Thursday, June 22, 2006

So long since I blogged.

I bet my Aunt Patty is checking in here wondering why there have been no new entries. Just busy or lazy or nothing to write.

The above photo is my nursery theme. Is it not the cutest!!!???? I was just on ebay searching for stuff to go with it & found the cutest pegboard that is part of the theme. I bid on it! It was only 9.99....I doubt I will get outbidded & if I do, watch out, because I don't take highly to being outbidded!

I stayed home from work today. 4th sick day in 5 weeks. I just couldn't do it. I feel like I am an old lady. To all you women who have been pregnant before why is it, when newly preggy women say we are pregnant, you say Congrats & leave it at that? Hello, need to tell us about the fact that your belly hurts on a daily basis, the your who-who feels as if it is swollen to the size of a football & if you try to move you usually experience shooting pains or how about when you lay in one position at night for too long, you suddenly feel as if arthrites has set in. Come on girls, do a PSA & let the women who have never been preggy before know! Not to mention, the mood swings. Altho. lately I have been experiencing more depressive mood swings. Just a lot going on in my personal life & I feel like it's all on my shoulders & if I don't do it, then it won't get done.

News on my bil: He had surgery Tues. He is alert & awake & they expect he will only loose 50-60% rotater movement of his neck BUT he has use of his arms & legs. He will have to go to therapy tho! They are talking about possibly sending him home in a few days. WoW! They don't let you wallow in self pity do they?

I have my gluoca test tomorrow. I failed the first one...CAN YOU STAND IT!!?????!!!! Tomorrow is the 3hr one...wish me luck! Then it's off to work. So to make matters worse, I call out today & I will be 3hrs late tomorrow. They are really understanding but I don't want to take advantage. I think I have about 5 weeks left before I can leave on maternity. I am so looking forward to it. I am thinking "Ethan" is going to make his arrival either Aug 28th (which will be our one year anniversary together....yea, talk about moving quickly!) or sometime over the Labor Day weekend. The momma instinct in me is saying Labor Day weekend! I guess he get's here, when he get's here.

I used my Amazon Reward g/c last night. I got this new scrapbook idea book by Laurie Stamos called Artful Memories...been eyeing that bad boy up for awhile & I ordered Clean & Simple the Sequel by Cathy Zielske. The latter shipped today. Can't wait to get my hot little hands on it. Gosh knows I need more idea books. I'm an idea book junkie! I admit it. That's the first step isn't it????

Woops, out!



That is a adorable nursery set! Good luck on your auction, hope you win it. Glad to hear that your BIL is getting some what better.


you're never goin to make your due date.. you're too low..i'm thinking the middle of august....but what do i know, i'm just your mother

Awesome Abby

LOL on the who-who. You are SO RIGHT.

LOVE the froggy stuff. Kathy and Tara I'm sure are very proud of you!

Got a linky to the pegboard? I feel the need to see!

I think there were a hundred other things I was gonna say, but now I forgot them.'d the test go? Hope you passed......


OMG that is just the cutest nursery set I've ever seen!!! I hear you on the aches and pains. It's not so bad this week which is amazing!