Thursday, April 17, 2008

20 Months

Do you know, Cheeks is now 20 months old?
My word.
That means, in 4 short months, he will be 2!!!
Holy Moley, where did the past 20 months go????
Before I know it he will be driving.

Actually it will only be 2.5 yrs before Timmy drives.
That hurts.

Anyone watching ANTM (American's Next Top Model)?
Do you have a favorite yet?
I think I am pulling for Lauren. She's quirky.
Dominique just doesn't look modely to me....more bitchy than anything.
And last night, Tyra was a bit bitchy.
Normally I don't see it. I think she's sweet & helpful but last night, her inner bitch came out! WoW!

I also caught a bit of the new Real World.
Now I haven't watched this in ages b/c it's just ridiculous but for some reason I was last night.
It is all sex.
Now I am not a prude but when this show first started it was about people's lives.
It has evolved into seeing who will "do" who next.
The shocker was this is the 20 season it is on.
I think this came out when I was just out of high school.
I remember applying for the season with Puck.
I was turned down.
Not diverse enough.
Guess the White, LDS girl wasn't slated til the New Orleans season.
Plus, me, live with Puck.
Nope. Not going to work!

Alrighty well this post turned into more of a babble than anything.
Tell me, are you still watching the Real World? Did you ever?
How about ANTM? Got a fav???

Woops out!


Sugarplum Cottage

Thank you so much Meghan for your comment. I'll be sure to enter your name and good luck. I too love these garlands. I carry them in all colors in the shop, because you can use them for so many different things.

Hugs, RoseMarie


Nope, Meghan, never watched Real World...I think I saw a few minutes of Real World Seattle at some point (first episode) and promptly decided never to lay eyes on it again. :) Gee, when it first came on, MTV was still showing music videos... :D