Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yes, that was me yesterday. I had to have my 3 hr. Gluoca Test done. I thought they were just going to prick my finger & out I would go. Yea, um, not so much. I get there, they take some blood, then every hour for 3 hours they take some more. They got 3 viles out of my left arm but the last vile was taken out of my right b/c the left collapsed. I am so bruised, looks as if I was beaten with a baseball bat! I had my own waiting room tho. They told me I was a preferred customer. It had a recliner, magazines & a tv w/ cable. I watched The Baby Story.

Yea, let's discuss this whole labor & delivery thing. I was all over the water birth action til I found out. . . no epidural! Not gonna happen. Next I see women get the epidural & still have pain. So I have decided that I am not sure how "Ethan Michael" will make his grand debut but I'm not pushing him out & I am not too keen on a c-section!

Still dealing with personal issues that are really bothering me. I just feel like I am pushed to the side or better yet taken for granted. I don't know what to do about it. I have discussed it with the person but it get's better for like an hour. It's getting harder & harder to deal with, so I don't know if it's the extra pregnancy hormones or I just can't take it. Time will tell, right?

Woops, out!



I would like to say that YOU my friend are NOT the human pin cushion lol... Addam from theb owling alley is!


Im sorry to inform you my dear sister, but YOU are not the human pin cushion...have you SEEN Addam from the bowling alley lol


He's probably freaked out because of the baby arriving. Don't worry -he'll step up. Did you pass the test? I had pain with my epidural. I begged her to administer more and they finally did after I started sobbing. I was at 10 dialated then!!