Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Confessions

My first confession for this week is I have just not been myself.
Lots of problems going on in the personal, not blog, life.
I read a quote today, though, that lets me know everything will work out the way it's supposed to.

Now onto the real confession of the week.
Back in the beginning of the internet...waaaaaaaaaaaay back then, I met a guy via AOL chat, gave him my number after a few chats, got to talking and flew to Florida to meet him.
Now before you gasp, I wasn't alone.
I went with my girlfriend and we stayed at our other girlfriend's house who was married to a guy from Florida at the time.
So we met.
We hung.
We stayed at my friends house for the week.
We parted ways.
A month later, we went our separate ways.

Lesson not learned, I then met another whiptedoo on the net.
Drove with my friend, Megan, to the restaurant where he was playing guitar.
This one worked out...well I thought it did.
We got married.
Then he decided he wanted a divorce because well, being married put a damper on his dating life.

So about 3 months after being separated, my good friend, Kathy, decided to fix me up on a blind date.
That blind date was Bobster.
I think about 3 weeks after we met, he moved in.
A year to the day I met him, Cheeks was due.  Cheeks was 10 days early.
8 years later we got married.
I wanted to make sure it would work.

So, you could say, or I can confess, I met a lot of my relationships not in person.

Seems to work for me.

What's your confession?


Alicia Figueroa

I actually met three boyfriends and then my husband by playing World of Warcraft. I was the Guild Leader for a popular role-play guild on an RP server and the guys kept falling for my char, and then for me! I still keep in touch with a few of my buddies from there, but usually when people ask how my husband and I met... we tell them we were in a writer's group together, lol! (Technically, rp'ing IS a lot of writing, hahaha.)

Lisa Gradess Weinstein

Glad you found happiness!