Wednesday, August 08, 2012

This is how I roll...

I work out of the home.
Much to my chagrin.
For some reason the auto finance people want their money, the electric, cable...the list is endless.


Since I wasn't born rich I must work.

Today I thought I would give you my view from 8 - 5.

I know, I know, you are dying to see!

First up my main view:

That fan is on the desks in my department.
We are the only all female dept & we are all over 40...hello! Hot Flashes.

Not to mention I was recently moved all the way to the back corner & the company keeps the air conditioning set on "Hell: Level 1"  Sigh.

The Post It's are there to remind me of stuff to do all day long.
Like check our online ordering.
I am in charge of releasing the orders.
Yes, yes, they give me that responsibility.
Exciting, no?

View number 2, to my left:

The Ice Cream container holds loose change.
The girls in my dept gave it to me for my birthday (plus a gift card...I work with the best girls EVER).

The desk rack holds the companies catalog.
It's open to egg rings & oven shelving & oven gaskets.
When will the excitement end I ask?

The piece de resistance is my view to the right, which slightly above this pic is actually open & I can see my one coworker & into the rest of the room.

All photos of kids.
None of me & Bobster.

Burn gel for my nasty burn on my arm, pad of paper, day is chock filled.

So that's it folks.

What does your view look like all day?