Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sneaky Peek

First Up.
Christmas cards.
I have them up for sale on Ebay.
Started the auction at $3 w/ $2 shipping.
Do you think I undercut myself?
I am hoping I get a bid. Started auction today....5 day auction.
What do you think?
Good enough to sell?
I am trying to supplement the income, kwim?

Sneaky Peek.
Did this layout for 2 challenges.
One a sketch & the other for the OLW blog.
The word was perfect.
I like it.
Then again I think he's perfect & pretty friggin cute as well.
Altho. he is now standing in his playpen, whining, throwing things out or at me, I haven't determined yet & jumping up & down.
He's been sneezin, started coughing here & there last night, but it's like cough every 5 hours, & then he woke up @ 6:15!!!!! I held him & rocked him & he just cuddled.

Woops out!
Going to feed the Cheekers.



Wonderful layout. Good luck with the challenge.


Love the cards! Good luck on your auction! Great lo and very cute boy!


They're gorgeous!


I love the cards and the layouts. Hopefully ebay will be better to you than it was to me. $28 worth of things to sell and I only sold $5 worth of stuff! *big sigh*



hey thanks for stopping by my blog!
great looking cards! I am in the most southern part of NJ.