Friday, September 07, 2012

Late Summer Reading

I wasn't planning on reading this book.
No intentions.
Thought the movie looked dumb.

Then my boss bought the book.
She liked it, told me to read it.
So I did.

What book you ask?

I usually go for more chic lit, light hearted, whimsical books.
I read for fun...not knowledge...don't judge.

I started it Tuesday of this week.
I finished it yesterday, at 4:30.

I must say...really, really, really good.

While you may start the book thinking far-fetched by the middle you are thinking to yourself, this could be believable.

It's not really gory.  It's just enough to make you go "ew" but nothing to make you go "Get out of the way I have to throw up"

The author knows how to draw you in, he fluctuates between his "version" and "actual" Abraham Lincoln diary entries.  There are even a few photos thrown in here & there for good measure.

So my recommendation is "Read it!"

Tell me, what books have you read lately?