Thursday, November 12, 2009

Question for all my fans

Ok here is my "must know" question for the day.

When entering giveaways on blogs & such do you:

1. Just want to leave a simple comment to be entered & that's that


2. Have the options for more entries like:
a. Blog about this contest for an extra entry
b. Twitter, Facebook, post on message board for extra entries
c. Stand in circle, spin & sing Ethel Merman for addt'l entries
That sort of thing.

I have a giveaway or two coming up & I want to know.

I know how I like to enter giveaways & what I don't like to do, which most times deters me from entering the giveaway.

Let me know!!!!



I do the extra entries...I like that they will promote it through their blogs/twitter etc!


I think the options are a great idea, that way it lets the giver know who is a little more into it, but if someone isn't on FB, Twitter, or doesn't blog, it leaves them at a disadvantage. I have seen ones where you get an extra entry for following them too which is easy to do.

That being said, personally I usually forget to Tweet, post to FB or blog about contests unless I do it right away.


The first entry should be easy. "Comment here"--something that doesn't require you to visit the sponsor's website and answer a specific question.

Beyond that, I don't mind the possibility of extra entries, but make it two or three extra opportunities, not sixteen.

Some giveaways require waaaayyy too much work, and like you, I shy away from them.

This post was helpful when I did my giveaway, expecially using the google docs to collect the entries. It made it easy not only to sort and check for duplicates, but I could see in an instant how many people were subscribing or tweeting because of the giveaway.

Good luck!

PS I saw your question via twitter.

Suburban Princess

I like to comment and also add the giveaway to my blog - since I dont have twitter and my facebook isnt public I dont bother with those. It is nice to have the opportunity to get extra entries tho!


I just want to be able to leave a comment on the blog and be done. I don't know how to link back to my own blog, or link back to facebook/ while it is nice to be able to get "extra" entries, it just doesn't work for me. The easier the better for me.


First, I only enter contests for something I can use and want to win. If it won't get used I don't enter the contest no matter how easy it is to enter.

If the item is something that would be nice to have, but not something I really want I will usually only leave a comment to enter. It's not worth going through the extra trouble of blogging, tweeting, answering questions, or dancing in circles singing Ethel Merman.

If the item in the giveaway is something that I really want or have been saving up for anyway then I will take the time to get as many entries as I can. Occasionally I'll also blog or tweet or do something like that if I think it's something a lot of my friends would be interested in as well.


I think that entering and then doing something extra like blogging about the contest or twittering or facebooking it would be cool too!