Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Thanks James Joyce

For this stream of consciousness post.
Whose James Joyce you say?
You are killing this English major.  Killing me.
Look him up.  He is the father of stream of consciousness.

What's been going on lately?
Feeling blessed.
I am finding out that if you just wait long enough Heavenly Father provides.
Not that this means you don't participate or find means and just sit back.  This means that you might not see how He is providing but once He does you look back & says to yourself "Oh yea!"

See this kid with The Grandpop?
Oh, he's going to make me bald.
What a love BUT boy, do we have our hands full.

He was diagnosed with ADHD last year.
Thank goodness.
Now if we could just get his behavior under wraps all would be good.

The other day he told his entire class to put their finger up their butts.
This did not go over well.

We have put in for help.  He had behavior therapy last year and it seemed to help big time.  Sadly it came to end.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that we get approved again.  Bobster & I have tried everything.

The other boys are doing great.  Tim works non stop at The Grand Luxe CafĂ©.  If you have one in your area, not stop to collect $500, just go.  The food is to. die. for.

Chris is getting ready to graduate 8th grade.  Where did the time go? When I met their dad, Christopher was in 1st grade.  The same grade Cheeks is in.  I feel so old.

That's about all going on in my world...well I need my 7th root canal...that's new.  It's really just par for the course.

Tell me, what is going on in your neck of the woods?