here.
My layout down there was featured on as their homepage layout the other day. Woo! Yay! I was pretty darn excited!

More freebies rolling in. Today I got a coupon for free dog food. Last night when food shopping I used a coupon for free can of wet dog food & a coupon for free Snausages. I am planning on gathering the freebies, then taking all that plus some of Cheeks receiving blankets to the shelter. We can't have pets here so it's the least I could do.

Alright, my new RR Everyday mag came & I am off to see what I am not going to cook this month! Really? Why spoil a streak & cook! LOL

Woops out!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Another CJ Layout bites the dust

Finally got Kim's CJ layout done for her cj. I am participating in one at Scrappinmojo. You should really come check out the mb's, they are super fun!

I actually took the 3 hrs that Cheeks was done for a nap & scrapped for me. I don't do that enough, stuff for me, so I thought why not! Ok, enough about me!

Cheeks had his 18 mos. check up last week, or was it the week prior.
Doesn't matter.
Boyfriend weighed in at 32lbs, 15 ounces & stands at 35 3/4'.
Think he's going to be tall? I think so.

What I do know is he is entering the terrible twos.
Ah, Good Times, good times! Can't wait to be in the midst of it all b/c the preview is just fantabulous!

It looks like my job will be around for awhile.
Which is good b/c I really like this job, a lot.
The drive isn't that bad altho I would prefer a 15 min. jaunt to a 40 min. but such is life. I can't complain right? When I had the 20 min. drive I hated the job.

The freebies are rolling in.
Since this weekend I got a sample of Dog Food (giving to a shelter), sample of Hamburger Helper for the microwave, sample of Chex Mix Turtle flavor (tasty!), a free Video Game mag (comes in handy b/c I get the kids this weekend), shampoo samples & body gel samples. Woo!
Plus I did another Pinecone Research survey.
Cha-ching! I am now up to $12 in my emergency fund. Stop the applause, I know it is awe inspiring but really you are embarrassing me. You too can take 2 months to get $12 in your fund. While it was no easy feat, I have confidence that you all can do it.

Alrighty, behind the scenes with the Royal Family is on
I am hoping they show what is in the Queen's purse.
Really, wtf does she carry all the time?
Palm pilot?
Sewing kit?
Hope to find out!

Woops out!

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Okey Dokey.

The names have been enter.

The winners drawn.

For Love and A Bad Hair Day the winner is:

nelsontwinsmom said...
I'm in, I would love to get a new book to read. The Love and a Bad Hair Day sounds like my kind of book.

(Email me your addy)

For Danger After Dark the winner is:

The Cool Chicks said...
This is so fun Meghan! My niece would like to read Danber After Dark!

(Email me your addy)

Congrats all!

Thanks everyone for playing.

If you are a winner please make sure to "Pay it Forward" when you are thru!

Woops out!