Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Better Late than....


I know what you were all thinking.

Hmm, Meghan hasn't really been blogging.
She hasn't been feeling well.
Oh a post from Meghan beginning with Better Late than...

Get it far from your minds people.

There is no womb in the inn.
Know what I mean.

I mean it's nothing like this post being late.
Most schools are starting in the next week or so.
We start two days after Labor Day.  So I have time.

I never ever showed you what I made Cheeks' first grade teacher & his guidance counselor as an end of the year gift.

I got the idea from Lil Luna 
She's LDS & you know those LDS girls are some crafty biatches.
Altho, I think I was passed over for the creative gene although I am LDS.

Anyway I wanted to do something fun that didn't cost much but got the point of thank you across.

So I made the "Now that the strain of school is over gift"

I bought two strainers at the Dollar Spot at Target.
Bought a big ole honkin bag of Mars candy.
Then I bought two $10 gift cards to Target (because who doesn't love Target).
I found tissue paper & name tags on clearance.

First I filled the strainer:

I wrote on the outside of the gift card "Now that the strain of the school year is over, relax & enjoy your summer".

I then wrapped it:

I had Cheeks take them to school & give them out.

His teacher loved hers.
I haven't heard from the counselor but she may have been on maternity leave at that point.

Anyway, I think it turned out super cute and I have Lil Luna to thank for you.

Do you do anything special for the teachers, etc at the end of school year? Or even at the beginning?