Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Week of Happy

It's been almost a whole week with no happy updates.
How much do I suck?

Does anyone read my blog?
Besides my parents.
They sort of have to, they are my parents.

Anyway the week started with a very happy Easter dinner.
Yours truly cooked.  I rocked that ham!  Yea boy!

The happiness spread through out the week, along with some stress provided by the 15yo and the 7yo.  Surprisingly the 42yo behaved himself.
For the most part.

Take a look at the happy from Tuesday night:

Cheeks & I, along with my sister and one of her bff's, got invited to the premiere night of one of new local Chick-Fil-A's.
What a fun time!

We walked the red carpet, met the cow, & ate.
They kept bringing us samples.
More fries would have been nice though.
They even had giveaways.  We didn't win but who cares, it was free Chick Fil A!!!

Ended the week with not one, but two of these bad boys:

That is the famous McMillians Bakery creme donut.
It was coworkers birthday so we had these.
Then it was the Nana's birthday:

So we had them again.
If you can guess how old the Nana turned you get 10 points and my undying gratitude that you read my blog.

Tell me what made you happy all this week.



We are finally getting a couple of 70 degree days after months of polar vortex, below zero, snow pummeling weather! Oh yeah! That's why I am happy this week. There is no way I am going to try and guess Nana's age. I don't like that game! Lol!


My mom rarely reads my blog and when she does she leaves inappropriate comments that I have to delete. It' weird.

I'd take some free Chik Fil A!

Getting off work on my busy day made me happy! :)