Monday, August 13, 2007


Well the winner has been picked.

All I can say is ..................................... WTF!
Yea, I will give the winner some props b/c he's good but I hate his attitude.
I liked Bonnie.
She was cute, upbeat & talented.
Talented, yes.
Cute, well, not my type but I suppose.
Upbeat, not so much.

Man, I just wanted Bonnie to win & now, like a sore loser, I am off to sulk!

Woops out~!


Lissa Ballard

LOL I knew you'd be watching! I was secretly pulling for Bonnie even though I really liked Rock. He does have an attitude, but he's really strong and he's a Virginian, so I had to pull for the homeboy, kwim?


Don't sulk too long. I'm interested to hear how well he does in Vegas!



I don't watch this show because, well, I hate to cook. It's true. I live in a family of recipe- inventing-start-dinner-at-2:00PM-cuz-
it-takes-all-damn-day people and I HaTe to cook.

I met a woman last week who runs a local tea room last week who got a call back to be on the show...

She cooks. She makes darn good scones.


i missed it!!! thank goodness the whole thing was on you tube so i saw it the morning after.....but it loses something in the translation, yanno?
i was rooting for bonnie too...but i started to think differently of rock a couple of weeks ago when you saw him at his bedside, on his knees in prayer. i was kind of impressed.
i know, i know, doesn't take much to impress me *eye roll*