Sunday, January 29, 2012

Advertising really hits home

Dear Advertising Companies

Your campaigns have done the trick.
All these years, you have marketed this ad or that towards all of us.
You have your fancy shmancy statistics to show these "commercials" really work.

I am here to tell you that they do.
See that unsuspecting five year old child up there.
Your direct marketing has worked.
He knows it all (well he really does know it all, just ask him, he'll tell you yes...just like his father)

See the other day I spilled something on my shirt.
As I was going "Are you kidding me? Oh man, this is my fav shirt"
My son gently put his hand on my arm & said
"Mom, do you know what you need?"
Me: "No, bud, what?'
Cheeks: "Mom, you need OxiClean, it'll get that tough stain out!"

So thank you marketers, you have done your job!
My son now knows OxiClean will get the job done.

Now, can you teach him to actually do the laundry?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snoozy McSnoozerton

Hi everyone.
My name is Meghan, this is my blog and I am a Snoozer.
A. Big. Time. Snoozer.

I love my snooze button.

It's just not any ole snooze button on any ole alarm clock.

It's the snooze button my cell phone.
That's right...I am a new school.

None of the old school for me.

During the week that incessent phone goes off at 5:30. 
The sun isn't even up.
Right there that should be against the law...getting up before the sun.

Albeit it is what it is.

So I do what every good exhausted mommy does.
I hit that snooze button every 5 mins for 30 mins.

Hence my tush doesn't get out of bed til 6.

Wait! Let's be realistic.
After the snooze button no longer works for the day, I just lay there & take my chances.
I'm usually up by 6:15.
Thus resulting in me running like a mad woman to get myself & the Cheeks out of the house.

This morning I decided to be a rebel & screw the snooze.
I got in the shower by 5:50 (I hit the snooze like 4 times...whatever).

Know what?
I was still running around like a mad woman.

I don't get it.

So, my real question is...are you a snoozer?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flash Giveaway ~ $10 Build A Bear Gift Card

You must be quick because this is my first flash giveaway of 2012.

I have one $10 gift card to Build A Bear Workshop.

You can have it in your hot little hands just by entering below.

Remember, time is of the essence.

Giveaway ends on Monday, the 23rd, at 8pm est.

Ok, go for it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom Bloggers for Social Good ~ Mom on a Mission

Did you know I am a member of:

I am a founding member.  Very exciting...I know!!!!

Anyway the reason I am bringing it up is because of something very important.

Nominations are now open at to find
eight extraordinary parents—one of whom will become our 2012 “Mom on a
Mission.” From January through August, Healthy Child will select and honor
one finalist each month; in September and October, the general public will
vote to choose the winner, who will honored with a grand prize at a gala
event in New York City in November.
Celebrating its 20th anniversary year, Healthy Child Healthy World began in
1992 after five-year-old Colette Chuda died of a rare form of
non-hereditary cancer linked to environmental factors. Playing a leadership
role in one of the most important public health and environmental movements
of the 21st century, today Healthy Child Healthy World ignites the movement
that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals. More
information can be found at
So I am asking you to nominate someone you know or even yourself.
Just follow along, check out the organization, let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading today.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Case of the Mysterious Smear

So this evening, after work, I needed to use our one & only bathroom.

I was doing my thing when I looked over at the tile wall and noticed a dark reddish brown smear on the wall.
"Slobs!" I thought.

So I saunter downstairs where my family is & say "Ok, who left the bloody booger smeared on the wall".

Immediate "Wasn't me!" "I didn't do it"

Then from right in front of me the 5 yo says:

"Oh that's not a boogie"

"It's not?" I replied.

So my overly honest little bundle of angelic joy said:

"No, see I was going poop AND it was a lot AND it got on my finger, so I wiped it on the wall!"

And that my friends explains why the HazMat team is outside my front door.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Grandpop & His Boy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tangled Clip~Check it Out

Tangled was one of the cutest movies of the summer.

Even Cheeks liked it.

Check out the a clip from the new short that is being shown with the new Beauty & Beast 3D:

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Come On Get Happy

Something to achieve in 2012.
For everyone.

How am I going to achieve it?
I'm going to tell you.

I'm going to let things go.

Like for instance, after I clean the kitchen to a spotless, pristene room, I am going to soak in the view and revel in that moment.
I will not get upset when 2.5 seconds later I have a child or a man-child who absolutely "needs" to eat & will mess it up.

I will let it go when a customer gives me a hard time because that's the job I choose.  I will let it go.

2012 is about letting it go.
About having pajama days with the family.
About letting blankets & pillows be in the living room all day.
About relaxing.
About not letting things bother me.

It will be an uphill climb but I am up for the challenge (and I'm thinking of upping the meds).

Tell me how are you going to achieve happiness in the new year.

Leave me a comment...I'd love to know.

Also, check out Blogher's Happiness Post here. Dr. Aymee will give you some ways to help get there.

While you are there, enter to win a Kindle Fire here.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thank you Trix Rabbit, Thank you

Finally manufacturers are hearing the cries of parents.
Mostly, in my opinion, parents of children who follow a diet of no artificial coloring.

Why would you want to cut out the artificial coloring?
It makes some children act like the Tazmanian Devil.
Hence, The Aunt Erin.
Sure, as a mature woman, she can handle red dye #40
As a child, give her a little dye & suddenly she's building a house of bricks in the backyard in 10 seconds.

Why am I happy that General Mills has changed it's additives, colors etc in their Trix yogurt?
Cheekers loves this yogurt
This might come as a shocker for a kid that pretty much goes to the principal everyday for being disruptive
We think he's ADHD or Hyper & diet change is one way of helping the symptoms.

I was literally beaming in the food store.
I know.
It's the little things that make me happy.

Now I can get him this yogurt (which was a big, big place that he got his artificial dye from) & feel good about giving it to him.

So General Mills, you have heard my personal pleas & on behalf of many parents, I'd like to say thank you!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tsk, Tsk, What a Let Down

Tonight was Bobster's turn to cook.
So you know what that means...ordering out.
You know, cause that's how we Rockefellars with the money.

I digress.
So we agreed on pizza but wanted something that would feed the 4 of us.
One hubs, 2 boys, & me.

We decided on this:

Oh Pizza Hut
Much like my ex-husband, you showed such great promised but the disappointment was all mine

When I say this wouldn't feed 2 birds eating on a budget, I am not kidding.

It's 2 medium pizzas
The equivilant to one box of Ellios.

It included 5 breadsticks...that was the highlight of the box.

It also included 6 bonless wings.

One pizza we asked for pepperoni on it.
The other...half pineapple.
It was covered which allowed me to remove the pineapple so the 5yo would eat the pizza.
God forbid he eat pineapple.

Overall, this deal is worth maybe $12.
Not $20.
Photos are very deceiving...again reminds me of my ex-husband...I saw a photo first...should have run.

So Pizza Hut thanks for building up the anticipation and failing to deliver.
Again, ex husband.

Anyone noticing a theme?

So, tell me, what do you think of Pizza Hut?

Monday, January 02, 2012

12 for 12 looking at 11


In honor of 2012, I thought I would list some of my "fav" posts from each month of the year 2011.

First up:

Guilty Pleasure

A year later & that show is still my guilty pleasure.  It starts again soon.  Woo!


My popular post of this month...

Gallbladder Free

Who knew?


Watch While I Bend this Lollipop with my Mind

My own Yuri Gellar

April brings:

Have you met Eddie Haskill 2011?


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Yep, You get to see me...& hear me!



Really? I have good advice...swear.


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The Horror! The Horror!


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How to Embarras Your Mom #512

That's what I got.
How about you?

Sunday, January 01, 2012

How it Went Down

Holidays 2011 are a mere memory.

Here's how it went down in our casa.

First up, the debut of Cheeks in concert for his school.

We didn't realize it was a rap concert. Ha!

Christmas Eve arrived & apparently Santa exploded at our house.

The the morning arrived where the 13yo had to wake the 5yo.  I think our 13yo was more excited than anyone this year.

Of course we got the obligatory shot of all 3:

We ended the day with a free for all at my sister in laws house.

And for the Grandpop, there is a pic of you & Cheeks that I will post later.

How were you holidays?