Tuesday, March 27, 2007


You are a waitress.
You see a small child, a baby, at the end of the table with OBVIOUS space in front of him.

Would you set down 3 glasses of soda in his reach? Would you set down plates within his reach?

Really, people, let's stop & think. There is a reason there is a massive amount of space in front of the 7 month old....he grabs everything.

So please, as a waitress, you what God gave you & think before you set stuff down in front of a baby!

Now onto my Miami Vice moment.

On my way to work this morning, do to do, do to do.....
I see 2 police car with lights flashing up ahead. They are stopped by a funeral home, so I think, ah, funeral.
Then I see a third car come up & stop in the front of the other 2...lights blazing.
Now my red light has turned to green so all the cars go.....
We get closer only 2 be stopped by 2 speeding police cars that block our lane & the oncoming lane.
Then all the policeman get out their car
draw their guns.
Well now I am thinking....OMG! It's my own private television drama.
Then I see the beat up hooptie mobile on the side of the ride.
Slowly a lone arm comes out of the driver side. He emerges.
Cop grabs him & puts his arms behind his back.
So I watch this guy get frisked then realize two other cops are approaching the hooptie mobile with guns drawn.
I then see the passenger get out w/ arms up.
Cops grab him, handcuff, frisk.
Then they approach the vehicle with guns drawn, realize it's empty, start to search.
Now at this point they are letting us go pass.
The "suspects" are standing in the middle of the road, like, dum da dum dum.
Meanwhile I expected to see Crockett & Tubbs ride up in a speedboat.
Which, in itself, would have been a great site, considering there is no water around for miles.
So that is how I started my day.
My first "swarming of the suspects."

I am ending my day by saying Goodbye to Paulina Proznicova (or however the *f* you spell it. The bimbo got the boot on Dancin w/ the Starts.
Syanara Sister!




Okay so now tomorrow you are going to have to tell us what it was that happened. You'll have to either listen to the news or read the paper and let us all know ... enquiring minds NEED to know.



Sounds like a very interestng drive to work! lol

Tara O'Rourke

Yeah we all need to know what happened-LOL!!!

how much of that soda did Cheeks wear???


Oh man, you totally posted a spoiler with no warning. I've got it Tivo'ed for me and Julia to watch but didn't know the results. I'll chalk up the mental lapse to the trauma of witnessing a police situation.


WOW! I would have been totally shocked! You know, it really makes me thankful that my dh isn't a police officer. I wouldn't want him out there possibly having a gun pointed back at him. Sheesh!


That's FUNNNNY ! LOVE it! Neat to have a nice view of it all going on :):):) I have to wonder sometimes what people are thinking re: waitress. She must not have kids and think of the little ones as a stuffed toy. LOL remember the one who offered the children's menu heheheh Duurgghh!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Waitress do that to see us move and jump so fast. So true, I remember that very well.