Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1st haircut

Lovely luxurious locks! What is he sucking on? Who gave him that taffy? My mommy thigh's look so very large in those jeans!
Study it, keep your mind on the taffy & the taffy on your mind. The Nana is not cutting your hair, that is all a mirage.
How's the taffy? Still no one cutting your hair. Look at those lovely yellow pants in the background on the young boy. Stylish eh?
Buchman, Cheekers Buchman
I feel as if I got a loose hair on my tongue, mommy! Put the camera down & help a brother out!

Yea, this first haircut was a piece of cake, bucko!
I'm too sexy for the camera, too sexy for the camera, so sexy it hurts!
That, ladies & gentlemen is how Cheekers rolls a haircut!



He looks gorgeous... What a gorgeous little man..

Tara O'Rourke

Wow...look how long his hair WAS!!! Wow...he had more hair than Em! Which isn't too awfully surprising.....


Meghan, I love reading your blog!!! :) Cute little man, with a cute haircut!!


He had alot of hair! He is still a handsome little dude!

The Untamed Scrapper

Well that's just precious! I can't believe how long his hair was for only 18 months! What a healthy little guy!

You did a great job keeping him distracted.

Love it!

Jennifer Lavender

What a handsome little devil. I love the new look.


Meghan you make me laugh every day. He is so sweet, I love little boy haircuts, they make them look so grownup. And the yellow pants, well, what can you say. They were hot.

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Too cute Meghan! OMG, you crack me up! Love your synopsis of the situation!



OMG.... he's so handsome.

Jennifer Lavender

P.S. - You're It! Read http://jlandthensome.blogspot.com/2008/02/ive-been-tagged.html to find out the details.

Colors of Me

omg - he is just tooo cute - love the pics!!


What a cutie and boy did he ever need a haircut. If Justin had hair that long Joe would have killed me! He's so adorable!