Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a little pink, please?

I am the only woman in my house.
3 boys.
One large man child.
I'm it.

I'm just asking for something feminine in this house.
A pleasant vanilla smell in a world of sports sox and farts.
Oh that's right.

They are like a badge of honor around here.
My badge of honor...Coach handbags.
How I long for a new one.

I am even girly in my choice of lit that I read.
Chic lit for me.
Although I am currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire & it is really good.

My baby is growing up & becoming more boy than I ever thought possible.
No more "Goodnight Moon", it's all "Spiderman" & "Transformers" bedtime stories.

I'd like a little pink thrown in the house.
Maybe some pretty pink tulips to set besides the PS3 on the tv table.

All class over here.

I think when they made girly they had me in mind.
I am scared of bugs.
Terrified of spiders and the darn crickets that decide to vaca in my abode.

I love to watch makeover shows, fantasizing about my own makeover and of course, home decor shows.
The boys would rather watch Speed vision or the SciFi channel.
These are ok channels but not my fav.

Guess we could try for baby #4.
Perhaps I will read up on how to ensure it's a girl.

I love my boys, I just occasionally crave a little estrogen companionship.


MS Mom

Ohhh do I feel your pain. And am reminded of the male dominance when i find dirty socks in the couch cushions, pee on the floor, and oh the horror - a 12year old that now has to shave. (AHHHH!!!!) Let me know what ways you manage to work the "girly" into your house. I'd love some ideas!