Monday, February 21, 2011

Gallbladder Free

Hi.  My name is Meghan and it's been 18 months since I gave up my gallbladder.
18 months.

And what a year and a half it has been.

Do you know that your gallbladder helps funnel the fat you put in your body?

Sometimes, you don't even need to eat fatty foods to feel the effects of not having a gallbladder.

Like the effect of having to get to a restroom 2 minutes before the feeling you need to go over comes you.
Yes, yes, it's a good time.

How I weigh what I do is a mystery to me.
I should be like 90 pounds with how many times I visit the loo.
Sounds better when I use the British term, doesn't it?

I do get exercise with the lack of a gallbladder.
It's usually from running, sprinting or taking the steps 2 at a time to make it to that room before we have a clean up in aisle 5.

It's these times that I miss the good ole g.b.

How 'bout you?
Any fun side effects of having your g.b. removed?

Do tell!



Hah ha! I haven't had mine out yet, but may need to. I also have a "fatty liver" which I'm taking meds for...and I'm "taking those trips" often too. LOL


Sorry to hear about the challenges. I had my gb out 13 months ago and now have some problems. You definitely need Welchol. My GI Dr. prescribed it. Take it 30 min. before lunch, it binds to the bile and decreases visits to the loo. Good luck!


I had my gall bladder removed in June of '10. It was about 6 months after I had a baby and rapidly lost 30lbs. They said it was most likely the cause. It took forever for me to feel "normal". I finally found these supplements called digestive advantage and it helped break down things enough that I felt so much better! I couldn't miss taking them for a day or I could feel it all over again. I still have phantom pains. They were supposed to go away after two weeks. Not so for me!!! Hope you can figure out how to get a semi working body back!!!


I got mine out four weeks post-partum with baby number one. And then I proceeded "run for the loo" for 9 months to empty orange fluff from my bowels. TMI? Probably. It's been about 21 months and things are getting a lot better. BUt it's been a journey for sure!

Evan and Holly

It took them 18 months to realize it was my gall bladder. They only took it out because I went to a surgeon and told them to. There were 40 gall stones and I have never even noticed. I know 15 women who have had theirs out as well, and no one that i know have had any problems. I was surprised to see this.


Its been about 14 years since I've had mine out. Hardly ever have the toilet rush anymore. But sometimes the strangest things set me off. Haha see what you have to look forward to?