Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That's My Kid!

I got a note from the teacher yesterday.
The first grade teacher.
Apparently Cheeks likes to be the kid to take charge of the events of the day.
I assume they were getting ready to go out to play.
So my little cherubic angel proudly shouted to the class:
"If you have balls you can play, if you don't have balls you can't play"
I think the teacher recovered in the nurses office.




Thanks for the laugh!

I just wished that teachers has more a sense of humor! lol

When Boomer was in Kindergarten. He watched Shreik and went to school sibng I like big butts.... The teacher informed me that he should not be watching that, because he does not know what the song means! Umm..... ok thanks for telling me how to raise my kid! lol