Monday, May 06, 2013

FlipFlops & Other Quirks

It's here.
Summer is just around the corner.

Toes will be making an appearance.
Time for me to get my 1st pedi of the season, break out the sandels & slides.

Notice I didn't say flip flops or thongs.


Are my mortal enemy.

Have been since I was a little girl.

I can not stand flip flops.  Or thongs.
Anything that goes in between my toes.

Gives my the chills.

I'm sort of sad about it really.

There are some too cute for words thongs & flip flops out there.
My tootsies balk though.

I take 2 steps and I'm dying...dying to put them in the trash & run free.

Not barefoot though because that's another no no.
I despise shoes but I love my socks.

It can be 90 degrees outside & I will put shoes on just to walk out back.

Come to think about it, I also wear socks around the house.
Not feet get hot...just socks.
Sometimes to bed too.
Although most times, the cool sheets on my warm tootsies is just too good of a feeling.


Tell me are you a flipflop/thong type of person?



I can not stand flip flops or thongs. I have tried to wear them and I can not stand the feeling between my toes. I wear crocs and sandals.