Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is this thing on??? Hello?

Does anyone read this little old blog of mine?
The corner of the internet that I claim?

Well, if you do, you may wonder where I disappeared to.

This might give you a clue:

All I will say is it's been rough the last 6/7 weeks.

I will get through it.
I am having my up days, my down days.

I'm not sick, either is anyone in the family.

The family is, how shall I say broken.

Vague? Perhaps.  I do not want to air semi-dirty laundry on the world wide web. Know what I mean, Vern?

I am still doing Weight Watchers.  I will post a great recipe soon.
Cheeks is doing great in school.
Summer is really here & we are looking forward to going to Disney at the end of it.

As much as I want the vaca to come, that will mean the end of summer & I will have a 4th grader.
Where did my 11 pounder go? The big blue eyes & the fat cheeks!

He's grown into the class clown.
That's where.
He got voted that today.
So proud. Ha!

I hope you will stick around & see what is to come.

Leave me a comment if you still read MMM.
I'd love to know you are out there.

With that, I'm out!