Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sundae

Notice the spelling difference? That is b/c the Bobster just made me a Sundae! Can you stand it? It's Phish food, Magic Shell & Whipped Cream. Chocolate overload but damn it's good! I couldn't eat all my dinner that he cooked. Yes he cooked. That's like 3x's this week. I can definitely eat all my Sundae tho. I mean I would give preggo's a bad name if I didn't eat the Sundae!!!

Speaking of pregnant women...I must be huge. The Bobster & my mom & sister say I am enormous. Good for the ego. Anyway yesterday we ran to Target then down the shore. Well while waiting outside Target for him to bring my chariot so I didn't have to walk in this God awful heat, I hear Hi! I turn & there is this chicky there & she says "When are you due?" So I give her the quick synopsis, tell her just how big Ethan is & she says "Girrrrrrrrrrrrl , 2 words for you....C-SECTION~!" Um, yea!

Then we go down the shore & stop at a diner on the way home for dinner. I walk in, the hostess who is prob. in her fifties, says how many, I say 4. She looks at me & says "OOOH, NO BOOTH FOR YOU!" Ok, I am seeing a pattern here! Then she tells me to please not give birth in her restaurant. Ok, not sanitary!!! Upon checking out I have a "mom-mom" ask me "Are you going to make it home?" So I give her the quick run down, yadda yadda, 10lbs, Aug 16th, yadda yadda. She agrees with everyone else & says I am not going to make it!

So I waddle out of the restaurant & the mom-mom & her friend are behind me about 3 feet. I hear them say "Oh look at her legs, look at her ankles, so swollen, poor thing" All that was missing was oiy've!

Of course, I forgot to mention that this pass Monday I went to Philly to meet friend's for lunch & as I waddled thru. the parking lot I hear "Oh Girl, you are huge!", "Girl, your dropped!", "Congratulations", "Oh she's gonna go anyday!"

Ok people! I am getting the big picture here. Yes I look like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Where are my handlers????

So hopefully I will get him out a little sooner than the 16th. I go to the dr on Thursday & will talk to them then. We shall see. The child has a 10 cm size head....just like his Charlie Brown looking head of a father! & you know you only dialate to 10 cms. Hello! He will shred me to pieces if I go vaginal.

I don't know how the women did it back in the day. Like the 1800's. Workign the fields, taking care of the house, no air conditioning or indoor plumbing. It's a miracle the human race has survived!!

Now onto my other dilemma. My sleep pattern. I am getting up everyday at 4:30. Altho. last night I was sleeping just fine when the Bobster came in to go to sleep in our bed. He was in the living room sleepipng with Tim & Chris. Well he woke me up b/c I was smack in the middle & I couldn't get back to sleep. I actually had tears in my eyes & cried. I am so exhausted. I know it will get worse, the lack of sleep, once the bambino arrives but that is different. O use complaining. I will be giving birth soon! So excited to see Ethan but very nervous about the c-section. Scarey stuff!

Enough rambling.

Woops out!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Baby Update

Ok, got a call last night. I have to go c-section b/c he is such a big boy.

This morning I got another call to let me know they have scheduled me for Aug 16th. This is my Schmeggy's birthday, so Ethan will be sharing his birthday with his "Aunt Meg". That is if I don't go into labor prior. Everyone thinks I will go earlier.

Last night he was right up against my right side. The bugger didn't move all night so it made laying down impossible. Not mention my pelvic region feels as if a cinderblock is lying on it! Oiy've!

So I guess in reality, it's any day now for him to make his grand arrival.

Woops, out!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

35 weeks

Ok, not so bad. 35 weeks I am. That's the baby's profile & hand above. He likes to sleep very dramatically!

Anyway even tho. I am 35 weeks, I measure 39 weeks. I only gained 1/2lb this time. 24.5 lbs total....not too bad!

On another note, I had my u/s to measure to see an estimate of how big Ethan is as of today. Are you all sitting down????!!!!!????? He measures 9lbs 14oz! HELLO! I have 4 weeks to go. I will be giving birth to a toddler! The u/s tech said they will review my photos & talk to me next week. She said they do not induce before 37 weeks.

Now he is in position & my cervix is soft. The nurse practitioner said he is very low but I am not dialated. I guess he could come on his on at any minute. Guess I should do more of his wash. :>)

I have a feeling he is going to come the week I am supposed to move. Gots to get to packing!

Woops out!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok check those babies out. My God! Look at the cheeks. Altho. look at the cheeks on my Grandpop....CHUBS! All of them. Check out those twins. My dad & Uncle Lester. HOLY BALONEY....they were fat!
Is my little Ethan destined to have those cheeks???? Will he have roly poly arms with dimples in them? On could hope. Man, do I love chubs!

Now I must profusely apologize to my Aunt Darlene. I have to mention her so I have also posted a pic of her & my stylish mom back in the day. The pic was taken in the 60's. Before kids for both. Now what is my aunt doing.....she is a truck drivin mama! That's right big ole cab, long trailer & naked girly mudflaps! So if you see her on the road, watch out! I love my Aunt Darlene...she bought me Chinese shoes when my mom said no! Now that's an Aunt for ya.

On a side note, let me just say, since this is my blog, I can blog about what I want, so I will just say that the dry spell is over, the river has opened! Yes, cryptic but think hard & you will get it ;>)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Diana tagged me so here I go:
7 People That I Admire:
My mom
My dad
Kathy P
Spencer W. Kimball
My sister
can only come up with 6..hhhhmmmmm

7 things I say often:
Yea, ok!
This is Meghan
Come on!
Cool beans
(the last two are new words I have adapted in the latter part of my pregnancy)

7 things I cannot do:
bend over any longer
stay awake
sleep (ironic isn't it!)
tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
my hair (my mom says my arms are just long things with dead stumps at the end)
bend my thumbs backwards
lately, cook!

7 things you might not know about me:
I met Regis Philbin
I was on Dancin On Air (w/ Kelly Ripa)
I had to take 9th & 10th grade gym in 10th grade b/c I failed 9th grade gym.
I had to take 10th & 11th grade gym in 11th grade b/c I failed 10th grade gym.
I didn't get my drivers license til I was 21.
I met the Bobster on a blind date.
I dated several guys I met on the internet (even married one jerk!)

7 movies I enjoy:
Steel Magnolias
The Matchmaker (w/ Janine Garofalo & Dennis Leary)
Circle of Friends
Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Pretty in Pink
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

7 things I wish I could change in my life:
Wish I could be a stronger person on my own
My weight, after I give birth
My financial situation but that would require me being able to do #1
My emotional state
My feeling of sheer self helplessness
My moaning in my sleep
My stress level (see immediately above...that is the side effect of the stress)

7 books I have read and would read again:
The Narrative of Frederick Douglas
The Hours
Flowers in the Attic
Anything by Sandra Brown
What to Expect when you are expecting
Any scrapbook idea book
Hmmm...I have no idea

7 people who should do this~!:
Abby Key
Kathy Carr

Friday, July 14, 2006

#67 & Pre-Registered

Ah, I was challenged to do the scraplift challenge at so I said OK. Well while we had the girls today, they took a nap, yea! & I scrapped. For some reason tho. my scanner cuts off the bottom of the layout so you can't see the doodles. The circles in the middle of the circle spell "MILLER." My mom's last name. So yes, that is the Nana & her hubby. I went very freestylin with this layout. I don't know if I truely like it or not but it's a good photo of them. Plus it's #67 for the year & my goal was 60. I put all my stuff away tho. Got tired of looking at it. I have to go through it again & again & put stuff in a bag for freecycle. Less to move.

I pre-registered last night at like 1am for the hospital. That's done, so now when I go in with labor pains they will just confirm with me, instead of asking me to fill it all out. Nice service Virtua Health Voorhess provides!

Not feeling to great today. Upsetting day. My whole body hurts, especially the pelvic region. OUCH! I get tired just sitting up but lying down is uncomfy too. Well no more complaining from me. I will just keep it to myself & go about my business. For now anyway!~

Waiting for my 2 best friends to pick me up. They are taking me to On the Border for my birthday, which is Sunday. Send presents! Hee hee.

Must run, I think the baby just kicked my bladder so hard it fell out!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Christmas In July

Here is a sneaky peeky of a layout I did for the newsletter for It's the Aftermath one. The Christmas Joy one is actually for a challenge that was issued at & & fit in with the theme at Untamed. I killed like 3 birds with one stone on that layout. Anyway the first one is just all the wrapping leftover from Christmas morning. The other one, well shield your eyes, I know I am not pretty when in the morning. Hee hee. You know what? I don't care! I scrap everything. That's how my family sees me, so why not show the blogging world!

Non scrap related....this staying home thing is working out. I am back to watching Days of Our Lives & I must say that they brought back Steve & Kayla. Oh yea, I am happy as a pig in poop. The last time anyone saw Steve, he was dead. Really , tho., is anyone ever dead on soaps. The last scene you saw was his coffin being switched out with another one. Dun, dun, dun! Yes, you have figured it out. He has amnesia & doesn't remember anything, other than waking up in a bar with a name, different of course, & no memory of his previous life. Alas, his wife Kayla is trying to help him remember & thinks that Stefano DiMeara is behind his memory loss. Now that should be interesting if they try to bring Stefano back b/c the actor that plays him & should be the only one to play him, died. O well. For the next 10 weeks or so....I will be watching this. Then I am going to have to start to tape it!

Consesus is saying that I am going to go early. I've dropped. I thought I dropped the other day but Bobby said no. Two days later, he's like "Oh dropped!" He gives me three weeks. My mom says I am going early as well. Guess I should pack a bag & get the diaper bag ready. I guess they are really going to send me home from the hospital with a baby! Um, don't they know I can't even maintain a silk plant? So anyone who wants to come by & help, feel free!

Woops out!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am home now. Wasn't supposed to go out til July 28th but my ob/gyn took pity on me last night & wrote me out. Adema & depression. She even gave me a script for Zoloft. Not sure if I will take it. I am not getting paid b/c the state will not recognize those two reasons as good enough to be out of work but I am home now, so I can pack & take it at my own pace. Which is similar to a snails, except slower.

In this state you get 4 weeks before & 6 weeks after. Now, of course, my paperwork hasn't even been sent to the state yet & with the state being shut down for a week, well we all know the word 'BACKLOG'. Yes, yes, must love living in NJ.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


See that up there...that is a sundae. Now the sundae that I make looks nothing like that BUT I put my heart & soul into it. I keep ice cream in the house now along with magic shell (gots to have the shell!), whipped cream, which is requested & I lovingly buy weekly although I am happy with coolwhip & even started to keep marachino cherries in the house.

About 3x's a week I will ask my beloved, "Honey I am going to make sundae, would you like one?" "Oh you are?" all wide eyed & innocent he asks "Sure would you make me one?" So I skip to the kitchen with the bunnies & mice following me, while butterflies fly around my head & I make my sundae & his. I make good sundaes too. Just the right amount of magic shell.

Now imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes ago, Honeypie leaves the room. So I yell, can you get me some kool aid. Oh no honey we are out of kool aid. Apparantly the recipe for Kool Aid was lost in the great firework capades that must have occured over the weekend. So I lovingly replied "That's ok, can you bring me some water".

Here is where the night goes bad. He comes in & hands me my water. What a sweetheart correct? NOPE! He then says to me "Honey could you turn that light on?" Now this is questionable b/c Stevie Wonder watches tv in the dark, so I say "Sure", as I turn it on I turn to look at him & do you know what he is doing......??????!!!!!!????

The RAT BASTARD is eating a SUNDAE!!!!!! YES A FREAKIN SUNDAE!!! Apparantly it is too difficult to ask his pregnant, swollen, will do anything for him, makes him a sundae at the drop of a hat, BABY'S MAMA (b/c we all know how I love that term!) if I would like a sundae. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He just sat there & sucked it up! Smacked those lips like it was his last supper. While I sat here, drinking my warm water since honeypie never put any ice in it! So there you have it. He even was laying in bed, sucking down the ice cream sundae laying on my pillows. RAT BASTARD I TELL YOU!

This is my life!

Woops out!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Caption for Photo per Timmy:


Prada & Brownie Batter

I rock! Yes, I do, yes I do. Why? Because I let Chris & Dan lick the batter from the Brownies I made today (which by the way, are very, very good!)
See my mom would probably have some sort of kniption fit at this. Per her, their are raw eggs in that & that could cause a case of salmonella. Now I didn't let them eat the batter, just lick the spoon & bowl. Dan took 2 licks & called it a day. Chris went to town. Now call me crazy but in my 35 years I have never heard of anyone getting salmonella from eating the batter. So as a child, I got to lick occasionally but my mom always stood there, waiting to pounce, so I didn't lick too much when I did lick. So I have to tell the Nana, that when Ethan is old enough to lick, he will lick. I will lick. I did not lick today. I held back just b/c of the raw egg...I didn't want Ethan to get sick. Never know what it could do to the forming child. So see mom, I do listen, somewhat.

Now Prada~! Went & saw The Devil Wear Prada. I loved it. I read the book & they made a lot of changes but I loved it. I even liked Meryl Streep in it & I hate her! Her & Dennis Hopper are the 2 worse actors in Hollywood in my opinion. I mean they aren't bad it's just that I hate them. The boys saw the new Superman & every one of them said it sucked! Sucked so bad they wanted to leave. O well. Live & learn.

Woops, out!