Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Some of you, who have been with me since the start of this little bloggeroo or from a ways back know that Bobster & I have had our handsfull with our little Angel, Cheeks.

He was finally diagnosed with ADHD/ADD last winter.

It was a blessing to finally have someone diagnose him with the issue we knew he had all along.

When Cheeks takes his meds...he's pretty good.
Relatively calm til it starts to where off around dinner time.

Over the past weekend he was without it.
Don't ask why.

Let me tell you...what a different child.
He was constant motion and at one point he stood outside the bathroom door and waited for me.
When I opened the door, 20 minutes later, he was jumping up & he had been for 20 minutes.

He just couldn't sit still.
His focus was horrendous.
I felt so bad for the kid and he was passing out immediately upon his head hitting his pillow (which is always a good thing, either way)

I want to Testify that I have tried everything under the sun before Bobster & I agreed to put him on medication.
The medication he is on makes such a world of difference for my little guy.
His personality hasn't changed at all..he's still a sweetie.
He is just calmer & more focused.

So, if you are debating the issue about to try the medicine or not, give it a go, it can't hurt.