Monday, April 07, 2014

Clap Your Hands if You Feel Like a Room without a Roof! Happy Day 14 & 15

I really got to get on the ball & do every day actually every day.
Know what I mean, Vern? (10 points if you know whose tag line that googling!)

Anywho, check out yesterday's happy!

This brought me such a smile.
I was perusing that most disgusting Goodwill in all of NJ when I came upon this little girl.
Raggedy Anne.
I was so into her as a kid.
The reason this made me happy was because when I looked underneath is said "Plack Shack 1975".
That was a local pottery place before paint your own pottery became popular.  You would actually buy it & take it home.
My dad was there, from what I can remember, a lot.
He did these mushroom paintings for my Grandmom...I think at first they were done in green then he redid them in orange.  Pretty sure. 

I just picked her up & it made me remember when I was a little girl.  Plus how can anyone not be happy when you see Raggedy Ann!  Big eyes, red hair.  Sort of reminds me of this Raggedy Ann:

Creepy isn't it?
This what having a grandson will do to you.  She got all dressed up to come over to see Cheeks when he was a wee little thing.
Ah, my mom...another crazy loon but we love her.

Today's happy was brought to you by this nut!

That's what happens when you don't pay attention to what he is doing with your phone!

This one actually came home, did his homework without a fuss, did his assigned reading...again without a fuss then ate all his dinner without complaining...I made fish sticks.
Yes, I am a gourmet.  Would you like my recipe? Shh...say nothing...Mrs. Paul's!

It just made me happy to a have a nice peaceful dinner without fuss & muss.

So what did it for you today?