Monday, November 21, 2011

Customer Service: Good vs. Evil

For those of you who have read my blog know I work in customer service, so I expect a bit more than average when I call places.
I didn’t expect this though.

Today I had to do a return for The Grandpop. 
He bought me a Nook Color for Xmas.  The next day the Nook Color Tablet came out, so he got me that & decided to return the Nook Color.
The Grandpop purchased it from a third party seller on Amazon.
This is where the issue comes into play.

Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I went under his account & filled out the required request form to return.
Reason for return: “Do not want”
I was then to wait for a response from the third party seller.
About an hour goes by when I get an irate Grandpop on the phone.

The seller responded alright.
In his email to The Grandpop he stated “Buyer's remorse is not a legitimant reason for returning something. You bought it, you own it. If you don't want it, sell it.”

Well isn’t that a fine how’do you do?
The Grandpop requested I handle this with Amazon.
I gladly excepted because I had visions of the Grandpop doing the Army crawl into the sellers place of business and going all postal on his tushie.
Not a pretty picture!

I called Amazon, got the sweetest guy on the phone who was flabbergasted that this seller responded in such a way.
The Amazon rep told me “We are going to lay the hammer of justice down on him!
He filed a claim with their A –Z department who will contact the seller, inform him that he is to comply with Amazon’s return policy and see how it goes.  If the seller doesn’t comply, he will be kicked off Amazon.

Now the waiting starts.
It can take up to 2 weeks.
The Amazon rep can’t guarantee we will get all our money back but we well take what we can get even with a  restock  fee.
It’s only right.

On the good side (besides the awesome Judson at Amazon) was my experience with the Mattel Corp. today.

They were having a great sale on something that Santa wanted to pick up.
Well one of the items was the Buzz Lightyear Space Command Center.
It did not come with action figures but I needed to find out if the ones that were available would fit in this toy.
So I called their customer service dept.

The gentlemen spent about 10 minutes with me  going over the sizes of the action figures to make sure they’d fit.
He even offered to connect me to a dept that just measures what toys go with what.

After some researching we came to an agreement that yes, the toy action figures would fit.
So I ordered but not after asking him if he knew of a free shipping code.
He didn’t but I ordered anyway.

Later in the day, while blog reading, I see there is a code for free shipping with a  purchase of $25 or more.
I spent way more than $25 so I thought, I cancel & reorder.
Well I couldn’t find my order to cancel so I called Mattel.

I got Kirk on the phone.
Kirk, if you are reading this, you totally rock!

Kirk took the code, tried to apply but couldn’t.
He put in a request for me to get my shipping refunded after the order invoices.

Between the first gentleman & Kirk at Mattel I will highly recommend doing business with just them.
Talk about awesome customer service.

The third party seller at Amazon could learn a thing or two from Mattel.

That’s all I got.
My day of good vs evil.

How about you?
What do you have to share today?



Who's the 3rd Party Seller on Amazon so I know to NOT buy things from them. Geez man.


It's TechBrgnz possibly the worse seller on Earth!