Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny delivered a way cool Dinosaur basket.
Filled w/ toy dinosaurs, chocolate bunny & a Cadbury Egg - which Cheeks had for breakfast (don't judge!)
And someone spotted that the Easter bunny came!!

What did you get?
A big dino!
Another dino...ROAR!

I love the Easter bunny!
Playin with the treats.

We still have activities to do for the day.
I did try to explain to Cheeks what Easter is really about but he just repeated what I said.
I think it's time I check out the Deseret website to see what sort of things I can get to give him lessons on who Jesus is & all about our Heavenly Father.
How is your Easter going?
Woops out!



Meghan I love the pictures!! my guys ate candy for breakfast too. Jacob has a blowpop sticking out of that hole in his front teeth right now!!! Yeah!! Happy Easter!!!!
BTW - Jacob is only just starting to get the meaning of all this but it's still secondary to candy and presents! I just keep giving monster trucks to Adam and he's happy!!! Yeah!


the bunny brought a little sumpin sumpin here. i guess i'll put on my bunny suit and hop on over to give it to him. lunch is on the way.. cant wait to hear how his behavior is by 7 pm tonight.. baaaahahahahahahah
the nana


He is getting so big!! He is sooo cute! It's days like today I wish I was a kid or had a kid. Easter morning just isn't the same. Have a good holiday!!! :-)


love the dino basket...happy easter!

Meagan Francis

Cute! We have a very similar basket for our 3-year-old. Happy Easter!


Don't worry honey, the boys ate chocolate bunnies for breakfast too. On Chr istmas and Easter they get to ditch the rules. It is all part of the cool mommie thing. Happy Easter!!