Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Showers & The ER

I had my shower on Sunday. It couldn't have been more perfect! My sister did an outstanding job. I got tons of stuff, the food was great & the hall was decorated wonderfully.

All the most important people in my life where there. Those that weren't either had a very good excuse or just didn't RSVP. O well.

As for the ER. Yea, ended up there yesterday with pain in my back so severe I cried & in my chest. Ends up it's gallstones! Oiyve! Just what I needed.

Short but sweet! Woops out!



Ouch Sweetie! You take care of yourself. Are they gpoing to do anything about them?


Meghan!!! Looks like soooo much fun! You look so beautiful and happy! Congrats girl!


You look absolutely adorable! You must tell us, your faithful online friends, what you still need or want. Love the frog theme! My dd just loves frogs too!