Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weight Watchers Skinny Italian Chicken Stew

I have found a mecca & it is called Skinny Italian Chicken Stew.
Guess what else?
Made in the slow cooker.
Oh yea!!!!

Slow Cooker?
I'm in.

First gather your ingredients & your slow cooker like so:

Here is what you will need:
Chicken Sausage - 3 links 
Spaghetti Sauce - 2 cups
Yukon Gold Potatoes - 1 pound
Peppers - 2
Garlic - Minced - 1tbs

First up, the prep.
Slice chicken sausage into slices & then dices if you wish.
Dice peppers.
Cut potatoes into equal bite sized pieces.

Dump all in the slow cooker, do not forget your garlic.

Add 2 cups spaghetti sauce (any flavor)

Stir together & it shall look like so:

Turn your slow cooker on for 6 hours & forget about it.

I have made this twice and I take it for my lunch.
It is yummy!

This is what you will get when all done:

It's 7 pp for one cup.
I usually have a cheese stick with it (1 pp) & some fruit.
You can even have a side salad.

I am telling you this is the bomb diggity (yes, yes, I just went old school).

Tell me, what is one of your fave recipes?