Saturday, October 27, 2012

Look Into My Crystal Ball....

Do you see it?
Do you see your life?

I never put much stock in fortune tellers, card readers, palm readers, gypsies.

Many moons ago, once summer, my friend & I went on a card reading jaunt.
We hit up all the card readers in the area.

At first I wouldn't do it.
Not that I didn't want to but not only was I skeptical but my religion taught, no, no.

I am not an overly religious person BUT I do have a strong fear of God in my fear.  I know, I know contradiction of terms but it is what it is.

Anyway I must have had 6 readings done within a few months of each other...(yes I caved & got them done, why else would I be posting this...tee hee).

Each card reader, each one, all said the same thing.  Now the one reader had read me before at her home & was reading me at a bachlorette & remembered me. 


Each one said the same thing.

I would meet someone with the initial B & have a substantial relationship with that person.

I would have two pregnancies and three children.

These always stuck out at me.  I don't know why.
I have had my Patriachol blessing so I know what is what.

Here's the thing:

My ex-husband...first initial "B"
This hubs...first & last initial "B"

I have had two was a miscarriage.
I have three children.

So take it for what you will...lucky guess? Perhaps.  Able to see the future by reading some cards? Maybe.


What do you think?
Have you ever gone to a fortune teller?
Do tell!