Sunday, July 08, 2007

How we spent the weekend.

Friday night we picked up the boys, came home, started to change the Cheekers on the bed.
Turned my head to say something to Bobster.
Fell off the bed.
On his head.
Bobster grabbed him, put bags of carrots on him.
Cried for 10 mins.
He's ok.
Has a big ole greenish egg on his head.
Lovely shade really.
Seriously, he's fine! Trust me.

Saturday we took the kids & my sister down the shore.
Here's my sister & Christopher just as the roller coaster is released to start it's blood curdling ride. They are in the front seat.

Here they are at the end.
Chris said the coaster went so fast, he cheeks vibrated.
Not a flattering photo but it shows what one looks like after a ride on the coaster.

Today, the Cheekers went for a dip in pool for the 1st time.
Lathered him up with his sunscreen....#50...he's my child after all & could spontaneouly combust at a moments notice.
As you can see he had a good time!

He also decided to lean over the pool & partake in the vegetation that was growing, aka the grass & weeds. No photos of that b/c I was yelling "NO Ethan NO!"

And on the note....

Woops out~!



girlie! if that's the worst thing he puts in his mouth between now and kindergarten, consider yourself fortunate indeed! LOL besides, the extra fiber is good for him!


He looks like he is have a grand ole time in that pool. Too cute!

Lissa Ballard

Oh My Gosh if those pictures are not totally adorable! I love the ones of his big big smile just enjoying himself totally!

Thanks for the smile you've given me today! Even my 21 year old is smiling!


Tara O'Rourke

Oh how I LOOOOVE those photos of Cheeks. He's so gorgeous! But momma...the grass is good for him...didn't you read that in the mommy book? Sorry Cheeks she isn't buying it but I tried. Better tell her to give you a sibling then she won't notice as quickly. :D

Going For Greatness

Super cute pool pix! A D O R A B L E!
As for toppling off the happens..... believe me.. even to 5 year olds ;)


I can't believe how stinking big he's getting!!!


Grass is good for the digestive track...oh wait, is that dogs only? lol

Cute photos Meggers! Too cute he's turning out to be!


He is getting so big - looks like that pool was great fun for him!

Nik Just Nik

He is so stinking cute Meghan... Dont worry about the grass it wont hurt him...

Indi has put so much worse in her mouth....