Sunday, March 25, 2007


As you can see, Cheekers got to meet the Big "B" today! The Easter Bunny (who by the way I didn't know was female til today...but I can tell who Bert is & who Ernie is but someone who is related to me, has no clue who which one is!).

Things went well upon this meeting. Getting him to the meeting in one outfit was not. He started out in some Gymboree/Janie & Jack ensemble. Cute, very cute. Then he decided he wanted to taste his lunch twice. So I wiped him down & realized the spit up marks were dull enough that they wouldn't be seen in the photo. Off we go. Get to mall.
Get Cheeks out.
Spit up bright orange carrots all over the front of him (apparantly twice tasting it wasn't enough, he went for the encore!)
So I had to stop at Children's Place & get him another shirt.
So he is in his second ensemble for the photo.
Now the nice thing is, the Nana & I just strolled on up to see the Bunny. No lines. Woohoo!
Took like no time.
In & Out!

Now onto our second story.

You might be wondering why I posted a picture of Jesus.
The Grandpop bought Cheeks a picture of Jesus, like a silhouette, overlooking a little boy while he sleeps. Underneath is "Now I lay me down to sleep..."
I hung it up last week & every morning when Cheeks is picked up out of his crib he looks for the picture.
I carry him over & he smiles & smiles.
His eyes light up.
Then I ask him "Is that Jesus?"
He then laughs and buries his head in my neck.
I then ask him "Do you love Jesus?"
Again, he smiles, giggles a little & throws his head in my neck.
I then tell him how much Jesus loves him and that Jesus watches over him all the time & that he loves him very much.
Cheeks smiles the entire time.
When we go to leave, I tell him
"Say bye to Jesus, Love you Jesus"
And he smiles & watches the picture while I take him out of his room.
Incredible if you ask me.
Simply incredible & makes you wonder, does Cheeks remember being with Jesus before he came to me & his Daddy? Does he remember how wonderful it must have been? How loving?
I hope he so!



Tara O'Rourke

Little Children know the Truth because they haven't been taught OUT of it by man...just my opinion. For what it's worth-LOL

Love the Easter Bunny photo!

Lissa Ballard

OH Meghan I totally believe he knows exactly who Jesus is! Dalton not only recognized pictures of Jesus early on - he knows precisely who my mother is - called her by NAME - and my mother passed away almost 4 years before he was born.

I love your stories. They are heart warming and genuine and wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing them!


Meghan, of course he knows. Children have a wonder and an enlightenment that adults have somehow suppressed. It's sad, but true. My daughter is such a believer at nine, however my son, by 13 is not. It's amazing what a few years can do to them.

What a great pic of the bunny. Alas, my children wouldn't be caught dead with Santa or the bunny! *sigh*


What a sweet story - I have a feeling he's recognizing Jesus too - that is so special.....loved the story on the bunny trip!

Miss seeing ya on the boards!


Oh Meggers.... I could blame the tears on the stress that is threating to sink me this year... but hey, there they are. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing a lovely story.