Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Ya know what.
I went back to the big WW (weight watchers).
1st week I lost 7.5 lbs. Yea, go me.

This was the 2nd week.
Did I lose?
I thought I did.
Imagine my surprise when the WW leader (bitch) said "Oh no, you gained a pound."

I followed the program to the letter.

Her response...."Sometimes that happens when you lose a bunch of week the 1st week".
Um, yea, that doesn't make me feel better.
I was so pissed!
I mean, I followed the friggin thing like it was my job!




now you know this happens all the time. i bet next week you lose a bunch more. meghan i know you'll lose all the weight you want to because you did it before. you probably have water weight and your clothes may be heavier. dont worry about it. and dont forget you always wear those hubcaps in your ears for jewelry. they have to weigh the nana


oh I hate that feeling!


Hey Meghan, I know too well how that feels.. Two little things..

Are your periods due.. You can put put on up to 3lbs when that is happening...

Or are you in the middle of your cycle.. You can put up to 2lbs on at that time of the much..

I put on 5 kgs (11lbs) when my period is due... and about half that when I am in the middle of my cycle..

TOTALLY SUCKS BABE!!! If you are drink Diet Coke. STOP!!! Swap it for green tea... if helps belive me..

Hugs babe...


Doing WW myself...don't sweat it (I know easier said than done!) Your body is just adjusting...keep following the me!!!!