Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday Shout Out's & Layouts Galore

Ok see that chica up there.
That is my sister. Today she turns 24~~~~~!!!!!!!!
Go Erin!
Go Erin!
Go, Go, Erin!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
I would sing but she says I make her ears bleed. Hmm...I must be slightly off tune.
Erin is exactly 13 years & 6 days younger than me.
So for the keeping track, last Monday, I turned 37.
For the love of God! 37! Where is the social security application???

Ok enough.
Onto some layouts.
I just 2 for fun & 2 for a circle journal. I think you are all pretty smart to figure out what ones are what.
May I present my layouts for your enjoyment. LOL

My final thought for the day:

Why is it, when I show Cheeker's rubber band thighs, people coo & smile & say how cute but when I show my rubber band thighs people run in horror & their watches stop???




Lissa Ballard

OMG you make me laugh!

Happy birthday Erin! Hope it's wonderful.

Love the layouts, cute cute stuff Meghan!

Rubber band thighs indeed...

Tara O'Rourke

ROTFLOL....on your rubber band thighs commentary...I've often wondered the same at what age does it no longer become cute???

Your LO's rock and more importantly those photos are awesome!

Happy birthday (late) Meghan and Erin


Great lo's! Love them!


OMG, you made me sputter! That was hilarious!

You rock girl. Do you know how great it is to see you scrapping again???

Happy belated birthday to Erin. I know I said Happy Birthday to you too already, but Happy Happy anyway!



Hope you had a happy happy!!!


happy birthday erin!
hope all your dreams come true.

now about those rubber band thighs...
i have found that support hose help a great deal *sighs* can orthopedic shoes be far away?

the crazy chicken lady of geneva
who will be turning plenty-nine


ahhhhhh to be 37 again...hell i'd settle for 55 make me laugh schmeggie. the way you tell a story is a riot. your layouts are great as always. you know i dont get the attraction to scrapping but for you and the others who love it, it shows in your work. thanks for the fun day today. i had a good time. i'ts nice to spend time with my baby now and then...too bad erin couldnt go with us. thanks for being my kid!

Felicia McB

rubber band thighs eh? LOL. nothing better then chubby baby legs! now chubby mama legs (speaking of my own here). those are another story all together!

happy birthday to your sis!

awesome layouts!