Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What to start with? What to start with?

Let's start with the good news.

Cheeker's noggin!

Friday he had his appt at Children's hospital, better known as CHOP to us subarbanites of Philly. We got there. Barely but we made it. They were going to sedate him but I thought I could get him to sleep. He couldn't move thru the test, not at all.

So Bobby wanted to sedate him b/c he figured it would go better.

I really didn't want him sedated so I tried to get him to sleep.

It worked!

Cheeker's slept thru the entire test.

Called my ped. yesterday. She called back.

While she said it's almost closed, that they are just going to monitor him every month like they normally do by feeling his head!!! She said he's fine!

YES! YES! YES! So thank you all who prayed & kept him in your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 90% relieved. 10% of me is worried it will close prematurely but like the Nana said if the doctor was concerned she would have said & done more! True. So my little baby's Charlie Brown head get's to stay in tact. Yay.

Saturday morning I took him to see Santa. There is a mall around here that is sort of dead. Well, not sort of, it is! So we got there around 11am & walked right on up to the big guy. Cheeks just looked at him, didn't know what to make of him, didn't cry or fuss. He was more interested in looking at the lights that decorated Santa's crib! I was good. I only ordered the pkge I intended too! Then I saw the frames & that's where things went bad. I got a really cute one for only $15. So I spent $30 bucks. Not too shabby & really, your little one only has his 1st Xmas once! Right?

So here is a pic to put a smile on your face~!

Woops out!



VERY cute! I'm so glad all is well with the noggin!

Tara O'Rourke

Praise the Lord for the GREAT news!!!!


Hooray! I've been waiting to hear but I knew he was fine. You're earning your Mommy stripes early, aren't you?


Woo Hoo!! Praise God!

Doin' a happy dance in Va!



YEA!! I just knew that all would be great for Cheeker's noggin! And that is about the darndest cutest first Santa photo I've ever seen!!


That is great news Meghan! He is a cutie!


YAY!!! I knew he was ok too... and he is so damned cute I can't stand it.


Excellent news. Great pic. TFS


That is the cutest photo EVER!! I love it!


Oh and yeah about his little head! That is great news girlie