Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best Kept Secret on the East Coast

So, got married.

Made if official.

For those of you who have read my blog a long time or have known me through different groups or whatever know that I was married before and met Bobster quickly there after our separation.

Our courtship was short and sweet and almost exactly a year to the day that we met, our son was due.  Of course, Cheeks was a rather large baby, so he was taken 10 days early.

I digress.  We knew we would always get married but it just never seemed to happen.

So a few weeks ago we just decided it's high time to do it.
We told no one.

We picked a date.  Showed up. Got married.
It was over in about 5 mins.

I couldn't stop smiling though.
I was a very happy woman.
Cheeks told me we had to get married in a different room because the one we were in wasn't big enough.  Then he wanted cake.
He told me there is always cake at weddings.
True but not ours.

We ended up going to a quiet dinner with just Cheeks.
Tim is in Florida now & has been for quite some time.
Chris was with his mother for the weekend.

So no one knew. Our announcement was done on good ole Facebook.
A sign of modern times.

Tell me, have you ever kept a really good secret?