Monday, July 01, 2013


I realize this morning, July 1st, 2013 that I have a few days left.
In just a little over two weeks, mere days, I will be leaving something behind and entering into something new.
Something unknown.
Something I am not looking forward to.

It only happens once in life.
It took me awhile to get to this stage in my life.

I've been through ups and downs.
Life hasn't been easy but it hasn't been horribly hard.

Others will celebrate and want me to partake.
I'm not sure I will.
While it's new, do I really want to celebrate?
Do I want to put it out there?


I guess I will.

In just 15 days from today I will be


Can you freakin stand it?

How did I get to this age?
Seems like yesterday I was still in high school...wait, wait, nope I just act like I am sometimes.
You know, try to get my parents to pay my bills & give me money.
It doesn't work like it used to.

That's the new stage in my life.

Am I mid 40's or still early 40's?

I'm confused.



Tara O are hilarious. Besides, my birthday age seems to stay at 29 every single year. Of course we won't discuss that Emily told me every time I said 29 that SHE only heard 41. HMMMPH.