Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dear Joan

I just wanted to let you know that you have nothing on me in the child rearing department.

Apparently, while trying to discipline my son by telling him he had to hold my hand I angered him.
I would not let go of his hand all the while he pulled & yanked himself silly.

I never raised my voice.
I never put my hand on my child.

I just kept calmly telling him that he needed to stand still & listen.

My neighbor, witnessing it all, asked my son "Why are you giving your mom a hard time?"

My son's response "I hate her"

Yes, Joan, I have risen in the ranks like yourself.
Merely by trying to calmly discipline him.

I handed him over to my neighbor (who coincindently walks him to school), fled to my mini van & proceeded to cry.

Some tell me if my son tells me he hates me then I am doing a good job as a parent.
Doesn't matter.
It still hurt.

You however Joan, as much as I jest in this letter to you, well you really are a bad parent no matter how you look at it.