Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pediatrician visit.

We had his 3 months visit tonight.
He is healthy, growing like a weed & where he needs to be for his develpmental stage.

The dr. couldn't feel his soft spot & thinks it has grown together. She wants him to have a cat scan at Children's Hospital in Philly. If it is grown together, the worse scenario is that he will have to have surgery to fix it. She said that if it is a problem & we don't have it fixed, his brain will not have room to grow & he become developmentally delayed.

She feels in her heart of hearts that he is fine but still wants the test.

So please keep the Cheekers in your thoughts.



Felicia McB

That did 2 different scans on Aidan when he was born, the first was on the morning after he was born, because they thought his head was too big, come to find outit runs in the family (hubby and his brothers have large heads) and then they did another one when he was about 6 months for the same reason they're doing your son's. Aidan was fine. And I'm sure that Cheeks will be too. you're in my thoughts.


Look how big cheekers is! WOWSERS!! I'm sure he will be fine. Keep us informed!