Thursday, July 18, 2013

Am I Parenting Right or Wrong? You be the Judge!

My son Cheeks is a skinny mini.
He's tall but thin.  So thin that when he sucks in his stomach to show us his ribs, Bobster tells me "Those aren't your ribs, those are your organs".

Well he also has the trait of being a picky eater.
Super picky.

Last night I made chicken with pasta.
In the crockpot...the temp in Jersey is in the high Hell zone.

Anyway he decided he wouldn't eat it after a nibble (and that is being generous).

He was told he would get nothing else.

 He came to me a few hours later.

"Mom, can I have a banana?"
"I suppose"

"Well I was thinking of something smaller, like a yodel."
"No, banana or chicken"

This went on for some time.
About 90 mins truthfully.

I finally had enough and told him.

"Tell your troubles to someone else"

His response:

"Yea, I'm gonna tell it to the judge!"

He then went on to tell me that I treat him like dirt (after spending 3 hours in Chuck E. Cheese yesterday) and I talk to him nasty.  He also is telling anyone that listens that we don't feed him.

So look for me & Cheeks on the next Judge Judy.

I wonder how she will rule.


Justin Knight

This is a tough one. No judging from me. My son is a picky eater too. More often than not, we give in and feed him small amounts of things he doesn't like (anything except PB&J, Hot dogs, chicken nuggets) and then fill him up with things he does like such as applesauce, bananas, and yogurt. Since your kiddo is so skinny, I am wondering if those Pediasure drinks might be a good thing for him. Might be something to ask the pediatrician about! Good luck!
Justin Knight
Writing Pad Dad