Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let's see if Blogger let's me post today.

I posted yesterday. Why? B/c I got ripped off. Due to my own fault.

Went to BabiesRUS. Returned tub.

Got money back.

Bought 2 outfits + soda.

Total: $30

Got home. Saw commercial on tv for coupon for yesterday only for $5 off $25 purchase.

Had coupon in diaper bag to use.

Forgot to use!


Went to Target.

Returned something.

Got store credit for $15.


Checked out.

Total: $103.00

Total after store credit: $103.00


B/c I forgot to give the credit to the cashier!


Onto more exciting things:

See this kid here:

That's one good looking kid, if I do say so myself. Timmy turned 13 on Oct 29th. He was with his mom & her boyfriend for his birthday, so when he came to our house last weekend, we had his birthday celebration. He is starting to thin out & get more mature looking. I think this photo makes him look a lot older than 13! What a flirt too. We will all be in the van, he will see a pretty girl & will:

knock on the van window

hold his hands up as the phone symbol


mouth the words:


Hello! He's 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has had a string of girlfriends too. Of coures, some only last a day or so, but I guess that's life in the 7th grade!

Of course I can not go without posting this pic which I found on my camera. Apparantly Aunt Erin has a lot of time on her hands during the day.


The E-Master Dogg!



OMG, you crack me up woman. I've been checking your blog daily wondering why you hadn't posted because all I kept seeing was the list. When I actually took the time to look, I noticed that you've been posting the entire time. Duh!

Jennifer Stewart

Hi, Meghan! Thanks for posting on my blog! That picture is great, haha. :) Love the hat!



Hehe, loved that pic of cheeks - and Timmy is growing into a cutie......

Lissa Ballard

Oh my gosh... sounds like a fun shopping day and just think... an few excuses to go back and do more! HA HA HA

Timmy is a handsome young man! And teen age hormones... it's all different from here on out girlfriend!



LOL about the E Master Dogg photo. Crack me up!!!! Love how you spent more than you meant at the store. Timmy is getting big!